Reasons you are not able to Build your Personal Brand online?

8 Reasons why you are not able to build Personal Brand online?

Establishing a personal brand sounds so lucrative that every individual on the Internet wishes to have one irrespective of the profession, interests or objectives. Yes, personal branding gives you visibility, recognition and comes with tons of opportunities. At the same time, it requires well-directed and continuous efforts that are never easy to come.

Here are some of the reasons you can’t build your personal brand online even after trying.

You are doing it as a Side Project

Whenever you think of building your personal brand online, you should think of it as a full-time endeavour. Yes, you can give it a small amount of time on weekends as a pastime, but this approach never yields the expected results. The reason is simple, other people in the industry/niche are putting in more effort and thus getting more engagement. 

Having said that, I do not expect you to spend six to seven hours on this activity. However, please make sure that you are quick to respond when someone comments on your post or tries to reach you via DM (Direct Message).

Over time, quick responses and communication become natural on social media platforms. Once you reach this phase, you won’t need to follow a schedule to get your personal brand moving. The challenges are only at the start, life gets easier as you move ahead in personal branding.

You are not Consistent

Consistency is the key! Yes, we have heard this phrase a gazillion times already, but it is still the hardest to achieve. I completely understand that there could be a variety of reasons for you not being consistent. You don’t enjoy creating content, you are running out of ideas, or you are too timid to speak up. Initially, all this happens to every creator, but the ones who hit publish without a second thought, come out as winners.

You must realize that everything happens gradually; this isn’t a sprint but rather a marathon. Your content creation strategy should include a frequency plan, which you must follow without fail.

Even if you think to post thrice a week, it is fine at the start. As long as you’re consistent, the frequency will increase on its own. Additionally, there is no right or wrong frequency for creating content. Being a creator, you need to analyze what works and what doesn’t, and then plan how it can be executed.

You have Picked up a Wrong Platform

This is one of the biggest mistakes creators make while building a personal brand online. Often, they choose the most lucrative platform or the one that looks the easiest, only to fail miserably because they did not think straight about the decision. Let me make it clear, there is no easy platform to build a personal brand online. Every platform works on different goals, objectives and has a distinct algorithm that supports a certain type of content.

You have to recognize your expertise and then decide on the platform. Say, if you are an artist and looking to showcase your piece of art, you can go for Instagram as the algorithm values media. 

In case you are a freelance writer, LinkedIn will be the best to do personal branding and find high paying clients. That’s because people use that platform to find writers.

You can go for Twitter if you are building something of your own (startup) or looking to have candid conversations with people.

If you want a community-building platform, GoSocial is one of its kind. It provides creators with the tools for efficient communication. You can create online courses, conduct workshops, go for live sessions, do private/group chat, implement discussion forums and a lot more using a single platform.

Besides the above, there are platforms like Pinterest and YouTube where personal branding is possible. You should always consider your audience whenever you decide on a platform. You should be at the place where you have your(the niche/industry you are targeting) audience.

You are not Working towards a Goal

Personal branding is not usually done to have fun or get numbers to show off. There’s a reason behind it. Same as a normal brand, a personal brand also has some identity that people recognize and relate to. A fun activity would not possibly create a brand identity to get recognized for your work.

Yes, you can be funny if you are a comedian or your niche resonates with witty content. However, you cannot go on board with posting something not aligned with your goal.

Sometimes, it is good to associate your niche with some trending meme and get some eyeballs, but this should not be your primary content online.

Before even starting personal branding, you should have a goal in mind. There could be several goals like mentioned below:

  • Getting some clients for business or freelancing
  • New job opportunities
  • Raising funds for your venture
  • Learning from experts
  • Monetizing your passion

This list is not exhaustive as every individual has distinct needs and capabilities. You need to come up with your goals and then create content that helps you achieve that in the long term.

It is possible, someday you will get more engagement with shitposting (irrelevant content for your niche) but that will not help you in personal brand building. Why? As a professional, you are recognized for the work you do; irrelevant content could confuse your audience, making it difficult to understand your personality.

You are not Engaging with People

When you start personal branding activity online, you build that brand around humans recognizing your efforts and expertise. If you will only keep on publishing without talking to people, you will be termed nothing more than a machine looking for reach.

Your everyday task should be to communicate with the people of your industry/niche and try to grab as much information as possible. 

Even if you cannot create new content due to creative block or any other reason, you can always comment on other’s posts to remain visible and connected. I would suggest you connect with people in DMs and talk about your expertise. It may sound a bit too much, but this is the best way to establish connections crucial for building a personal brand.

Once you start engaging and providing value, your reach will skyrocket. People who are not even on your list will become a part of your community with time.

You are not Helping others Grow

A personal brand is not only an expert but also a kind individual promoting collective growth in the community. If you do not position yourself as a person looking to help everyone, your community will not support you in your endeavour.

In personal branding, there is nothing like competition, there is only collaboration. If you understand this at the start, you will make fewer mistakes than others do.

Here are some of the reasons you can’t build your personal brand online even after trying.

You should respond promptly if someone reaches out to you in your inbox for assistance, as you would with a close friend. If you become consistent with this approach, soon you will be recognized as a helpful personal brand. The result will be Word of Mouth Marketing and organic traffic to the content you create.

Helping someone is not a hack for personal branding, you have to be genuinely available for people who will later push your brand to a higher position.

You are not building an Online Community

Community building is personal branding on Steroids! An online community is a home to many like-minded individuals who regularly share industry insights and provide constructive feedback to community members. If you are not aware of community building, you may read our detailed blog on ways to build an engaging online community.

If you work on a goal to build a community, your personal brand would be promoted by your community members even more than you do. A community is closed and rather a more private space helping you develop human connections not possible on any of the social media platforms.

Once you get a few individuals recognizing your expertise, you must ask them to join your community and also motivate others to be a part of it. 

You are not taking Conversations beyond the Platform

A personal brand should not be restricted to a platform that binds you with its algorithm. Being a personal brand, you should focus on building meaningful connections that even follow you out of Social Media.

This can be done in several ways. After you get to know the users, ask them for their contact information and create a Whatsapp group where you can have fun conversations or share memes. You can also use this place to discuss industry insights and share your views with people.

You can go a step ahead and monetize these connections by building online courses, hosting live workshops and inviting the members to connect with you there.

This activity will bring in money but also establish your expertise. It is not always possible to train or communicate wholeheartedly on social media platforms. Building learning resources would help you establish yourself as a personal brand by building trust and authority.


This was a list of reasons why you cannot build your personal brand online. I hope this will help you make fewer mistakes and build a personal brand that helps you achieve your objectives. There is no science behind personal branding, it’s more of an art that requires you to be creative as well as human to resonate with the members of the community.

Read our detailed guide on how to do personal branding on Social Media, if you want to learn some more useful tips and tricks.

Keep creating, keep building!