Things To Know Before Getting Started With Resin Art

10 Things To Know Before Getting Started With Resin Art

Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned artist, resin art is a creative and fun art medium to explore. To get started, all you require are a few craft supplies and a knowledge of how they will help you design this art. Resin art is a unique art form where you do not utilize conventional brushes, acrylic, or oil colours. 

It is regarded as a high-level painting for the new age artistic masses. The unique supplies required in the creation of resin art are what distinguish traditional artists from resin artists. So, let your creativity go wild and plunge deep into the brand-new world of resin art with limitless possibilities.

However, before getting started with your resin art journey, here are ten things that you need to know to create that perfect art with resin. 

Things To Know Before Getting Started With Resin Art

Decide What Design You Wish to Create

The resin art project you wish to create will eventually determine which supplies you will require. For example, if you fancy doing something with resin casting, you will need proper molds. 

Similarly, if you prefer performing resin art on a canvas, you will require a canvas. Hence, it is essential to have a resin art design in mind before getting started with this art form. 

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Gather all your Resin Supplies

To get started with the resin art, ensure that you have all the supplies handy at your workstation. Forgetting art materials or tools can kill your creative momentum, which is the last thing any artist wants. 

Additionally, try to collect all the supplies beforehand to pay undivided attention to your resin art task at hand. Moreover, always place all your art stuff near your work area to make it more convenient to grab those stuff quickly. 

Prepare your Resin Workstation

Working on resin art can be messy. So, you must always protect the work area with the appropriate materials to ensure that it does not get ruined with resin. To keep your workstation clean and free from resin splashes, you can either use polythene plastics or apply a layer of wax on your work table. 

This polythene sheet or wax layer makes it easy to peel off the excess resin that drips on the surface during your artwork. Also, to make your resin art look sharper, you can use masking tape on all the corners and then peel it off once you finish your art. 

Learn about Resin Safety

Resin kits are chemicals and must get handled with caution and attention. Hence, to remain healthy and protect your skin from the resin chemicals, you should always wear personal protective gear and perform your resin art in a well-ventilated area. 

The protective equipment you require while working with resin includes a pair of gloves, an apron, and safety goggles so that you do not have to fret about resin splashing into your eyes. 

Mix your Hardener and Resin Well

Now that you have prepared your work area and gathered all your resin art supplies, it’s time to turn your conceived resin art design into reality. The success of resin art depends entirely on the proportions of your hardener and resin. 

Furthermore, before mixing the resin and hardener, you must read all the instructions written on the resin and hardener packets carefully because different products or brands require varying mixing proportions. 

Hence, rather than going for that standard 1:1 proportion, always check the instructions; inaccurately mixing and measurement will make your resin sticky. Also, if you wish to add some colours to your resin art, now is the perfect time to do it.  

Begin Crafting

If you intend to use a wooden piece or canvas for your resin art, you will be utilizing some methods commonly used in colour pouring. The selection of which paint pouring technique you employ solely depends on your choice. Once you choose the colours and the pouring method, you can start putting the resin into the moulds you have collected already. 

Remove the Bubbles Off Your Resin Art

Nothing feels worse than putting all the effort into your resin art only to get a piece filled with bubbles. These small indentations can ruin all the shine and beauty of your artwork.

Hence, to give your resin a perfect finish, remove the bubbles out of your resin art. While many people prefer removing bubbles using a fine tip tool, the best way to remove bubbles is by using a heat gun or a flame. 

Let your Resin Cure

Once you have mixed the resin and hardener in the appropriate proportion, leave your resin to cure for a set period. Also, to keep hair and dirt out of your artwork, cover it with a container during the curing period. Once the curing time is over, remove the container to check if the resin got set. 

However, if you think your resin is still sticky after the curing period, you must once again mix the hardener and resin in the specified ratio. After mixing the resin and hardener, pour a double coat on top of your piece. This coat will help your art piece harden as long as the hardener and resin are in perfect proportion. 

Finish your Resin Artwork

Once the resin gets cured completely, you can give it the final touches. To make your resin art look more surreal and captivating, you can add some decorations and sand off the rough edges. Also, if you used the masking tape on the corners, slowly peel it off to giving your artwork a perfect professional finish. 

Celebrate your Resin Art

Congratulations! You have completed your resin art. Now, you can take all the time you want to admire your artwork and exercise the required steps to improve your abilities in this craft. 

The Bottom Line

Resin art holds so many possibilities. Whether you are making resin art to market or for a giveaway, always remember that every piece is unique, and you never know what art can evolve from what you pour! So, let the resin art take on its own sweet time and go with the flow! 

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