Mandala Art Drawing Tips

Mandala Art Drawing Tips: Create Beautiful & Creative Mandala Art

Mandala drawings are becoming increasingly popular by the day, and we aren’t complaining. After all, it’s not only a fun art form but because it also gives the artists the complete freedom to experiment. In addition, mandala drawings have spiritual significance and happen to be therapeutic as well. However, before moving any further, let’s first delve a little into the history of Mandala art and how it has evolved over the years.

Mandala is a Sanskrit word that means ‘circle.’ In ancient times, these circles were considered synonymous with the universe and were used for meditation. Many believe that they bring you closer to your spiritual self, and help in attaining inner peace. Mandala has now become famous as a form of art and has achieved global popularity. Some indulge in it for fun; others do it for getting one with themselves. 

Here’s another beautiful aspect of this art form. Mandala drawings give the artists a broad scope to experiment. There’s no one type of Mandala, so you’re free to play with patterns, colors, and more! You can also learn more about this art form by joining GoSocial’s communities. In addition to that, GoSocial hosts fun art workshops from time to time that you must keep an eye out for.

So, if you want to create your Mandala masterpiece, read on. We have listed some Mandala art drawing tips that warrant your attention. 

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The Best Mandala Art Drawing Tips That You Ought To Check Out Right Now! 

1. Choose A Centre Point

Traditionally, the center of the Mandala represents the beginning of contemplation and connection to the divine. So, likewise, your Mandala drawing should ideally start from the center. Every mandala art should also have an identifiable center point, and the rest of your work should radiate from this point. This point can be in the center of the sheet or anywhere else. But, make sure that you work outwards from that very point.

Mandala Art Drawing Tips

2. Grid Will Get You Through! 

Drawing Mandala within a grid helps in keeping things symmetrical and well-aligned. A grid will also help you in placing intricate elements with much more ease. If making a grid is too much of a task for you, you can always print it out. Following this Mandala art drawing tip will make things a breeze for you!

3. Make Use Of Geometrical Shapes

Using geometric shapes in Mandala drawings is a common practice. They look pretty neat and give your design a well-defined overall look. You can add various geometric shapes in your drawing, other than just circles. Also, we suggest using geometric tools to create more accurate designs. Or, if you trust your abilities, go free-hand.

4. Keep Equipment Handy

Like any other form of art, Mandala demands you to be equipped with all the necessary tools. Having everything at your disposal right from the start will help you maintain focus as you start drawing. The most commonly required tools include paper, pen/pencil, eraser, compass, ruler, and protractor. Prepare a list of the tools you need, and get them before beginning with your work.

5. Do Not Be Afraid Of Experimenting

Mandala drawings have become popular because of the creative freedom they offer. As you have defined a center point, let your creative juices flow. Make use of geometric patterns, floral elements, lines, and even alphabets to produce your masterpiece. You can also use a medley of colors, a combination of patterns, and much more to accentuate your design. This is one of the most critical Mandala art drawing tips that every artist should follow.

6. Pencil Equals Perfection

Most people like to draw their mandalas with pens or fine line markers. However, if you are starting, we’d suggest using a pencil. Using a pencil will make modifying the design much easier. Make sure your pencil is perfectly sharpened to avoid inconsistency in design. You can later intensify the outlines with a pen or marker of your choice.   

7. Enhance Your Design With Illustrative Elements

Enhance your Mandala with illustrative elements such as shapes, flowers, animal figures, alphabets, etc., to achieve a distinct design. You will be able to stand out from the crowd. Create a theme for your Mandala drawing and use the elements accordingly. Alternatively, you can combine various elements into one design and create a unique piece of art.

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8. Take It Slow- There’s No Hurry!

A lot of people use Mandalas for meditation. Similarly, drawing Mandala is also considered to be therapeutic. Therefore, you must keep your mind free while drawing. Consider it a stress-busting exercise and take it slow. Rushing will, in turn, affect the quality of your design, something that you wouldn’t desire. Use a systematic approach and keep an eye on the movement of your hand. This Mandala art drawing tip will help you create beautiful designs with much more ease.

