Why Should You Create Online Courses

Why Should You Create Online Courses?

Even if you don’t have any experience of creating an online course or teaching students but have expertise that could help the people, now is the time to develop an online course. The online courses industry has witnessed exponential growth in the past few years. More investments are coming in, and the importance of online course creation is also increasing with time.

According to the World Economic Forum, global edtech investments reached US$18.66 billion in 2019, and the overall market for online education is projected to reach $350 Billion by 2025.

The greater adoption creates opportunities for the individual creators to come up with more online courses, and the technology is becoming efficient, assisting in the smooth running of the show.

An online course creation helps individual creators in several ways, let’s understand the importance of online course creation in detail.

Earn Passive Income

Let’s start with the most obvious reason. Ever heard of this phrase ‘making money while you sleep’? Creating an online course lets you achieve that. There’s always a limit to what you can earn in a 9 to 5 job but not with passive income through online classes.

Yes, I agree that you will not start earning after the first day of launching your online course, but the same will start happening after a month or two if you are doing it right. Many creators associated with GoSocial are also creating online courses.  Avinash Kharat is leading calligraphy workshops online. Poonam Bindra is conducting cheesecake Workshops online. Karan Nandaniya recently started an online art class for kids. Many such creators are making a difference with online courses.

Start a New Business

We have all heard that the education sector is recession-free and offers tremendous opportunities to grow even in tough times. Online courses provide an opening to leverage the boom by launching an informative online course. This could be the foundation of your new business as well. Take online course creation as a business idea and start making a brilliant course that adds value to lives.

I know that a new business requires investments, but that is not much with online courses. Arrange a decent camera, noise cancellation microphone and a good internet connection, you will be ready with a business setup of your own. The next thing you need to do is, plan the course and start recording.

Why Should You Create Online Courses

Promote an Existing Business

Irrespective of the industry you are in, an online course can become the best marketing tool for your business. Businesses spend most of their time and money convincing their prospects that they are the best in what they do. For achieving this, companies go for several advertising campaigns, social media, digital marketing and whatnot. A basic online course could become a channel to communicate the skills and help you make money in addition. 

Say, you are a digital marketing agency and looking to promote your services. If you develop a top-notch digital marketing course and promote it on your official channels, you will prove expertise in your niche. Customers will get to know more about you and the expertise you are offering.

With time, you can even start educating people full-time while providing digital marketing services to other companies.

Develop your ‘Work Autobiography’

You don’t require a director to film your journey and cast it on the big screen. Technology has opened infinite possibilities, you can share your complete experience like a biography using a course and earn money in return.

Sounds bizarre? No, it isn’t. It’s a new outlook for motivating you to start an online course for the first time. 

Let me put it in this way. You are an entrepreneur and want to share your knowledge with the world. You can start tweeting about it or even go on to do several TED talks, but nothing will offer you the kind of freedom you get with developing an online course. Online courses give you a chance to document everything in modules and preserve it for lifelong.

Build a Personal Brand

Everyone wants to have a brand of their own. How do you achieve that? Take the help of social media platforms and start sharing what you know. I am asking you to do the same but on a different platform. 

Online courses are the best medium for creating a personal brand as industry professionals will get to know your expertise. Your competitors will also witness this growth, which will help in creating a positive brand perception. People looking to learn, will also come your way and appreciate the work you are doing. 

Creating an online course will help people gain knowledge and you will get a genuine following in return.

Attract Brand Endorsements

Brands are on the constant hunt for people with expertise in a particular niche. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to find professionals who are already connected with the users and also resonate with the brand positioning. 

A portrayal through an online course lets brands understand and evaluate the knowledge of the creator. This also gives an idea about the audience’s preferences, which lets the brands make an informed decision regarding the endorsement proposals.

Getting brand endorsements is not the direct benefit of an online course but it does come to you if you have some genuine followers.

Create Networking Opportunities

There’s a lot more to networking than LinkedIn and B-School Alumni Relations. You can also start networking without using any of these platforms. Online course instructors create opportunities for professionals to be a part of a community of like-minded people. These communities add the essence of personal connection to learning while making it more efficient.

In this competitive environment, skills matter but relationships also make a difference, professionally. After creating an online course, you get an opportunity to interact with other professionals and share knowledge that results in some lasting relationships.

Trainers are even collaborating with other course instructors to offer something unique to the learners.

With your courses picking up the pace, more opportunities for networking and collaborations will come your way. You never know, these collaborations could someday introduce you to a co-founder you were always looking for.

Why Should You Create Online Courses

Get 100 True Fans

Kevin Kelly suggested that the creator would only require 100 True Fans to make a living out of his/her passion. The theory means that people should work on getting 100 paying, loyal fans rather than running after brands and celebrities.

Starting an online course can help you gain those fans if you start publishing informative content online. Whenever you come up with a new course, these people will be the first to subscribe and will also give you feedback for further improvements. Initially, it will require some effort but with time, you will get closer to the target of ‘100 true fans’ with ease.

Get an Email list

Looking at the trend, a genuine and structured email list of a certain industry is nothing less than a treasure. Whenever someone registers for a course or a demo, shares at least an email address that a marketer could always use. You may use an online course email list to market your products/services, blog, website or even other courses. This activity opens several doors of efficient marketing for professionals. It is advisable to only market the related products/services through emails.

If you are not into developing newsletters or using your email list, a simple statistic would bring in more perspective. According to Wordstream, 80% of retail professionals say that email marketing is the biggest driver of customer retention. 

Not only this, email marketing has the highest ROI if compared with others as it is the most targeted marketing tool of all.

Help People with Learning

Even if you are not into charity, you can do it by creating an online course. Quality education is a rare commodity as it is almost unaffordable with the skyrocketing colleges’ fees. The world lacks in many dimensions, but knowledge is something that could do the required repair work.

If you are not looking for money or building a brand name, you can still do a lot by offering free online courses to the people who cannot afford costly education. 

The knowledge you gained over the years through hard work and continuous practice should become accessible. Launching a free online course will open several doors for unprivileged learners.


That was quite a motivation to create your first online course. Every individual will have their reasons for initiating this process, and there will be many with the required expertise who will delay this for some time. A lot goes into the development of a value-driven online course. You will come across several individuals doing exceptionally well in this dimension with some invaluable returns.

Above all, if you want to start something impactful, creating an online course is one of the most effective ways ahead.