Websites to Sell Photos Online

Top 9 Websites to Sell Photos Online ( With Commissions)

Looking To Make Money through Photography? Here are 10 Websites to Sell Photos Online.

Gone are the days when photographs were clicked only to retain memories. The present generation sees the practice with a different eye. As a result, photography has become a dynamic profession for many ardent art-lovers and a great career option for connoisseurs and enthusiasts. 

With the digital world opening doors to a bigger, broader platform for artists, making the world as a whole an open arena to sell their artwork online, photography has developed a new dimension of making money by selling photos on websites specializing in them. 

If you are struggling to click sell-worthy stock photos accepted by every website, you can read our blog on the same. It will guide you to click photos that sell rather than focusing on aesthetics alone.

Several websites trade in photos from photographers in bulk and thus help them in their endeavour to gain recognition and momentum in their art form, offering a quick buck in the process. 

Here’s a list that you can rely on if photography is your passion and you are looking for Websites to Sell Photos Online

1. Shutterstock

Shutterstock houses millions of images and videos and has been on the top list since its inception in 2003. However, what makes it an all-time favourite with budding artists is that:

  • It offers a better earnings rate as most of the content sold here is licensed.
  • It offers a commission of 15% to level 1 contributors who upload up to 100 photos, videos, or illustrations within a specified period. As you climb up the levels, the commission rate goes up the gradient to 40% at level 6.
  • the payouts depend on the size of the photos as well
  • The best part about this website is it allows the artist to retain the copyright of their photographs and even sell it to other places.

Websites to Sell Photos Online

2. Alamy

Alamy boasts of being one of the oldest photography websites started back in 1999. It has managed to have over 100 million photos and videos to date since then. The most exciting things about Alamy are:

  • It offers 50% royalty on each image to exclusive members and 40% to non-exclusive members. 
  • High royalty rates also help artists make high incomes with a relatively low number of pictures.
  • As an author, your rights are preserved, which eliminates copyright issues.

3. Getty Images

Founded in 1995,  Getty Images is one of the largest and oldest premier stock photography websites globally, which offers its microstock branches for beginners, called iStock Photos. Getty Images is one of the most popular websites in this field because of more reasons than one:

  • It is highly user-friendly and a perfect fit for beginners.
  • Each picture is sold for hundreds of dollars, and with a 20% commission per picture, you can earn a sizeable income easily.
  • Its microstock branch, Stock, makes it easier for beginners to make extra cash with lofty royalties up to 45%.
  • Its size and popularity make it very easy to sell images faster at high prices.

4. Dreamstime

Dreamstime offers a casual, easy way to earn with flexible management and lenient requirements. What makes Dreamstime an absolute favourite for artists is that:

Websites to Sell Photos Online
  • It offers you a way to organize your content in galleries like no other stock photography website does
  • It doesn’t have a stringent screening process for posting content like its competitors.
  • Starting at 25%, commissions can soar up to 45%, with an additional 10% for exclusive content.

5. BigStock

Providing artists with the most accessible setup systems and a unique credit system, BigStock offers its users all features any microstock website would. However, what fascinates authors the most about BigStock is:

Websites to Sell Photos Online Bigstock
  • It offers a 30% starting commission for each partner sale. 
  • Gives extremely high rewards and payouts for an increased number of downloads and purchases. 
  • It has no limit on how many uploads you do.
  • It also offers the most extensive array of payment options when it comes to microstock websites.

6. SmugMug

SmugMug is another name that tops the charts when it comes to selling photos online on popular websites. Its top features include:

  • It allows sellers to personalize their website on their platform and sell at their price.
  • It takes care of your private galleries and personal events.
  • It offers a free trial period of 14 days; after that, users can opt from plans ranging from $7 to $45 per month, depending upon the features offered.

7. Foap

Talking about Foap, it offers users:

Websites to sell photos online
  • The flexibility to upload videos and photos and make money out of them.
  • 50% of the sales proceeds/profits.
  • Peace of mind; the app manages all logistical and technical processes without burdening the user.

8. Picfair

If you are looking for a store with a personal domain, Picfair is the right pick for you. Users can purchase digital downloads and printed products and put them to multiple uses. It helps artists:

Websites to sell photos online
  • Improve their skill by providing access to Focus that contains articles written by maestros of photography.
  • Get the price they fix, without any deductions from there.

9. iStock

iStock offers a straightforward structure, to begin with. Some of its key takeaways are:

  • It extends a royalty ranging from 15% up to  45%.
  • If you become an exclusive user here, you can get additional rewards for your work.

Final Take

Photography is a passionate career to opt for. However, if you want to increase income, you need to keep a few things in mind. Always click quality photos, never stick to a single website for uploading and selling your creativity, use proper keywords when uploading your work, and sign-up for newsletters from different websites that give you the market and industry insight and updates.

Also, try to concentrate on themes that sell well, like photos of beautiful landscapes and sceneries, pictures depicting awareness for a cause, or even freedom of expression.  The road to success is never too smooth, but it can be made so by working sincerely and smartly towards it. 

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