Mandala Art Easy - Easy Mandala Art Ideas

Mandala art – Easy Mandala Art Ideas

Mandala art is one of the most beautiful types of Hindu art. It involves a circle or oval shape with a lot of repetition. It is a perfect blend of geometry and art. In ancient times, Indians used to wear beautiful and colorful garments, and the motifs used to have these geometric patterns.

In recent years, people are very much interested in geometrical patterns. It is believed that the use of shapes is the key to the progress of the art world. The most attractive part of this art is its simplicity. It will leave you mesmerized as you will be amazed by its simplicity.

The art of making mandalas is an ancient Indian practice. You can find them all over India. The most famous ones are in Varanasi, Rajasthan, Gujarat, etc. But now, many people have started making mandalas at home.

This guide will make mandala art easy for you and you can bookmark this as this will be a life savior. 

How to make Mandalas :

To make Mandala art easy, the first thing you need to start making mandalas is a piece of smooth paper. It is very important to buy smooth and high-quality paper. If you are using rough paper, it will be very difficult to draw circles, squares, and other figures. You can also make mandalas with the help of colored pencils, crayons, watercolor pencils, acrylic paint, oil paints, and many more. 

Mandala is all about different shapes, lines, and patterns. When you start working with the paper, you need to start drawing a shape that you want to make in your artwork. For example, you may want to start with a circle or an oval shape. You can also make one side of the shape curved while the other side can be straight.

Once you have your shape ready, start painting. The painting of mandala art can be with any colors you prefer. If you are a beginner, you can start making mandalas by painting in black or any bright colors.

The next step is to decorate your mandala. You can make various patterns using colors, shapes, flowers, etc. It is very important to start small with different patterns. You can draw patterns and shapes using colored pens. You can make many beautiful patterns using this method.

Once you are done with your mandala, it is time to decorate it a little more. You can add embellishments using any type of color like gold, silver, glass, metal, gems, etc. Make sure you follow the right size, place, and direction for embellishments. You can even try gluing gems or beads on your mandala.

Easy Mandala art ideas:

If you want to learn how to draw mandalas, you’re in right place! Although it may seem complicated, it’s pretty easy once you’ve learned the basic patterns. Drawing mandala is a fun and relaxing activity for many people. Keep scrolling to witness the dance of geometric shapes!

Mandala with Watercolor: 

This is a very unique style of showcasing your painting and mandala art skills. You can paint or draw any scenery in the center and draw concentric circles with different radii. Once you are done with the circles, go ahead, take your pen and start doing all the basic patterns you know. Remember, a great mandala art is a mixture of a lot of basic patterns, that are put artistically.

To read on how to do the perfect art that you need in the center, read our blog here.

Semi-Circle Mandala

Too lazy to draw a complete mandala but still wanna do it? I think this one goes well with your mood. It’s a semi-circle with concentric circles and patterns like leaves. If you zoom into it, you will find polka dots, triangles, colored dots, and a lot more. Give this a try. You can also start with a watercolor background and even make flowers once you are done with the mandala. Use your colors or go black and white, the choice is yours. 

Semi-circle with a flower on the side: 

In case you are a fan of something unique, this one is for you. Mandala on one end and a beautiful sunflower on the other end. You can re-create this with other flowers and patterns too. Use your favorite colors, followers, imagination, and do the magic.

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Mandala as Mehendi: 

Who said mandalas can only be made on paper? If you like traditions, and if mandala is your cup of tea, then why not try it on your hand? Mehendi and mandala can never go out of fashion. Go ahead, start small and get into the feel of it. In case you aren’t ready for the complicated designs, start simple because in the end, who doesn’t like simplicity? 

Square Mandala

Tired of the same old circles? Me too. Looks like we really need to switch to something different. This square is an easy pattern. If you’re a beginner and are tired of seeing circles everywhere, this one’s for you. A very basic and fun design that will make you fall in love with mandalas. 

Mandalas on rock

Lately, mandalas on soft rocks have been trending a lot. Get some paintbrushes and some thick paint and get started (I’d suggest you to go for acrylic paints and DO NOT dilute them). Put on your favorite colors, just drop on some dots in different sizes, and try to make a pattern out of these dots. Go for vibrant colors with a dark-colored base, since these colors will pop out and give a great look. You can use these to decorate your garden, room, or any corner of your home. 

Triangles are fun!

This is a simple triangular mandala art, which contains a lot of simple elements put together elegantly. Inside the triangle is a regular circular mandala art with leaf and floral patterns, and black color filled in areas that have gaps. The rest of the triangle is also filled with some interesting mandala elements containing lines, color, beads, leaves, triangles, and more. This is an extremely simple and elegant piece of art that any beginner can try their hands on.

You can try and add your own choice of colors and make it look the way you want it to look.

Mandalas and creatures? 

Pretty sure you would have seen these amazing pieces a lot of times but don’t know how to do it! I would suggest you go grab a children’s coloring book and use that as your stencil. Start from any corner, any shape, and any pattern. Just believe in yourself and get going. 


The purpose of this tutorial is to encourage people to try their hands on simple Mandala art, and to help them break down the process of putting together different patterns into manageable pieces. You don’t necessarily need to limit yourself to using these simple and clean shapes, and you don’t have to try and draw a perfect image of a Mandala. The more abstract a Mandala art is, the more you can enjoy it. This simple guide to Mandala art is a great place to start if you’re looking to put together your own Mandala art.