5 photography challenges by GoSocial that will help you if you are a beginner

Kickstart Your Learning With These 5 Photography Challenges For Beginners

Getting a marvellous shot that matches your vision is not that simple. There are plenty of photography techniques that you need to have an understanding of. Photography enthusiasts despite their passion and creativity don’t always succeed on the canvas. They often don’t take the time and effort to hone their skills.

We have a list of the 5 best photography challenges for beginners. These challenges will help you tackle your shortcomings. With these challenges, you can master fundamentals like minimizing camera shake, changing your perspective, and post-processing. Once you are familiar with these basics, you can also experiment and learn about semi-advanced concepts like aperture, shutter speed, and ISO.

1. Vintage Theme-Flatlay Photography Challenge

This is one of the best photography challenges for beginners to try. It is a combination of two chic trends that will help you get the hang of certain techniques and styles. In this challenge, you lay objects on a flat surface like wooden tables, floors, cloth, or even paper. Since this challenge is vintage themed, the objects you use must remind viewers of the past. A simple way to do this is with easy every-day things like books, stationary or pages.

Vintage theme flat lay photography challenge hosted by GoSocial

The aim here is to click a “bird’s eye view” of a vintage setting. Flatlay is a great concept that works for this challenge. This is a great photography challenge for beginners to get as creative as possible with a theme. You could make use of a classic typewriter, spectacles, pens, and beverages. You could even use one or more bright flowers to create a contrast and give your photos a lovely pop of color.

2. Monochrome Photography Challenge

In this challenge, all the colors in your image belong to the same family. In other words, the photograph has one dominant color with varying amounts of light and hues throughout the image. This is one of the best photography challenges for beginners. You can do this naturally or through post-shoot editing. The idea here is not to get a visually accurate photo but to tell a story in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Monochrome photography challenge hosted by GoSocial

You can learn how to make your photos dramatic, bold, and distinct. And, monochrome photography is not limited only to black-and-white photography. While the neutral grey tones like sepia and cyan can give your photo a classic, timeless appearance, you can also try other colors for this challenge. This photography challenge gives beginners a chance to experiment and form their own style of photography.

  1. Cloudscapes Photography Challenge

This is one of the simplest photography challenges for beginners to try. Many of us take pictures of the sky pretty often, and for good reason. Whether they are large and majestic, or just fine wisps, clouds are always a breathtaking subject to take photos of. This photography challenge doesn’t require advanced equipment and is great for beginners.

Cloudscapes Photography Challenge hosted by GoSocial

Let your imagination run wild and identify interesting patterns of clouds to click. You can do this right from your own terrace, at almost any point of the day. Every day, you get to see new shapes, colors, and tones, and it is up to you to make them stand out and shine in your pictures. This is one of the most popular photography challenges amongst beginners.

  1. Double Exposure-Photo Editing Challenge

This is one of the best creative takes on photography methods and challenges the creativity of beginners as well as skilled photographers. In this challenge, you layer two different exposures in one image. This way, you blend two pictures into a single distinct one. Although this challenge is more advanced than the others on the list, it is a highly rewarding photography challenge, especially for beginners to master.

Double Exposure-Photo Editing Challenge for beginners on GoSocial

It creates a surreal and cinematic effect for your pictures. You can take photographs for the challenge on your digital camera. Set it on a tripod and use flash to underexpose your subject. Alternatively, you can use the “Blend mode” on Photoshop. This allows you to layer your exposures and adjust saturation and contrast levels.

Once you are familiar with how to create this effect, you can even try more than two exposures in one image. While it takes time and practice to refine the image, the result is almost always phenomenal.

  1. Food Photography Challenge

This photography challenge is as simple as it sounds and as innovative as you want it to be. It is one of the best photography challenges for beginners to try. Food photography includes a whole range of themes and styles to choose from. An excellent food photograph conveys the taste and texture of the dish to viewers in an appealing way. Here are some food photography challenge ideas for beginners:

  • Slice your food up and suspend these slices in a clever way, so they can be edited out later. This will give it a neat deconstructed look.
  • Use fast shutter speeds to capture splashes and drops in the best way possible. This can be done with fruits, vegetables or sugar cubes.
  • Keep it simple and minimalistic by focusing on very few objects or dishes.
Food Photography Challenge for beginners hosted on GoSocial app

This photography challenge gives you the freedom to incorporate different styles. Some styles that you can try are flat lay photography, minimalist photography, and low-light photography. This is how you can take any food you like and click some beautiful pictures with it.

There you have it! The five best photography challenges for beginners to take. You can find these challenges and more on the GoSocial app, a versatile platform for you to set your own challenge duration and start a fun “streak”. The app also helps you be inspired by the work of other artists and you get the chance to receive feedback from industry experts.

Some beginner photographers may feel disheartened about not having a superb DSLR or high-tech gear to shoot with. It’s time to bust the myth that you need expensive equipment to click great pictures. Know your camera thoroughly and practice every day. The key lies in being consistent. These are the best ways to finally convert the scenes you envision to stunning, high-quality pictures. Try these challenges and become a better photographer today!