What is GoSocial

Introducing GoSocial – A Place to Showcase Your Creativity

Introducing GoSocial, a platform for creators. Where you show your creativity, skill-up and earn rewards on the Go! On GoSocial, you challenge yourself, compete with others, and learn new things. And the rewards are a by-product to keep you going.

GoSocial is a comprehensive stage for creators who love to learn new things. We are building it for all the independent and budding creators to explore their hobby and share their work. On this platform, you can get smarter about what matters to you. Be it photography, writing, designing, art, traveling or any other skill. You can learn by taking part in the challenges. By competing in the contests. And by collaborating with other users.

GoSocial – Where Creativity Matters

The GoSocial App has divisions for each creative skill. These divisions come under the ‘Go’ flagship of GoSocial. GoDesign, GoPhotography, GoTravel, and GoArt are the prominent sections among many to come. The GoSocial team and experts create and update Challenges, contests, and resources in each section every week.

To bring these challenges on the App, GoSocial taps into the heads of professional creators. We engage photographers, designers, writers, and artists, to bring you the smartest takes on topics that matter. So whatever your interest is, you can always find fresh thinking and unique perspectives.

GoSocial’s Unique Feature

GoSocial has select unique features that will help you to keep learning and exhibiting your creativity. Some of the main features include:


In each section, there are a set of challenges. Challenges are to help you level up your skills and build your profile (portfolio). For example, basic photography challenges are rule-of-thirds, lights, colors, and identifying subjects-foreground-background. We include curated resources and examples to take you through these challenges.

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Professionals create challenges for GoSocial. And completing them will make you learn and level up in that particular skill. You also earn points when you finish a challenge.


On GoSocial, you will find new, engaging and exciting contests every week. You can take part in these contests and earn rewards. We occasionally run contests to support social causes too. For instance, we were planting a tree for each contest entry in the contests ran in December 2019.

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User reputation:

User reputation is a key feature in GoSocial. Your reputation depicts your influence on the platform. On GoSocial, every user has a digital reputation score. A higher reputation score means a higher influence on the platform. Your Digital Reputation score depends on how often you post, engage, and the engagement your posts get.

Like Rewards:

Your “Like” on GoSocial has a value equal to some digital coins. These digital coins are native to the GoSocial platform. The value of your “Like” depends on your Reputation on the GoSocial app. The higher your reputation is, the higher your “Like” value. You’ll earn some digital coins based on the number of likes you get and from which user you get them. Your Likes on other’s posts will give them digital coins as well.

Earn Like Reward on GoSocial App

In short, the more you engage and contribute on the platform the more influence you will have over the rewards getting distributed.


This section contains a list of all leaders and past winners and also shows your rank. Winners and leaders are shown in two ways – the first one is based on the weekly rankings and the second on overall rankings.

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Rankings keep on updating depending upon your activity, participation & achievement in contests & challenges. The more the number of your coins you have higher will be your ranking.

Whether GoSocial is for beginners or professionals?

The platform is the stage for both whether you are a beginner or pro. If you are a beginner, you will learn by taking challenges, participating in the contests, and the feedback from the community.

For professionals, we have a special program to create challenges under your own name. Such that, a set of these challenges can help people learn and improve on their own. Learn more about it, from here: Host your own challenges on GoSocial.