Online communities vs Social Media

Online Communities vs Social Media Platforms

The advent of the internet has provided the average individual the ability to connect to and communicate with people all over the world. However, we’ve also seen the rise of online communities. These communities, however, often lack the functionality and features found in other social media platforms such as Facebook. As such, what benefits do these virtual communities have over other social media platforms, and will they ever be able to take over the social media landscape? Let’s find out.

Online Communities: Their Value

People are now more active in internet-based communities than social media platforms. Some of the biggest communities include communities built on Wikipedia, Reddit, Imgur, Tumblr, GitHub, and more. In fact, most of these communities have found a niche for themselves in areas where a social media platform may not be the best solution.

With the rise of such communities, some people wonder if they will ever take over the social media landscape. Even though they have not achieved mass appeal like Facebook, internet-based communities have become very important in a wide variety of areas including:

  • The development of a company’s intellectual capital
  • Building and maintaining community relations
  • Helping people understand their own identities, culture, and languages
Online communities vs Social Media

Virtual communities have become increasingly important to businesses and other companies. As such, it’s difficult to see why they’d not be thought of as valuable additions to the field of technology.

What makes online communities better than social media platforms?

The fact that there are many advantages associated with these communities means that they are often seen as the go-to solution in many scenarios.

  • These communities have helped companies connect with their customers and build new partnerships.
  • These communities are becoming more important as a form of media for many individuals and businesses.
  • They can enable people to build communities, meet people, and help them build online identities.

There are many benefits associated with such communities. In the case of Wikipedia, the social structure and social capital that has been created within these communities have been beneficial to the development of Wikipedia. In fact, Wikipedia would not be what it is today without internet-based communities. These communities have also helped businesses and companies find ways to understand and help people connect to their audience.


Disadvantages of social media platforms over online communities

Since social media platforms are built on the premise that users interact with them in specific ways, it can be difficult to know how they will connect to users. With online communities, you can determine how a given community will function because of the way that people interact in a particular community.

While many businesses have used these communities, not many have actually studied them. It is easy to see how such communities can help companies, individuals, and businesses create a more effective online presence, though it can also be challenging.


It is important to note that these communities are not as popular as social media platforms, because of the fact that they can have a large impact on user engagement and online success. Since such communities are fairly new, it seems like social media platforms have evolved to have more features than these communities.

Internet-based communities are a great way to build a brand because they can enable people to build their identity in the context of an online community. For example, the website of a company allows people to connect to other people who share their views. By looking at this particular website, you can understand how they were able to connect with other people, which made them successful.

Rise of online communities

Since the beginning of the decade, online communities have become a very important component in the internet revolution. As mentioned earlier, these communities are not as popular as social media platforms, but it is not because they are bad. The reason is simple; internet-based communities are built to offer a different type of relationship compared to social media platforms.

These communities give people a great way to build a personal brand because you are interacting with other people. People that join virtual communities are in the company of others. You are not alone, and this allows you to feel a great sense of belonging. As mentioned earlier, the purpose of an online community is to provide a space for people to connect and share their views.



If you want to have a good experience, then it is best to choose a community that aligns with your personal values. This will make the whole experience much easier to deal with. When you join a community, you are part of a group of people who share the same interests, thoughts, and beliefs. These are some of the main reasons why it is important to join a group that is meant to give you a good experience.

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