Record your GoSocial workshops by following these steps

How to record my GoSocial workshop?

GoSocial workshops are hosted on Zoom. As recording is a functionality available for Zoom hosts, the same will be extended to you as a creator or a workshop host, on GoSocial. You can also use other existing Zoom functionalities during the workshop.

To record your workshop, follow these steps:

  1. Start the meeting as a host. The link for this will be provided to you by the community team during the process of creating the workshop.
  2. Click the option to record.
  3. Select “record on this computer” from the menu. You will be able to see the following indicator (add buttons ss) while the recording is active.
  4. After the workshop, the recording will be converted for you to access at a later time.
  5. Once the conversion process is complete, the folder containing the recording files will open. By default, the video file is saved in the .MP4 format and the audio only file is saved in .M4A format.


  1. If you dropout mid-workshop, the recording file could become corrupt and non-recoverable.
  2. Don’t restart or shut down your computer. This may interrupt the conversion process.