Viral hashtags for Instagram reels

Viral hashtags for Instagram reels – 2022: How to find them?

Instagram is a wonderful platform for creators. Insta reels are in great trend today.

Are you a fan of Instagram too?

Yes? Great!

Do you like uploading content on Instagram? Do you want your content to go viral?

Using trending hashtags with your Instagram reels can help a lot. Hashtags are simply words with a # symbol in the beginning. When a lot of people use the same hashtags in a specific period it can set a trend on Instagram. 

Trending hashtags on social media channels like Instagram, Facebook and YouTube help in spreading your content across a wide range of audiences. 

Trending hashtags are the ones that people are mostly searching for. When you include these hashtags there are very high chances that your audience can reach your content. 

So, if you want to get noticed in the wide pool of content creators then using hashtags is the best way.

Let’s check how to search hashtags on Instagram.

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How to search hashtags on Instagram?

Instagram wants to offer its users an easy and engaging social medial platform. This is the reason that it leaves no chance of surprising its audience with new features and functionalities. One such feature is searching multiple hashtags to use them in Instagram reels. 

Searching multiple hashtags on Instagram

Viral hashtags for Instagram reels

You need to follow just a simple set of steps to search multiple hashtags on Instagram.

  • Go to the search bar of the Instagram interface
  • Enter any number of hashtags to search (remember to use the # symbol and separate the hashtags with a comma)
  • Click search and you will be able to see all the posts that relate to the hashtags of your choice. 

See it’s so simple!

How to add hashtags to reels on Instagram?

Viral hashtags for Instagram reels

Now, we are going to see how can you add hashtags to reels on Instagram.

Finding and adding hashtags to your Instagram reel is super easy.

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When you create a reel, there is a built-in tool by which you can find and add hashtags. Just scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Find hashtags”. Instagram will suggest you a list of trending hashtags currently being used by different content creators. You can use these hashtags to make your content more robust and attract more visibility. 

Do hashtags work on Reels?

Recently Instagram added a separate reels tab to the hashtag search page. This is a big sign that hashtags work on reels.

There is a great chance that your set target audience won’t find you without you taking enough measures. To reach out to more audiences, it is necessary to use hashtags. When you will use relevant and targeted hashtags, you have a huge probability to get noticed by your target audience.

They might not follow you at once but at least they will remember your face and feelings and the second time they can turn into your potential followers. By using some trending hashtags your content will get more views which will make the Instagram algorithm push your content to a wider range of audiences. 

But just adding random hashtags wouldn’t be enough. It is important that you do thorough research and take care of certain factors without you choosing what hashtag to go with. I have got a few tips to share with you so that you can choose some of the best and most relevant hashtags for yourself. Let’s check them out!

Tips for adding the best hashtags for your Instagram reel

Choose a hashtag that is relevant to your reel’s content

Always go for hashtags that are close to your content. That will help you to attract an audience in a specific niche. Ensure that the rest of your content also revolves around similar hashtags so that your audience doesn’t get confused when they see more posts of yours.

Study the competition

Viral hashtags for Instagram reels

If you are using hashtags that are popularly used, you may find it difficult to beat the competition. Always look at the volume and competition before you choose a set of hashtags. You can go for a balance, that is, a combination of hashtags with high competition and ones with low competition.

Always keep an eye on the trending hashtags

Trending hashtags means that a large population is showing interest in such a competition. If you use trending hashtags, Instagram will push your content to larger audiences. Remember to avoid using trending hashtags that do not go with your content. 

Use other social networks

Viral hashtags for Instagram reels

You can use other social networks like Facebook and Youtube to find trending hashtags. Generally, what trends on one social media platform usually trends on another shortly. For instance, memes. You can see what is trending on other social media platforms to come up with a unique idea for your Instagram reel. 

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135 best hashtags for Instagram reels

Viral hashtags for Instagram reels

Not let’s have a look at some of the best hashtags for your Instagram reel. This list is surely going to help you for making your next reel go viral. So, without any delay let’s check it out!

