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5 Smartphone Photography Tips for Beginners + Top 5 Tools

Thanks to the digital age, we don’t need the high-maintenance DSLRs anymore to become real-time photographers. Although it has a fair share of plus points adding to its professional photography label, smartphones are no less when it comes to capturing pictures.

Many mobile photographers have changed the way we see this art, with smartphone photography tips that work wonders. In addition to that, several new tools and accessories have been introduced to enhance the quality of mobile photography.

With the right smartphone photography tips, you can grow big enough to compete with the other photographers out there and get 10k+ followers on your Instagram page or more!

Get set go! Have a look at the best smartphone photography tips we’ve gathered for you.

Smartphone Photography Tips for Beginners

Listen To The Experts!

Who knows it better than the mobile photographers?

Here are the step-by-step smartphone photography tips you’ll need for your next photo shoot.

Step 1: Finding The Frame

The Grids Decide Your Frame 

The frame is all about the “rule of thirds”. No smartphone photography tips shall miss this age-old photography trick. Remember the grid that pops up before you post on Instagram? It’s the same grid again. Turn the 3×3 grid option on and align the main objects of your picture at the intersection of these gridlines.

In landscape shots, compose the axis and the horizon along the centre of the grids and make the unquestionable precision come live. 

This rule is used not just in smartphone photography tips, but also across art, architecture and other visual subjects for symmetry, so it can never go wrong!

Step 2: Getting The Settings Right

HDR & Portrait Modes Are A Pro’s Pick

Before you take a photograph, it is important to understand your phone and its settings. Most smartphones of today come with exclusive settings that match the quality of picture output with that of digital cameras. Premium features such as HDR, Portrait etc. have a league of their own in smartphone photography tips.

Use HDR mode for high-precision pictures that bring out the details unseen by the naked eye (too dark or too bright to see). It works the best for capturing natural scenery, wide landscape etc. While capturing human objects a.k.a people, it’s best to go with a portrait mode that prioritizes the foreground over the background.

If your phone lacks a good mode, download third-party apps that best suit your smartphone photography tips.

Step 3: Finding The Right Angle

Light For The Day, Shadow For The Night

Perspectives are complicated, even more, when there is an overabundance of light or shadow. But that’s the best part! If you play with the light and shadow wisely with these smartphone photography tips, your photograph will blow your mind! The best practice includes a lot of natural light—the sunlight and its warmth, in the picture. In sunny locations, choose an angle that gets maximum exposure and captures the beauty of the rays. At times like twilight or late nights, focus more on the shadows that deepen the darkness around. These smartphone photography tips let you play with the gradation in light density.

Simply put, go high on everything! Shoot up exposure and go super bright in the sun, and explore darker details in the dusk. 

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Step 4: Choosing A Befitting Chroma

A Monochrome Shot Is A Timeless Classic

Not all pictures need the competition of colours. Some pictures look the best and most meaningful in the classy ‘black and white scheme. This particular theme needs a different set of smartphone photography tips that play with depths and adjustments. Here, texture and sharpness matter the most. Leave the picture with zero saturation, high sharpness, low exposure (since the image can become clouded) and uncompromised fade.

smartphone photography tips

Resetting the shot to monochrome with these smartphone photography tips becomes easy if you can make a customised filter that that be applied just before taking a picture.

Step 5: Timing

The Perfect Shot Calls For Photo Bursts 

In photography, the perfect shot needs more than a “best of three”. Take as many pictures as you can in a rapid image capture as in a burst mode and pick your best shot later. At most times, since the photoshoot span is limited and you should make the best use of the time. Find the “burst photos” option in your phone’s settings and you’ve just found the best of out of smartphone photography tips.

Photo bursts work the best while capturing movement—a flying bird or a moving car. It is the most preferred to capture candid pictures of people and their emotions—laughter or tears.

smartphone photography tips

These 5 basic smartphone photography tips are enough to make you a successful photography beginner. Now, let’s find your tools.

Pack Your Bags!

Before you set our for your first shoot, don’t forget to grab the tools or portable accessories that can enhance your capture. These are a bonus to the smartphone photography tips you are learning now!

1. Lens Cleaning Kit 

Microfiber cleaning fabrics and lens cleaning solutions are a must to ensure a clear capture, in addition to the smartphone photography tips you’re following. Keep them safe in a travel-size pouch and always carry them with you. Have a dedicated kit for underwater shots and other extreme locations. 

2. Clip On Lenses

The market is flooded with low budget lenses that fit onto any smartphone’s camera lens. Make the most out of the smartphone photography tips mentioned, with professional, easy to clip-on lenses. You can also get your hands on professional lenses with over 12X, up to 20X zoom at absolutely low prices.

3. Tripod

A steady capture is the most important of all smartphone photography tips. That is what makes a picture inherently professional. Get a small or large size portable tripod that can hold your smartphone and make professional pictures happen.

4. LED Light Ring

Branches of mainstream photography like product photography or portrait photography require a light focus more than anything else. A LED light ring allows you to do just that, right from your phone. Just clip it onto your phone and start clicking like you read in the smartphone photography tips.

smartphone photography tips

You can also read our detailed blog if you wish to learn low light photography.

5. Smartphone Rig System

Rig system lets your phone become a professional camera. It’s nothing like the general smartphone photography tips you see. With mounts for accessories such as lenses, shutters etc. a rig is a must-have for the best-in-class smartphone photography.

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