How To Shoot Exciting Instagram Reels To Boost Growth?

Want to Shoot the Perfect Instagram Reel: 7 Basics To Remember

Instagram is a unique platform for getting maximum engagement and a considerable following through its broad users spread worldwide. 

Just like its other features, Instagram has recently exposed the world to the concept of Reels. Reels are short videos that allow users to share stories, add songs, features, etc. So, brainstorming ideas and churning content can be more fun and exciting through the Instagram feature of “Reels.”

A picture may speak a thousand words, but a professionally crafted reel will engage thousands of viewers.

Hence, it is essential to keep upgrading and applying different strategies in making reels noticed by as many people as possible. 

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It would be best to learn the basics of shooting a competent reel to make the most of your Instagram channel. Here are a few pointers to consider:

1. Capable Shooting Equipment:

The secret recipe to capture a crisp and flawless Instagram reel involves not compromising on the video quality. Choosing the best gear/device to shoot your reels is a pivotal investment to grow and engage. 

Here are a few gear recommendations:

  1. One of the most feasible and most commonly used approaches to shooting reels is through smartphones. Recently, the market has seen a surge in top-notch quality smartphones built with iconic features. An example of a “reel-essential” smartphone camera includes large sensors, good lens, and focus, high megapixels, good software, etc. 

Mentioned below are few smartphones brands suggestions that you can vouch and trust spending your wallet on: 

  • Apple iPhone 12
  • Google Pixel 
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G 

2. To upscale your video quality, a high-quality camera should make it to your “add to essential” list. Like Sony A6 300 or a DSLR, cameras should open doors for higher resolution, clarity, and no-hassle operating system.

2. Essential Attachments:

The list of “attachments” covers all the complementary tools required to enhance your content and double-size the quality experience of reeling. 

  1. Tripod: The struggle of making reels involves keeping your frame intact in one position. Adding a tripod to your wishlist would eliminate this hurdle and keep your content professional anywhere and anytime.
  2. Lens: The addition of the lens can set a benchmark for the quality you offer in terms of content. The lens can help bring in more light and create different focal lengths for versatile and quality shooting. 

3. Get The Lights!  

Figuring out your lighting is another step for making your reels stand out in terms of quality, appearance, and feelings. 

Here are two ways to bring “light” into your reels:

How To Shoot Instagram Reels To Boost Growth
  1. Natural lighting is the best lighting; the more light you get in your reel, the better; When it comes to natural lighting, the best time is to film is in the day, and the best place to put your set up is near the window. Start filming in the direction of your light source to avoid dark and hazy backgrounds.
  2. Ring Lights is another lighting option used by most content and video creators. With its feature to easily clip on your phone, it also has different light settings, making it easier for you to choose from your preference. A pro-tip for better lighting would be using natural and ring lights in combination. 

4. Angles Matter:

Instagram reels are a creativity hub; many options can present aesthetically and visually engaging reels. Making the most of different camera angle skills can give your reels perspective from various views and builds emotions into your viewers, making it enjoyable to consume. Here is a list of a few eye-catching angels you can incorporate into your reels: 

How To Shoot Instagram Reels To Boost Growth
  • Wide Angle 
  • Low Angle Cowboy Angle
  • Tight Angle 
  • Detailed Angle
  • Over-the-shoulder Angle 
  • High Angle

5. What Are They Not Looking At?

Having a good background is an underrated skill; it can decide your Reels’ aesthetic and visual outcome. While determining a background for your reels, make mental notes of having it clear, clean, and in focus. Try making it fit into your aesthetic and keep it professional. For example: If your reel is about fashion, try choosing a clean closet or hanging clothes background.

6. Transitions:

Including transitions is another way of keeping your video retention rates high. People like watching diversity or change, and the transition is a practical help to channel that in your content. Just like edits, they are fun to watch, appealing, and keep viewers glued. Typically, on Instagram Reels, this effect is widely used in showing off your dance moves, fashion wardrobe, etc. 

7. Sound:

Sound and vision stimulate each other to bring out the best experience; hence, an amalgamation of high-quality video and audio can bring out the WOW factor of your reels. Likewise, delivering a clear voice can affect your audience’s mind; hence incorporations of small mics; or microphones can help you shoot loud, clear, and crisp sounding reels.

In Conclusion:

Every day, Instagram reels are setting new ways of networking and reaching thousands of people through one social platform. The most notable factors about reels are trendy, relatively simple to create, and do not drain much energy and time. As long as you get your filmmaking basics right and hone your shooting skills, you will be out and about, making engaging, attractive content in no time. 

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