Learn how to start your workshop on GoSocial

How to start a workshop?

The creator would require to log in from his/her account on the GoSocial web app. Once done, the creator will see a tab that will allow creators to start the session 15 minutes before the actual starting time of the workshop.

Once you click to start the workshop, you will be redirected to a new page to host the session. Please keep in mind to log out from your existing Zoom account on that particular browser before starting the workshop for a flawless experience. 

Log out from your Zoom account before starting the workshop.

In case of sudden dropouts due to the internet connection or any other technical issue, you and the participants can join the workshop back from the same link it was started. It is always advised to use high-speed, stable internet connection to minimize the interruption during the workshop.

In case you are unable to start your workshop, or re-join after dropout, you can also get in touch with your community manager. They will be able to efficiently guide you through the process.