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  1. #reels
  2. #reelsinstagram
  3. #reelsvideo
  4. #reelsindia
  5. #holareels
  6. #reelsbrasil
  7. #reelsteady
  8. #instagramreels
  9. #reelsinsta
  10. #instareels
  11. #reelsofinstagram
  12. #music
  13. #tiktokindia
  14. #videoftheday
  15. #instareel
  16. #foryoupage
  17. #instafeeds
  18. #indianreels
  19. #viralreels
  20. #quarentenachallenge
  21. #reelsmemes
  22. #botaodabelezachallenge
  23. #bestvideos
  24. #trendingvideo
  25. #reelinstagram
  26. #trendingposts
  27. #firstreel
  28. #Motivation
  29. #MotivationalQuotes
  30. #PositiveVibes
  31. #FitnessMotivation
  32. #InspirationalQuotes
  33. #Positivity
  34. #MotivationMafia
  35. #BodyBuilding
  36. #HealthyLife
  37. #QuotesToLiveBy
  38. #LoveQuotes
  39. #LifeQuotes
  40. #Inspiration
  41. #MotivationMonday
  42. #MotivationForLife
  43. #MotivationIsKey
  44. #Success
  45. #SelfCare
  46. #videosinstagram
  47. #instagramreelsindia
  48. #tiktokbanindia
  49. #bestreels
  50. #indiatiktok
  51. #reelsindia
  52. #newsfeed
  53. #reelvideo
  54. #oopschallenge
  55. #tiktokbrasil2020
  56. #love
  57. #tiktok
  58. #instadaily
  59. #explore
  60. #fashion
  61. #instagram
  62. #photography
  63. #memes
  64. #viral
  65. #instagood
  66. #explorepage
  67. #trending
  68. #reel
  69. #foryou
  70. #challenge
  71. #nature
  72. #style
  73. #marketing
  74. #makeup
  75. #beauty
  76. #funny
  77. #travel
  78. #love
  79. #instagood
  80. #photooftheday
  81. #fashion
  82. #Beautiful
  83. #like4like
  84. #picoftheday
  85. #art
  86. #happy
  87. #photography
  88. #instagram
  89. #followme
  90. #picoftheday
  91. #bestoftheday
  92. #TagsForLikes
  93. #instalike
  94. #follow
  95. #instadaily
  96. #travel
  97. #life
  98. #cute
  99. #fitness
  100. #nature
  101. #beauty
  102. #girl
  103. #fun
  104. #photo
  105. #amazing
  106. #instalike
  107. #Selfie
  108. #smile
  109. #lifestyle
  110. #model
  111. #friends
  112. #inspiration
  113. #Repost
  114. #design
  115. #makeup
  116. #ootd
  117. #Family
  118. #happiness
  119. #awesome
  120. #landscape
  121. #blackandwhite
  122. #luxury
  123. #instapic
  124. #black
  125. #sunset
  126. #outfit
  127. #fashiongram
  128. #style
  129. #fashionblogger
  130. #fashionblog
  131. #fashionista
  132. #fashionlovers
  133. #fashionfestival
  134. #fadhion
  135. #fasionista

What are the benefits of reels hashtags on Instagram?

There are some great benefits of using hashtags on Instagram. 


Would you want to post content on Instagram for no one to see? No right? You definitely want your audience to watch, like, and share your content. That’s exactly why hashtags important. 

The audience on Instagram likes to watch content that is trendy. Hashtags help them to filter out such content. If you are using trending hashtags then there are a lot of chances that your content will become noticeable and in fact, also go viral.

Brand Awareness

Viral hashtags for Instagram reels

If you want your brand to set an identity in the market, the Instagram reel is the best for you. But just the reel wouldn’t serve the purpose. You will have to use trending hashtags along. This will allows you to drive traffic to your content and increase your brand awareness.  

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Niche building

Hashtags allow you to find the right set of audience. When you are able to reach the right audience your content gets a boost as the audience can relate to your content and there are better chances that they will engage with the same. 

Instagram Reels hashtag FAQs

Let’s look at some of the most common FAQs

What hashtags make reel go viral?

Well, there’s no single hashtag that makes content go viral. You will have to research what type and genre of content most of the content creators are producing. Check what hashtags they are using. Use the multiple hashtag search feature of Instagram to get all the trending hashtags. Then use these hashtags with your content. 

What are the most viral hashtags on Instagram?

You need to be updated with the recent trends as the answer to this question is ever-evolving. Though you can use some of the most popular hashtags from the 135 hashtag list mentioned above. You can also choose to SET the trend rather than FOLLOWING the trend. Create content that others follow and set a trend for yourself! Yes, you can do it!

What hashtags make reels go viral?

Hashtags are currently popular and are being used by a number of content creators. Additionally, the niche of the hashtags should be large enough rather than a short-range audience. Along with the hashtags follows some other quick steps like…

  • Ensure that your video is interesting and entertaining
  • Use a good camera and nice video graphics technique to capture the video nicely.
  • Use creative and eye-grabbing visuals in your video to grab people’s attention.
  • Use other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. This has a lot of audiences and using the right hashtags will help you to spread your content to a wide range of audiences.
  • Post your content to sites and forums that are associated with viral videos. 
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It is not easy to make your Instagram reel go viral but if you use the right hashtags with the ideal strategy you will do it. Next time you put up an Instagram reel don’t just use any hashtag and let it go. Do a little research, it will hardly take 5-7 mins. See what all hashtags are trending and try to include them. Alternatively, you can first check the trending hashtags and then build your content around them. 

Hope it helps!

Happy Instagram  Reel-making 🙂