ways to earn a passive income as a content creator in

Top 10 sources of passive income if you are a creator

A few years back content creation was just considered a hobby and not many were pursuing it as a career. Today, creating content digitally has developed into a highly demanding career. With a huge demand for digital content; content creators are earning a lot of money. However, if you are thinking that being a content creator is an easy job then you are wrong. 

Content creators are multi-faceted and multi-skilled individuals. They bring in a lot of value to the table. From cooking to entertainment to the educational industry, content creators are everywhere. The creators’ economy is booming and growing rapidly these days. Every day, new content creators are coming up and joining the creator economy with hopes that they can create a lot of wealth. However, let me remind you that being a content creator is not a get-rich-quick scheme. You need to work hard even more than a regular job to start earning. 

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Now that you are here then either you are already a content creator or an aspiring content creator who is looking for ways to monetize content creation.

Content creators can monetize their skills and take content creation as a full-time career by finding out methods that resonate with the selected niche and then converting them into multiple streams of revenue.

10 ways to earn a passive income as a content creator in 2021!

Start doing Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has a huge passive income potential for content creators. And you can earn a commission every time a user uses your referral link to purchase the recommended product or service. 

If you are still confused about what is affiliate marketing and how to do affiliate marketing then let me help you out.

So recommending someone’s product and services to your audience is called affiliate marketing. Now suppose you being a content creator are quite popular among your audience and people love to listen to your tips, tricks, and reviews related to various products. You can influence your audience buying decisions with your amazing content and this is how you can earn a passive income through affiliate marketing as a content creator. 

Remember that people always refer to reviews and expert opinions before buying anything, so as a content creator you should recommend products that are genuinely useful for your audience.  

Build a freelancing career as a content creator

Freelancing is a popular way to earn passive income as a content creator. It is the best way to earn money without any investment if you have the required skills and willingness to upskill. You can start off by offering content writing services for various clients and then upskill yourself and offer services in packages. 

Being a content creator; content writing is the best skill you can offer as a beginner. And as a content writer, you can offer various kinds of content like long blog posts, social media posts, small content specifically for Twitter, emailers, white papers, and much more. 

Once you establish yourself as an expert freelancer in your niche then you can use various ways to earn passive income as a content creator.

Offer exclusive content

If you have an established community then you can consider offering exclusive content that will be available for some price. 

Usually, most content creators start their journey on social media and grow their community for free for some months or maybe years. Once they build a community they start providing exclusive niche-specific paid content for their audience.

You will be surprised to see how many people from your community will be willing to pay some amount to receive exclusive content from you.

The content you offer will depend on your niche and your audiences’ needs and demands. You can put out various forms of content like start a paid newsletter, a paid podcast series, a long email course, and so much more.

To be more specific and to know whether your audience is willing to pay for the exclusive content run polls and ask your community what kind of content they want from you and how much they are ready to pay for it. Offering what your audience needs and demands are the best ways to earn passive income through exclusive content.

Take up branded sponsorships

Branded sponsorships and partnerships will always be the supreme source of active income as well as passive income for content creators. 

In brand partnerships, brands will pay a fixed amount of money to the creator in exchange for sponsored content in various formats like a blog, social media posts, youtube videos, or podcasts.

Now maximum brands don’t go to celebrities for sponsored posts. They look for small content creators that have a specific target audience that matches their preference and moreover brands prefer long-term partnerships with content creators depending on the content put out by content creators. So getting deals for sponsored posts is in hands of content creators most of the time. So if you want to try this method to earn an income then try putting out content that gets traction and is also valuable at the same time.

Sell your branded goodies

Do you say certain catchy phrases or sayings that your audience just can’t get over it? If yes, then turn them into your branded goodies, and if your personal brand as a content creator is grown to a level that people love anything and everything that comes from your end then this is the right time to launch your branded merchandise. 

Branded goodies will cost you a bit to create initially, but it is a great way to earn a passive income. These goodies are of great help to extend and grow your community even bigger and stronger. You can also give your exclusive goodies as prizes for some giveaways. Giveaways will bring in a lot of followers and engagement to your profile. 

Collab with fellow content creators

Success becomes easy when you collaborate. Content collaborations are an excellent way to gain exposure, followers, and even income. 

You can also join a community of creators on GoSocial. GoSocial offers niche communities across domains with discussions forums, online workshops, online courses, 1 on 1 mentorship, newsletter integration, monetization opportunities, and a lot more.

Many content creators partner with other creators of the same niche to create engaging and impactful content. However, to collaborate with someone you need to build a genuine relation first. 

Find top people of a similar niche. Go like, comment, and share their content with others and build them up the way you want someone to build you. Collaboration only helps when you put in the time to build transparent and beneficial relationships with people of similar niches and similar target audiences. 

I know, building relationships take a lot of time but believe me, it will be worth your time and you’ll also start seeing the results. 

Create your YouTube Channel

Creating and running a youtube channel nowadays is very common. With new content creators coming up on youtube every day you can think how big the creative economy is. However, the field of content creation is nowhere near the point of saturation because of so many new startups and brands coming up.  

Once you establish your youtube channel you can find various methods to monetize your content. After crossing the required watch hours and subscriber count you can apply for the youtube partner program. Once your application is accepted your channel will be monetized. Apart from this you can also take brand sponsors based on your popularity and can even use affiliate links to earn a commission. 

Create an online course and other digital products

Every online business niche needs content and hence there is a demand for content creators. There are many people who want to know the tips, methods, and secrets of creators to create content online which opens up the scope of creating online courses, hosting online workshops, and building digital products.

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Creating an online course and teaching requires a lot of time investment initially. You need to create an outline of the course, record it, and publish it on some online platform to make it accessible to your students. 

Online mentoring is undoubtedly a good method to generate passive income as a content creator. You can even upsell one on one mentorship or training with your digital products, courses, and workshops making an additional income for yourself.

Become a consultant for your niche

Along with mentoring and selling digital products, you can also become a consultant for your niche. Consulting people with a similar niche who need guidance will be a profitable deal for you. You will get a chance to solve the real complex problems which will make you an industry leader in your niche. 

Initially, you can start by giving free consultations and demand a testimonial in return. After you get a few testimonials and people start trusting you, start charging few bucks for your consultations and keeping increasing it as your expertise grows in the area.

Sell your artwork

If you are an artist and your audience loves your art pieces then you can sell your art because why not! You have your followers’  support and there are various ways online where you can sell your stuff using social media and earn a passive income.

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You can start by selling your stuff directly on Instagram by creating a creator shop, or build your eCommerce website. You can place the link to your shop in the bio of every social media channel of yours and redirect your users to your website.

Additionally, if you know photography and videography then you sell photos and videos of your artwork on various websites like Pexels, Shutterstock, Pixabay, and many more. These websites pay you for providing high-quality videos and images which can be a good source of passive income for content creators.

Final Thoughts

There are always new ideas coming up to earn a passive income as a content creator. You should feel free to try new ideas that suit your niche and also fulfill your audience’s demands. Select methods that work best for you. 

Experimenting with different methods is the key to finding the best ones. However, make sure to establish yourself as an authority in your niche on social media channels and build your personal brand. Work on expanding your network every day because networking with people of different skill sets has its own advantages. 

Most importantly focus on building your ideal audience base and utilize every opportunity to promote and monetize your content the right way.