How to unmute story on Instagram

How to unmute story on Instagram: Step by Step

We all are fans of Instagram! With its unique and simple features, Instagram has been able to grasp the attention of a large audience. 

A brilliant Instagram feature is – Story!

Every now and then we keep on sharing our moments with others. At the same time, looking at what’s happening in our followers’ lives also grabs us. 

You will see stories from friends, family, celebrities, businesses, etc. that you follow on Instagram on every Instagram scroll. Sometimes this can be too much if you are following many people. Or maybe someone is oversharing and you need a break from their stories for a while. What shall you do then?

You can simply mute their stories without unfollowing or blocking them. This won’t let them know that their story is hidden from you. You can take a short break without notifying specific followers whose stories you have muted.

But what if you want to undo this change? How can you unmute a story on Instagram?

In this article, we will talk about the ways through which you can unmute a story on Instagram. Also, we will go through related information that can come along in handy. 

Before we proceed towards, unmuting a story on Instagram. Let’s check how you can mute a story and its effects. This will set the foundation of our main objective – unmuting a story on instagram. 

How to mute story on instagram?

Muting a person’s story is pretty easy.

At the top, you will see many profile images. The more you scroll to the right, the more such profile images will show. These all are the stories that have been uploaded by your followers.

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For muting a particular story, please follow the steps below. 

  1. Long-press the Instagram story icon of the story that you want to mute.
  2. Tap “Mute” (The iPhone and Android versions are shown below)
How to unmute story on Instagram
  1. iPhone Version 
How to unmute story on Instagram
  1. iPhone Version

3. Instagram will then ask for double confirmation. Tap on “Mute Stories” or “Mute Stories and Posts”. Choosing the first one will mute only the stories of the person. Whereas the latter will allow you to mute the stories as well as the posts of that person from your Instagram feed.

How to unmute story on Instagram

4. Once you have muted the story, you will see that, that particular story will move to the extreme right and will be greyed out.

How to unmute story on Instagram

Pretty simple, right?

Let’s check some facts related to muting a story on Instagram. 

What happens when you mute someone’s story on Instagram?

You can choose to mute either the stories or stories and posts. Both of these have different effects. 

Muting Posts

The muted posts will no longer appear on your Instagram feed. This way you can take a break from the person’s posts that you chose to mute. Later on, when you want to reverse the process, you can choose to unmute the stories (which we are going to see soon…)

Muting Stories 

When you mute someone’s stories on Instagram then…

  • The story moves to the extreme end in the right
  • It will no longer show a colorful ring around
  • When you are surfing the stories, the muted story will not play automatically until you press it to see
  • You can still watch it by moving to the extreme right and pressing it or through the person’s profile. 

But what if you mute someone’s story accidentally. Or, you need to see the stories/posts of a person back now?

Here comes the role of unmuting a story on Instagram. Let’s check how can you unmute a story on Instagram. 

How to unmute a story on Instagram?

There can be various reasons for muting a story on Instagram. But then you may feel a need to reverse this process. For this, all you need to do is unmute the muted story. Instagram provides you with three different methods for doing so. Let’s check them out. 

How to unmute a story on Instagram – Via Homepage

Remember while muting the story, we saw that the muted story goes to the extreme end?

That’s the same place we need to reach to unmute a story.

  • Swipe left and go to the extreme end
  • You will see all the muted stories in grey
  • Tap on the story that you want to unmute 
  • You will get an option – “Unmute story”. Tap on it.
  • Next time when this person uploads a story, it will be visible to you while surfing the stories. 
How to unmute story on Instagram

How to unmute a story on Instagram – Via Person’s profile

  • Start with visiting the profile of the person
  • Tap on the following button a popup menu will appear. 
  • Tap on “Mute”, and you will be able to see another option.
  • In this menu, you will see a toggle button next to “Mute” next to stories. Tap that to disable MUTE. 
  • Once the button turns blue, this means that the stories are on again.

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Along with this, there is another way to unmute the story from a person’s account. 

  • Locate the story icon on the top left corner of their profile
  • Press and hold it with your finger.
  • Tap the three dots on the right and tap on “Unmute story”
How to unmute story on Instagram

How to unmute a story on an Instagram – Via Account Settings

  • Go to your own profile. Click on “Settings” in the top right corner
  • Tap on Settings -> Privacy
  • Select category “Connections”. Tap on “Muted Accounts”
  • All the accounts that you have muted will appear. Click on the account that you want to unmute to visit their profile. 
  • Tap on the following button. Select “Mute” from the menu and tap on the toggle button. (This step is the same as the above section – unmuting via person’s profile)

How to unmute story in Instagram’s older version?

If you are using an older version of Instagram then you will not be able to unmute a story via the above methods.

For an older version of Instagram, follow the steps below:

  • Visit the person’s account.
  • Above their highlights and below their bio you will find a note – “You have mute username(s) story.”
  • On the left of this note, a “Unmute” option is located. Tap on it. 

Done! You will be able to see the latest stories of this person again 🙂

How to unmute story on Instagram – Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Is there any way that I can figure out whether someone muted my story?

Not really. Instagram doesn’t notify you if your story has been muted by anyone. But yeah, you can trick someone to check that out…hahaha! Just ask your friend what they think about your last story and you can check whether they are paying attention to your story or not.

Can I hide my story from a selected set of people?

Of course, you can, do that too without unfollowing them. Before you begin to create your story, on your profile, click on the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner. Tap on Settings -> Story. Now add the people, whom you don’t want to see your story. This way you can hide your stories from the chosen people. 

The hidden people will not be able to know that your story is hidden unless someone else shows it to them!

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How can I pause a story?

If you want to pause a story simply press and hold the story with your finger. It will remain paused until you release your finger. 

Reporting an instgram story

Sometimes, while surfing stories you may feel that certain stories contain content that is harmful, illicit, or includes violence. At such a condition you can choose to report that story rather than just muting it. Reporting the story will let the developers check and take it down if it goes against Instagram’s policies. 

For reporting a story, please follow the below steps.

  • Open the story.
  • Tap on three dots in the top right corner.
  • Choose “Report”.
  • Fill out a quick questionnaire to tell Instagram why would you like to report the story and it’s done!

Instagram will analyze and take necessary actions like removing or banning the content. As a responsible member of the Instagram community, you should definitely contribute to Content Moderation {content moderation article’s link} .

Final Thoughts

Instagram provides a bulk of features but until you know how to use them you will not be able to use the app to the maximum. There are many hidden and useful features like the one we just read – muting and unmuting a story. I hope this article was helpful for you to discover a powerful feature of Instagram that can help you to filter content as per your preference without blocking, removing, or hurting your connections.

There are many such features on Instagram that you can discover and enhance your Instagram usage methods. 

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Keep Enjoying. Keep Smiling!