What can be the maximum duration of a workshop on GoSocial

Maximum duration of workshops on GoSocial

Creators can host workshops on GoSocial by getting in touch with the community team. These workshops can either be paid, or free.

24 hours is the maximum duration for the workshop. In the current set-up, creators do not have the provision to host a workshop that is longer than 24 hours. Creators can however get in touch with the community team to create two separate listings for consecutive days.

Duration of a workshop plays a very important role in its success. A short duration may put undue stress on the creator to cover all the modules within the given time. In such a case, the creator might have to rush through the concepts at a speed, without focusing much time on the details. However, workshops with longer duration, may become a drag for your viewers.

On an average, the workshops are 40 – 45 min long. You can choose the duration of your workshop by getting in touch with your community team, with the help of social media polls.