Pre wedding photography

Pre Wedding Photography: Guide for the most sensual Couple Photoshoot

Gone are the days when we only had albums with wedding photographs. The current generation is mad behind pre wedding shoots! Well, who would not like to gather pictures to cherish forever before tying the nod?

Pre wedding photography has become the new trend amongst millennials. While some choose to capture photos in some breathtaking locations like beside a beach or during the golden hour, others choose to click in their memorable locations.

Pre wedding photography
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If you are a photographer (or want to be one), pre wedding photography can be a great way to pursue your passion and at the same time earn a handsome amount. 

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Having said that, now let’s come back to our original topic of pre wedding photography. While it is easy to click photos, what’s important is to make the couple feel special whenever they look at the photos. 

Here are some tips and trips for pre wedding photography.

So, let’s begin!

Pre Wedding Photography

Know your couple

Pre wedding photography

Pre wedding photography is much more than just some random shots. You must know your couple. This will help you to take shots that are more relevant to a certain couple. The couple will also feel comfortable and get a personalized experience. Every couple has different ideas. Some may want to keep it natural while others may want glamour and edits.

You can ask some questions to your couple to get to know them better.

For instance,

  • How did you guys meet?
  • Can you brief me a little about your love story/journey?
  • What sort of locations do you guys prefer? (try giving them options to choose from – waterside, temples, or gardens, per se)
  • Are you guys comfortable with romantic poses?

And so on…

Once you know your couple better, you build a bond with them. This is really important as this will help you to ensure that the couple isn’t awkward and can frankly share their thoughts with you. This will in turn make sure that the final photos are natural and delightful to see!

Select a unique memorable theme

Pre wedding photography

Without a theme or a concept, the pre wedding photoshoot can go flat. Also, there are high chances that ideas don’t click you quickly and your shoot may go off track. In the end, you might just click a few random images that are okay, but not extraordinary. 

It’s always good to stick to some theme. Your couple might already have something planned to share with you. Once you know that it will become easy for you to understand what ideas they have in their mind for their shoot. Maybe they want you to capture photos related to their love story when they met for the first time. After realizing their plans, you will just need to give them technical feedback. 

Some basic photographic themes that may help you are:

  • Nature
  • Panorama
  • Casual
  • Glamour
  • Expressive 
  • Romantic

Location of pre wedding photography

Pre wedding photography

Every location is good but what makes a location stand out is the fact that how well it goes with your concept or theme. You can try parks for casual, or an old building for a retro setting. A roof with a city landscape or beside mountains and beaches. 

Always visit the location in advance. Take keynotes regarding additional fees (if any), crowd, lightening. If there’s any permission required, ensure that you get that. 

Your choice of location should go hand in hand with the personality of your couple. Suppose the couple is shy, in this case, a crowded location may not be suitable. Be upfront in discussing your ideas with the couple and then check out what they prefer. 

Keep jotting down the locations that you search for future references.

Timing plays a great role

Ideally, 1-2 months before the wedding is apt for pre wedding photography. Try not to keep it close to the wedding day.

For the shot, the golden hour can do wonders. Especially if your location is beside the beach or amidst the fort. 

Morning hours, 6-9 AM, are also great! During this time, you get a natural soothing light that is fantastic to capture some amazing nostalgic shots. 

Shutter Speed makes all the difference

Pre wedding photography

Adjusting your shutter speed will help you in creative photography. Be careful with motion blur. Use the focal length of your lens as your guide. The longer the lens the more you need to increase your shutter speed. Your minimum shutter speed should be 1/focal length. 

Start the Burst Mode

Burst mode will let you catch some fleeting moments between the couples. In the beginning, the couple may seem a little awkward but eventually, they will open up. That will be a golden opportunity for you to get some quirky shots. 

Get flattering shots with a long lens

Pre wedding photography

Do you want to click some heartfelt photographs?

Do you wish to create some amazing backgrounds with your couple in the focus?

Yes? It’s time for a long lens now.

Mid-range lenses (50mm lens) can create distortion. Lenses of 85 mm or 200 mm are best for pre wedding photography. 

