Importance of Word of Mouth Marketing for Online Courses & Workshops

Word of Mouth Marketing Importance for online courses & workshops?

Do you remember any movie/show you loved so much that you could not resist calling your best friend and talking about it? That was the word of mouth marketing you did for that movie/show. We unknowingly refer our loved ones to try out things we like. The word spreads from one person to another creating an organic route to promotions.

Word of mouth marketing is the best way of building a community of like-minded people who promote your online course/workshop without even asking. Creators around the world leverage word of mouth marketing to grow their presence and sell their online courses with ease.

What is Word of Mouth Marketing

Word of mouth marketing is a technique where real users promote the offerings by saying positive words and encouraging others to be a part of the user community. People are driven by their happiness of using the product and want others to experience that as well. It is a state where creators don’t ask the audience to spread the word, but people do because they feel like doing it for themselves.

WOM marketing creates opportunities for organic growth with the maximum amount of credibility and trust factor. Usually, you get buying advice from your friends and families without any interference from the brand itself. If creators deliver quality content, consumers motivate others to try, which results in instant conversions.

Above all, word of mouth marketing gives you a loyal user base that will stick with you if you keep delivering relevant and quality content.

How creators can leverage Word of Mouth Marketing for selling online courses and workshops?

Online courses and workshops are sold in the name of the creator more than anything else. If the creator has an engaging community of like-minded people, he/she can expect word of mouth marketing to come his/her way, naturally. In a community, members are aware of your expertise as they have seen your work, so it becomes easy to get them on board. You can also check our detailed blog, if you wish to know, How To Market/Promote Your Online Workshop using several other ways.

If you are a creator without an engaging community then you should publish some content online and wait for people to engage and interact with you. The easiest way to do this is by being active on social media and helping others grow. If you come out as a helpful person with expertise in the subject, word of mouth would become your best friend.

Importance of Word of Mouth Marketing for Online Courses & Workshops

Word of mouth marketing gives you a chance of organic and personalised promotion not possible through any other channel. As it takes time to build, you need to work constantly on your personal brand and reputation for the best results. 

Let’s discuss the importance of word of marketing while promoting online courses and workshops:

Adds the trust factor

Advertisements are created to influence people, and everyone is aware of that. The same is not the case when we get to know about a product through our friends/family. Our friends are more likely to give us an honest review, and because of that, we are more likely to trust them. If the source of information is familiar and trustworthy, people easily buy an online course/workshop. Creators and brands strive for establishing this trust, but only WOM marketing is capable of delivering that.

Best way to get quality referrals

Referral marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies to increase online course/workshop sales. Creators can easily engage in referral marketing using positive word-of-mouth marketing. Since users already know the value you deliver, asking for referrals becomes much easier and yields good results.

In referral marketing, users receive an incentive if they refer a friend for an online course/workshop. If you combine, WOM and referral marketing, you will get the best results for any business, including online courses and workshops

Works as your social proof

Word of mouth works as social proof for any user consuming your content for the first time. Someone who is not sure turns to others for advice and makes a decision based on the same.

If existing users start speaking positively about a product, this becomes social proof of the product’s quality. Also, these new users convenience others to buy based on their experience.

Reduces the overall marketing cost

When you use a solid word-of-mouth marketing strategy, you do not need a big marketing budget to create buzz. Usually, users create excitement when they love the experience. For online courses/workshops, you can create hashtags and ask the users to write about your course/workshop using that hashtag. This practice helps in getting User Generated Content essential to building the hype required for WOM marketing.

People keep promoting your service for free as long as your message or service resonates with your audience.

Creates an emotional connect

WOM works on the principle of delivering informative/value-driven content and waiting for your users to spread it on their own. To create value, you need to create emotions. People are more likely to share something that evokes their emotions. 

WOM works on this aspect of the user experience, where people encourage others based on their own feelings and emotions. A referral always comes from the best experience, and people feel that after you deliver value. 

Increased Acceptance

Word-of mouth marketing has several benefits like low cost and trustworthiness, but it also decreases the resistance of your content. If your online course/workshop is something the user was interested in but not sure about, WOM will push him/her to subscribe to your service more than anything else.

Importance of Word of Mouth Marketing for Online Courses & Workshops

It is a known fact that we trust the views of close friends and acquaintances more than the creator who is trying to sell an online course.

You get User Generated Content (UGC)

If you can create UGC campaigns for users, you will get the most of WOM marketing. To do this, you can create a hashtag for people using your product or service and share it on Instagram and Twitter.

User-Generated Content gets the maximum amount of traction if you are looking to promote your online Workshop or course. Users motivate others to join the campaign and become a part of a promotion that will reach the masses. Every content creator should focus on UGC to get the best out of the marketing exercise.


Originally, WOM was completely organic and was only achieved after user satisfaction, but creators are now trying to manipulate that in several ways. Consumers are aware that bloggers and influencers are praising products in return for money. So a creator should focus on delivering value rather than looking for these ways as the audience is smart to figure out the difference.

Creators must strive to build a true following rather than going for shortcuts. In the longer run, nothing beats WOM marketing, and that is only achieved through true users.