The requirements to host a workshop on GoSocial

What are the requirements to host a workshop on GoSocial?

If you are planning to host a workshop with GoSocial, you can do so by getting in touch with the community team at 

These workshops will be hosted on the web-app of GoSocial. Once you have created the workshop, you can promote it on different channels using the link. It is suggested that you plan and get your workshop listed with us at least 14 days in advance.

To host a workshop on GoSocial, you have to share the following information with the community team:

Banner image

A banner image is the picture that will appear as the cover of your workshop, and in the thumbnails. The aspect ratio of the banner image is 3:2 and the minimum width is 1200 px. You can use a background or a stock image as your banner image. The workshop titles will be placed at the top of this banner, so it is suggested that your banner is free of any texts. 

It is suggested to provide us with a high resolution image that is royalty free and allowed to be used without any license from the creator. Any copyright infringement due to unauthorized usage of media files would not be the responsibility of GoSocial.

Workshop title

Workshop title is the name of your workshop on that particular day. Please keep in mind that workshop titles can not be more than 128 characters. The title should give a snapshot of the workshop content so that it remains relevant for the audience. 

Banner Image & Workshop Title

Ticket price

If you are hosting a paid workshop, you will need to share the per ticket price with the community team so that the same is displayed on the GoSocial web app. Please note that GoSocial will not decide the price of your tickets. We may, however, reduce the price on our end strategically for promotional purposes. An update on this will be shared with you beforehand. 

If you are not sure about the pricing strategy for the workshop or you are new to this then you can read our blog on how to efficiently price your workshop for making an informed decision on this.

You are also allowed to host free workshops on GoSocial. Your decision of hosting a free online workshop should be communicated to the GoSocial community team well in advance. 

Bank Account details

If you are hosting a paid workshop on GoSocial, it is imperative that you share your bank account details with the community team. We start the process of payout as soon as your workshop ends. We will not be able to process any payout if you haven’t provided us with your account details. 

The payout cycle that we follow is 14 working days, you can reach out to the GoSocial community team if you face any challenges with the payment processing.

About the Creator

Creators should share the photograph of the host so that we can display it on the GoSocial web app. Your display picture should be of the dimension 640 * 640 (minimum). You should also share some information about yourself and help the attendees of your workshop understand you better. This description would be available on the GoSocial web app for the participants to see and decide on attending the workshop. There is no character or word limit for the description of the creator. You are free to express yourself and reach out to the participants.

Let the workshop attendees know about you.

Workshop description

This is your chance to tell your audience about the workshop. You can share why you took up this topic, or the aspects that you will be covering in the workshop. You can also talk about the requirements and what every attendee should be carrying to the workshop. These prerequisites could be a software or any past experience for understanding the workshop content. 

A detailed description about the workshop is helpful in making participants so that they decide on opting for your workshop. There are no character or word limits on the workshop description, you can describe your workshop without textual limitations.

Date and time

You need to share the date and time on which you want to host the workshop with the GoSocial community team. Please keep the availability of the participants in mind before deciding on the date and time. 

Mostly, online workshops are conducted on weekends as participants are available to attend. A suitable day helps in getting more participants onboard.

Maximum slots

You have communicated the number of seats/slots for your workshop. This number will depict the seats/slots that are available to be filled. You can choose this number while planning the workshop. It is always advisable to keep limited seats/slots so that people join in early to grab the available seats.


Creators should communicate the estimated duration of the workshop to the GoSocial community team as the same would be displayed on the web app along with the other details.

Duration or tentative duration will help your audience understand the amount of time they require to attend the complete workshop and plan accordingly.

Joining details

Once you share the information with the GoSocial community team, you should wait for some time as they will come back to you shortly. Your workshop facilitator will get in touch with you within 48 hours and help you in making the listing live on GoSocial’s web app.

Following this, the workshop link and joining link will be shared with you. These links could be shared with the participants so that they can make the payments(in case of a paid workshop) and also join in without any hassle. Please note that participants would be required to fill in their email address to successfully register for the workshop and the same would be used for authentication while joining the workshop.