A long lens will also keep your couples in comfort. With a long lens, you can keep your camera at a distance from the couple. This is much better than keeping the camera close. 

Do you think the couple will be comfortable taking romantic shots with the camera too close to them? Not at all, right? A longer lens will help you take close-up shots from a distance without making the couple feel uncomfortable. 

But remember, if you want a landscape shot with your couple, go for the shorter lens. 

Know the correct angles

No matter how beautiful the location is or how fantastic the lighting is, your couple may still feel doubtful about how they look. 

How can you get the most amazing features then? Simple, by taking photos from the right angle. 

Thinking to position the camera at eye level? Okay, that’s the safest option. 

What else can you do?

Maybe try to keep your camera’s lens a little above the eve level. This might help in enhancing facial features. A lower level instead might make your subject look bigger.

If you want to take full-body shots, go for tilted angles. Straight angles may put your subject directly in front of the camera and make certain parts of the body – a leg or an arm- look shorter. If you are a beginner, you should take care that you learn how to set your lens at different angles to get the best shots.

Backlights can do wonders

Pre wedding photography

Do you want to get some dramatic shots for your pre wedding photography? Trust me, backlights are absolutely a fantastic way to get some awesome shots. 

Just place your subjects in front of the light source. This will create fantastic rim lights that outline your subject naturally separating it from the background and bringing it into focus. 

You may need some time to master this art but once you do it, some good collections of photos are surely coming into your bucket. Just train your mind to capture a good source of light like the sun or night bulbs. Keep looking at them and think of ideas for some good shots. 

Low lights can be very effective for your pre wedding photography at night. Here are some low-light photography tips that will help you.

Off-camera flashes 

Off-camera flashes can help you take some good backlit pre wedding images. Too strong natural lights behind your subjects can underexpose it. In this case, adding light from your off-camera flashes can be useful. 

In the afternoon, when the sun’s light is too bright and underexposes your subject, off-camera flashes can also be helpful. Using flash will help you to overpower the sun, add light to your subject and underexpose the sky.  

Strike a balance between posed and candid shots

Pre wedding photography

Even the most confident couples can go awkward in front of the camera. All of a sudden they may not know what to do with their body parts. They may ask you:

What to do with my hand?

Where should I turn and how much?

Where do I look?

Now it’s our responsibility to guide them. Teach them how to pose. For this to happen, you need to have a good understanding of poses. You should be able to help your clients with some good poses that compliment their personalities and features. Not sure where to start from? Read and learn a couple of romantic poses and tips for couple photography. 

Master giving clear directions to your clients with pre wedding poses.

No doubt, poses are good but at the same time, candid photos have their own flavor. During the shoot, there are a bunch of moments where the couple is having fun, thinking something memorable, smiling, or trying their best to get some amazing shots. Capture these moments. You can get some amazing pre wedding shots amongst them. 

In the end, there should be a natural balance between the posed shots and candid images. 

Some creative pre wedding photography ideas….


Pre wedding photography

Take your couple to the woods amongst the garden. Dress them like a prince and a princess, with soft colors, warm tones, and all the greenery beside them. You can also choose a fort kinda setting to bring out pictures that look dream-like.

Dramatic Flair

What about a silent night in a quiet street? Or a Hollywood portrait with dramatic lighting? Geometric lines and curved backgrounds with dramatic lighting also make great dramatic locations. 

Vintage look

Travel to different eras with a vintage feel. A vintage portrait session with one another can look fantastic. The best part about pre-wedding shots like these is that every time one sees it, it will make them nostalgic. 

Try being whimsical

There can be nothing better than a whimsical duo who prioritizes fun keeping everything else aside. You can guide the couple to try some funny poses, crazy jumps, or creative looks to get some memorable unique pre-wedding shots.

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Pre wedding photography is becoming increasingly popular today. Almost 8 out of the 10 couples are jumping to this trend. If you are a pre wedding photographer, the above tips and trips will really be useful for you to click some amazing photographs. 

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Don’t forget to share your pre-wedding shots with the GoSoacial community. We will be eagerly waiting!

Have fun clicking!