Examples of Personal Branding

10 Personal Branding Examples to Learn and Build your Personal Brand.

Personal branding has become widespread, and millions are taking advantage of it. A personal brand gives you access to endless possibilities and recognition that accelerates your career growth, exponentially. There are several recognized and successful examples of personal branding that can help pave the way for your success. Let’s look at some of the established personal brands for inspiration and learning.

Examples of Personal Branding

Ankur Warikoo for Storytelling

Co-founder of Nearbuy and Internet entrepreneur, Ankur Warikoo is a motivational speaker and angel investor. In addition to his MBA degree from The Indian School of Business, he holds a master’s degree in Physics from Michigan State University.

He is a well-known Youtuber, popular with young audiences globally for value-driven content. Ankur built his personal brand through video content and targeted youth with topics like financial literacy, entrepreneurship, motivation etc.

In addition to Ankur’s storytelling ability, he is also charismatic, which has made him the favourite of many.

Examples of Personal Branding

The keynote speaker, Ankur Warikoo speaks at conferences, colleges, and schools – primarily on leadership, motivation, internet marketing, and entrepreneurial mindset.

His personal branding journey began in 2016, as a way to create an employer brand and attract the best talent. On LinkedIn, he started a video series called “Warikoo Wednesdays”. During the video, he spoke of his experiences as a founder and a leader.

Over the years, his personal brand has grown exponentially and is visible on most major social media platforms. He is providing value by assisting people to make informed decisions and commit fewer mistakes as they get older.

Digital Pratik for Digital Marketing

In line with the title of his personal branding, he is a digital marketing professional who helps people/businesses scale their presence online. As many people go through similar situations in their lives, he may be one of the best examples of personal branding for you. Digital Pratik started his journey as a call centre professional who now charges around 12K INR per hour for every session.

Examples of Personal Branding

Digital marketers are numerous in the industry, but the approach he uses is exciting and unique. Digital Pratik knows how to attract people to his social media platforms. He has a daily Podcast, Instagram videos, YouTube videos for those interested in learning more. 

During the COVID lockdowns, he established his personal brand by teaching digital marketing to people as demand for this skill skyrocketed. With students loving his approach and content, Digital Pratik quickly became a personal brand within the Indian digital marketing industry.

Sara Blakely for Women Entrepreneurship

Back in 2012, Sara Blakely was named the world’s youngest self-made billionaire by Forbes. She also made into TIME’s top 100 most influential people the same year. The most admirable quality of Sara Blakely is her positivity. She suggests, if something goes wrong, rather than being discouraged, people should look for positives and embrace the opportunity to grow.

Examples of Personal Branding

Sara Blakely, the founder of Spanx is known to build an empire based solely on her determination, despite lack of retail, business ownership, or fashion experience. She never took a business class and had no interest in fashion at all. Her personal brand stands for the cause and breaks stereotypes about the women apparel industry.

Her billion-dollar business provides a fascinating insight into how women can manage their finances, as she created a business that is relevant to every woman. 

Gary Vaynerchuk for Speaking his Mind

Largely known as GaryVee, Gary Vaynerchuk is the CEO and co-founder of VaynerMedia. He is also an early investor in well-established internet brands including Snapchat, Twitter, Tumblr, and Uber.

GaryVee is a best-selling author, venture capitalist, consultant, wine connoisseur, host, YouTuber, and a lot more. The entrepreneur is known for his hustle, public speaking, and effective digital marketing. 

Examples of Personal Branding

He speaks for entrepreneurs and those who want more happiness out of their lives. GaryVee suggests, people take a step back and focus on their passions. Additionally, he outlines ways to monetize this passion using the opportunities available on the internet.

People are drawn to his approach because it is no-nonsense and practical. His direct, power-packed speeches capture the audience’s attention for the same reasons.

It’s no surprise that his fans and audience appreciate the authenticity and honesty that he offers. Eventually, his personal brand gets established by bringing in more like-minded individuals. 

Tony Robbins for his Wisdom 

Tony Robbins is a great example of personal branding. There are hundreds of articles dedicated to him and his works if you search his name on Google. 

With everything going on, he has got the news, social media, personal websites, and more all in one place leaving a huge digital footprint.

Tony believes in giving back to society. Feeding America and Operation Underground Railroad are two of his projects for eliminating hunger and child trafficking, respectively.

