Resin Art Suppliers

Resin Art Supplies for Beginners

Innovative resin art can assist you in creating amazing constructions that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Let’s start with a basic understanding of resin art before moving on to Resin art supplies.

Resin art (sometimes known as plastic art) is a type of art that is made from synthetic plastic. It’s a type of sculpture that usually takes the form of an item rather than a flat surface. Robert Simmons, an art teacher at the Otis Art Institute in Boston, developed the word in the late 1950s when he launched a class called “Rimshot” or “Rim Shot.”

The majority of resin artwork is made by sculpting a clay/resin mold. The mold is made of a “harder” resin that may be molded into a shape using a resin casting procedure.

Although most resins are made from petroleum, certain resins are made synthetically. Varied resins have different strengths and weaknesses, and some have unique qualities that make them more suitable for specific applications. Acrylic resin is used because it is softer than polyurethane resin, which is used for its strength.

The most crucial component of resin production is to ensure that the molding material proportions are correct and that the resin is kept in its most liquid form for as long as feasible.

Silicone mold-making, a technology that has been improved over the years, can be used to create molds for resin art manufacturing. The advantage of using silicone molds is that the finished component may be easily removed.

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This resin art supplies guide will assist you in beginning your resin art journey.

Resin Art Supplies

This resin art supplies guide contains all of the important items that an aspiring resin artist needs to develop his or her talents, such as Nitrile gloves, Safety Glasses, Epoxy Resin, Popsicle Sticks/Wooden Spoons, and so on.

1. Gloves made of nitrile resin

Nitrile gloves are required if you plan to operate with liquid resin. Resin has the potential to melt and irritate the skin, therefore it’s critical to keep your hands away from it. Nitrile gloves are available in two types: disposable and vinyl. The nitrile disposable gloves are preferred since they do not trap odors, although either variety would suffice.

You can find them here on Amazon, IKEA, and HealKit. They come with a great deal, but make sure you find the right fit. 

2. Glasses for Eye protection

Safety glasses, like nitrile gloves, are designed to shield your eyes from debris that may enter them while working with resin. Safety glasses, like nitrile gloves, are available in both disposable and vinyl varieties. Although disposable safety glasses are less expensive, vinyl glasses are more comfortable and fit better. A filter may be added to your safety glasses to protect your eyes from dust and other debris generated while working with resin.

I’ve spent some time finding the best quality glasses (and of course under budget too) that you can find on Amazon.

3. Epoxy Resin

Because of its ability to hold complex features, the resin is widely utilized in resin jewelry and models. As a result, the resin should be kept away from human skin. It is, however, critical to keep the resin out of the reach of youngsters and animals. Wear eye protection, nitrile gloves, a face mask, and any other safety equipment when dealing with resin. All tools and substances should be kept out of reach of children.

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Buying the best quality resin is very important. This is something that you shouldn’t hesitate to invest in if you want to create beautiful resin art. 

Amazon, BohriAli, and Canvazo offer the best resin. I’d suggest you go ahead with BohriAli if you are a beginner. All those pros who have mastered resin art should definitely go for Canvazo. But in case you are just trying your hands on resin art and aren’t sure if you’d continue it, Amazon has got your back. 

4. Popsicle sticks and wooden spoons

This resin can also be applied with popsicle sticks and wooden spoons. Standard and pointed popsicle sticks are available. They can be used to mix resin, paint, and make beautiful shapes and are manufactured from a variety of hardwoods. Wooden spoons are an even more versatile instrument that may be used for resin and paint applications in a variety of ways. They come in a variety of sizes, ranging from small spoons for specific crafts to enormous sets that may be used for several items.

You can find them in the nearby stationery store, or find them here on Crafter’s Kart. They come in a pack of 100 sticks and are very affordable.

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5. Cutting boards made of plastic

To shape resin, you can alternatively use a plastic cutting board. While this is a fantastic idea for little tasks, it has the disadvantage of wasting resin. If you remember to return your resin to the bottle or container it came in, you’ll get a lot more usage out of it. The majority of plastic cutting boards are clear or green, however, others are multicolored.

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It’s a little difficult to find affordable and best quality cutting board but I have made it a cakewalk for you. Find the best cutting boards of your choice on IKEA or click here. You can even find wooden cutting boards, but since we are working with resin here, I’d suggest you go ahead with the plastic ones. 

6. Glue Gun (Hot)

In arts and crafts, hot glue guns are commonly utilized. They’re great for attaching beads, decorations, and decals to resin jewelry. When using a hot glue gun, wear eye protection and keep the heat and glue away from children and pets. 

You can buy one here. This 20W 7MM Hot Glue Gun by Amazon is a great choice.

7. Cups for mixing:

Clear plastic cups are a great alternative to glass for mixing colors. You won’t have to worry about breakage or losing anything throughout the mixing procedure because they’re disposable. Green or white are the most common colors for clear plastic cups. The lids on the cups are usually screwed on, but some may have a twist top. Larger plastic cups may be available to carry larger mixing efforts.

You can find these plastic cups in the nearby retail store or just click here to get a good deal on this product

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8. Molds:

Molds for small, intricate shapes in the resin can be made with miniature molds. Molds exist in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, but the smaller the mold, the better. Molding, sculpting, casting, modeling, and making details with your resin are all possible using plastic molds. Molds can be used in a variety of applications. Sculpting, casting, molding, and modeling can all be done with molds.

As mentioned, these molds come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Here’s a link to Amazon’s category page for resin art molds. You can try on different shapes and sizes and get started with your masterpiece. Click here to reach the category page

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And that’s a wrap!

I hope this resin art supplies guide helped you. So, what are you waiting for now? Go get them ASAP!

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