What is Personal Branding and why is it important for every Creator?

A personal brand not only makes you more visible but also gives you the confidence needed to excel in your career.

Individuals spend a substantial amount of time every day on community building platforms, social media platforms and create content to come out as an individual of expertise.

Personal branding is a lot more than just creating content and publishing it. Let’s dig into this in detail.

What is Personal Branding?

An individual’s attempt to build a reputation as an expert in one of the fields is personal branding. During the process, you create content around your niche and interact with the individuals of the same industry. 

Personal branding is more about establishing a personality that people could remember and relate to overtime. 

If you have an established personal brand, you can leverage it to advance in your career through the loyal base of audience gained after personal branding.

Let’s understand the importance of personal branding in your career.

Importance of Personal Branding

It won’t be wrong to say that personal branding is the most crucial aspect of your career that creates endless opportunities in your niche. 

Individuals with a strong personal brand use it for their startups/businesses and get brand recognition through their personal reach.

Builds Trust and Authority

A new product or service cannot just go out and expect consumers to believe the idea without any credible backing.

When you have an established personal brand, you can always leverage it to promote your product/service and bring in the trust factor through an existing set of audiences.

Personal branding has great value even if you are not an entrepreneur. Recruiters can check out your online presence to determine your expertise with conviction, which gives you a competitive edge.

You learn while you Grow

No one is born as an expert! We learn in the process of gaining expertise, and the same happens with personal branding. While you build your personal brand, you build authority by sharing what you love/believe in or valuable information for the audience

Doing this makes you better with time as you interact with other professionals and create a community of your own.

Community building exercise in personal branding not only amplifies your efforts but also helps you from the other members. If you are new to community building and want to build an engaging community from scratch, read our detailed guide on this.

Organic Promotions

Your personal brand works as an audience magnet and gives you traction through organic sources. Say, you have a blog that talks about your niche, and you want to promote a product/service. You can use this blog to place your product and get eyeballs effortlessly.

The same is done with social media as well. If you have an engaging audience, everything you share will get boosted through the people who interact with your posts. It is not possible if you don’t have an engaging set of individuals.

Makes it easier to create a Buzz

Viral marketing is now a new vertical of marketing where brands work on creating a buzz around the subject of their interest. When something goes viral, it creates a buzz, either intentionally or unintentionally.

Mostly, the buzz is created on its own by the organic audience that consumes the content of their choice. A personal brand allows you to reach more people, thus it becomes easier to create impact.

If you are going to launch a new product, you will love to have a buzz around it. The personal brand adds value to your company’s brand, and the aggregated efforts result in exciting outcomes.

Great Collaborations

Collab is the new buzzword in the online industry as many big brands are coming together for joint promotions through several campaigns. If you are not an already established brand, it becomes difficult to find partners for collaborations. 

A personal brand gives you visibility, thus helps in getting important connections for collaboration purposes.

When multiple individuals come together and talk on the same stage, the level of audience engagement increases several times. At times, collaborations are necessary to keep the spark intact and engage the audience with the diverse content.

Passive Income

Every individual is looking to earn some passive income, but the same is not always possible without a following loyal audience. Once you have some audience willing to pay for the content you create, you can move closer to your goal of generating passive income.

Individual creators host live workshops, create online courses, publish informational Ebooks and perform other activities to earn income through their content. An established personal brand will enlarge the base of paying customers who are already aware of your expertise.

Helps in Building Community

Community building is one step ahead of personal branding. Once you start creating your personal brand, you also move towards a community-building exercise, knowingly or unknowingly. 

Community members are closely connected to each other, and the personal connection helps to gain more momentum. A community always comes together in every new initiative you take and promotes it like their own.

A community built over a personal brand is a milestone every individual creator looks to achieve. Once achieved, you will always witness an upward trend of growth.

If you want to build your community and are looking for a community-building platform, GoSocial is an efficient way to go. You can create online courses, conduct workshops, go for live sessions, do private/group chat, implement discussion forums and a lot more using a single platform.

Word of Mouth Marketing

Word of mouth marketing is the most effective way of promotions, where your users ask others to use the product/service while telling all the benefits. Brands are not involved in WOM marketing as individuals take initiatives after their experience.

If you want to learn about the word of mouth marketing in detail, read our blog on the same.

Personal brands create an emotional connection that creates an opportunity for WOM marketing. If you can provide value, your audience will share your content and ask others to follow you for your great work.

Eliminates the need of Resume Forever

Your personal brand works better than your Resume wherever you start looking for new opportunities. Companies nowadays scan your social media accounts before deciding on hiring.

Social media is a great way to build a personal brand as you can continuously share your expertise and seek feedback from the audience. A resume restricts you with word and page limits, but a personal brand gives you a complete canvas to paint according to your preference.

A good presence online or an established brand always stands out by creating an unmatchable impact in front of the recruiters.

Establishes Digital Footprint

Everyone wants to be a personality with recognition, and personal branding is the most efficient way of doing that. A digital footprint is a lot more than your social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms. It is about making your presence felt by delivering value and helping people grow.

A digital footprint is established once you start supporting the people around you and make them learn through your years of experience.

If you keep on delivering valuable knowledge, with time you will become bigger than any of your social media accounts. Digital footprint makes you visible on and off the internet as people recognize the value of your work.

Turns you into an Asset

An established personal brand is an asset that keeps on giving you unlimited returns for the effort you put in overtime. If you want to start a new company, launch a new product, start a Youtube channel or get into any venture, your personal brand will stay with you.

Several individuals have capitalized on their personal brands and made a complete career out of the whole exercise. Every individual creator has a personal brand working on its own. If you want to have an ever appreciating asset, invest in personal branding.