9. Keep The Borders Neat 

Here’s another Mandala art drawing Tip that you can’t miss out on. Every Mandala drawing must have a clear and well-defined border. Also, make sure you arrange all the elements within the defined boundaries to avoid an untidy look. You can use different colored pens to create borders. Or, you can also keep the borders thicker than the rest of the design to ensure a cleaner look.

10. Do Not Clutter

Here’s an excellent Mandala art drawing tip- Avoid clutter in your mind and on the sheet. Firstly, ensure that your mind is free of raging thoughts and ideas. Have a clear vision right from the beginning. This will eventually help you avoid cluttering your sheet. Also, make sure you don’t add too many elements because it will harm your design than good.

11. Do Not Shy Away From Using Colours

Some artists like their mandala black and white, or in one color. The rest, on the other hand, like to imbue their designs with vibrant colors. Using varying shades will breathe life into your designs and will give you beautiful creative mandala art. You can make use of colored pens, sketch pens, crayons, watercolors, etc.

12.  Go Digital 

While making Mandala drawings by hand is great, have you tried using digital methods? Several people like drawing mandalas using photoshop or other software for their convenience. 

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Using digital platforms can ease things for you with various options for brushes, brush width, and colors. They also have well-defined grids. On top of that, they also allow you to make modifications quite effortlessly. 

13. Give It A Personal Meaning 

One of the most essential Mandala art drawing tips is giving it personal meaning. Include things that you feel close to or are passionate about. Your Mandala should be representative of yourself. So, infuse it with elements that sum up your view of life. Doing so will give a personal touch to your drawing. 

14. Use Negative Space 

Negative spaces are the empty spaces in Mandala drawings. These areas can easily break the overall appeal of your mandala and need to be taken care of. We suggest filling in these spaces using vivid colors to brighten up your drawing. Or, you can darken these spaces to add more definition to your design.

15. Maintain Structural Balance 

While Mandalas give you the freedom to experiment, it is also vital to maintain proportion in your design. So, maintain a structural balance in your design. Keep your design consistent, starting from the center to the top layers. You can achieve this quickly by using a ruler and other geometry tools. Maintaining structural integrity makes your designs more refined.

16. Use Stencils 

Finding it difficult to maintain uniformity in your design? Here’s a fantastic mandala art drawing tip that will help you in preserving evenness in your design. Use stencils to achieve accurate designs and maintain harmony in your drawing. Stencils are pretty readily available on the markets, as well as online. 

17. Erase Pencil Marks

A lot of people prefer making their designs with pencil and intensifying them later with pens and markers. If you follow the same approach, make sure you erase all the pencil marks before filling in colors. Doing this will make your design tidier and will bring life to it! 

18. Design On Coloured Sheets 

Add an edge to your Mandala masterpiece using colored sheets instead of the age-old white ones. Following this Mandala art drawing tip will make your design shine out from the rest. You can also create a vibrant background with the help of watercolors or crayons and then draw on it. 

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19. Follow A Colour Scheme 

Colorful Mandala drawings are always more flattering. However, don’t go overboard with colors. It is always wise to decide upon a color scheme. So, choose colors that complement each other, and plan out a theme. Stick to the same theme and color palette throughout your design. This mandala art drawing tip will help you create a balanced piece. 

20. Be Confident 

Lastly, have faith in yourself. You aren’t drawing to impress anyone, so do not stress yourself out. Be confident and trust your abilities; only then will you create a masterpiece that you can flaunt. Do not worry about making errors- it’s normal. Keep some fresh sheets handy, and start over. 

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Mandala drawing is no rocket science and can be aced by following Mandala art drawing tips. So, get your tools, as it’s time to create your masterpiece! Also, join GoSocial’s art communities to get a better understanding of Mandala drawings and other art forms.