Examples of Personal Branding

Among business coaches, he stands out with his messaging, website, and social media presence. The charm, wisdom, and charisma of Tony Robbins are the heart of his personal branding strategy, which is unlike GaryVee’s straightforward personality.

From his personal book recommendations to his Netflix documentary, he offers tons of resources, showing his status as a leading expert that always keeps things in motion.

Neil Patel for Blogging

He created a blog under his name that became his personal brand. Without his name on the blog, establishing a personal brand might have been difficult. On his personal blog, Neil Patel posts pictures and videos of himself to show his visibility and add to the brand value.

The average number of comments that Neil Patel gets on his blog is over 100. What makes Neil’s blog special is that he responds to every single comment, something his fans appreciate. 

Examples of Personal Branding

He has spoken at over 200 conferences and companies. His personal brand is well known for helping small and medium businesses grow through innovative digital marketing strategies.

Neil Patel focuses on bridging the marketing knowledge gap. His blog and podcast, as well as Neil Patel Digital, are dedicated to helping small businesses and individuals grow traffic and increase engagement.

Anna Wintour for her Fashion Journalism

The fashion world considers Anna to be one of the most influential figures of our time. She is known for her impeccable style, professionalism, and perfection.

In the fashion world, she is often regarded as the most powerful and iconic figure thanks to her style and fierceness. She made us believe that you can make an impact without being dependent on the digital landscapes.

Examples of Personal Branding

What can you learn from Anna Wintour? To remain consistent with your brand voice and approach. She always dresses in her style without trying anything or something not aligned with her personal brand.

People admire her for fashion journalism and follow her religiously.

Shivani Bafna for Bollywood Influencer Marketing

As an influencer marketing strategist and celebrity interviewer, she has created a unique niche for herself by being featured in commercials and billboard campaigns.

After college, Shivani Bafna moved to Mumbai to pursue her Bollywood dream. With 225K followers and 10M+ impressions on social media, she garners 100K hits daily and has worked with brands including Hyatt Hotels, Elle Magazine, Lakme, etc.

Examples of Personal Branding

Her personal brand is built on encouraging South Asians around the world to take risks, break norms, and follow their passions.

Her story is one of the few whose every detail has been shared in and out of Bollywood with people she barely knows.

Ranveer Allahbadia for Lifestyle & Fitness

Ranveer Allahbadia, also known as BeerBiceps Guy, is a well-known YouTuber and entrepreneur. He established a personal brand in the self-development and grooming industries. With over a million subscribers, he has two youtube channels. One is called ‘Beerbiceps,’ while the other is named after him, i.e. ‘Ranveer Allahbadia.’ 

There is a strong focus on personal development, fitness, social skills, physical and mental health in his videos. Additionally, he comes up with several diet plans for viewers with different goals.

Examples of Personal Branding

In India, he was one of the first youth personal brands to promote fitness on a digital scale. He has educated and inspired the youth of India about the enormous possibilities of fitness and grooming.

Through his personal brand, he emphasized that opportunities are limitless and anyone can accomplish anything, regardless of their education. His videos are informative and are fun to watch. Several teenagers in India look up to Ranveer Allahbadia as their idol. 

Priyanka Chopra, Gaur Gopal Das, Ayushman Khurana, and others have also been on his podcast.

Kusha Kapila for being Relatable & Humorous

A typical south Delhi girl, also known as “Billi Mausi” on Instagram is a sensation and most loved by many Netizens. From studying design to now being a social media influencer, Kusha Kapila has worked hard to reach the current heights. Her followers have helped her become the social media queen due to her impeccable content.

Fresh content is always being posted on her Instagram account, keeping followers interested all the time. Through her social media platform, she also promotes positive social change and voices her opinions. 

Examples of Personal Branding

As an activist, Kurska uses her influence and platform to advocate for issues affecting women and society.

Her example of personal branding can inspire us to use online resources more effectively to speak up and bring a change.

Author’s Note

These were some of the Examples of Personal Branding to take inspiration from. If you are someone trying to build a personal brand, you can always look up to them for strategies and marketing behaviour. You can also look at our blog on personal branding if you wish to do personal branding on Social Media.

Always remember, you can take inspiration from these personalities but every personal brand is unique in the value it provides. You need to start working on your value proposition that speaks to the masses. If you can provide meaning and help people grow, you will be able to build a personal brand with ease.