Ways to Promote Your Online Workshop

How To Market/Promote Your Online Workshop?

Once you decide to host an online workshop, it becomes necessary to market it as well. Individual creators are good at creating and curating content, but marketing/promotion is not everyone’s forte. It is crucial to understand that promotion is as important as quality content creation.

Why is it Necessary to Market/Promote an Online Workshop?

More promotion means more attendance! Marketing may not always lead to instant earning but gives you more participation. Increased sign-ups amplify the content reach, and new people start recognizing the informative content you publish. If you are new to content creation, building a following and a community is crucial. Marketing of online workshops gives you a chance to get more eyeballs that converts into increased earnings with time.

How to Promote Virtual Workshops on Social Media?

Start by sharing the industry insights and informative content on social media. For promoting an online workshop, you require an audience that is ready to capture the content. The first step is to build a community of people on several social media platforms and then start promoting your future endeavours like online courses, workshops, ebooks, etc.

Ways to Promote Your Online Workshop

Let’s start with some popular platforms suitable for virtual workshop marketing:

Promotions on LinkedIn

If you are hosting an online event like virtual workshops related to any academic or professional topic, you cannot leave Linkedin while promoting it. LinkedIn has come up as a learning platform, and people look to grab informative content that could help them in their professional lives. To make the most of this social media platform, do the following exercises:

Make Linkedin Groups

Groups on LinkedIn work wonders if you add like-minded people there. You should update the group with insights about the coming workshop. You can share a list of modules, outline or any other aspect that sheds light on the content.

Make full use of Direct Messages

A direct message is tricky if you are sending it for the first time. Users who already know you, won’t mind a DM, but a new connection often terms it as spam. I would suggest not to jump to your workshop, rather start a conversation and pitch your workshop after 2-3 days.

Use the Network of your Friends

We all have some friends happy to share our work online. If you can ask them to post your workshop content on their Linkedin profile, your reach will increase multifold. 

Post Status

This is the most obvious way of promotion, but you should keep posting frequency in mind. Do not post about a workshop more than thrice a week. A good strategy is to announce that you are looking to offer something interesting, and announce the workshop once you make the ground for it. Once done, keep sharing insights along with the giveaway programs. Every LinkedIn connection must become aware that you are hosting an event beneficial for them.

Sponsored Posts through Linkedin Ads

You can sponsor LinkedIn posts and status updates to target individuals with a certain job title in a particular location or industry. If you want to execute this, utilize text ads or sponsored content. Mobile and desktop users will see your sponsored ads in their homepage feed. Yes, it will cost you some money but help you get instant eyeballs and registrations.

Use Twitter for more Traction

A global audience and high engagement rate on Twitter makes this a great social media platform for individual content creators to promote their online workshops and increase the number of registrations. 

Use Memes

Memes are engagement magnets! People love to laugh and look for relatable content. If you can make memes on trending topics and associate them with workshop content, it is the best strategy. Take up any trending topic, find a meme template, add content that relates and is funny. While doing that, you can pitch your workshop by stating the fun and informative part.

Share Informative Content

Here, you get a chance to build authority and come out as an individual with intellect. People on Twitter are looking for information to establish their careers and become expert in their fields. You should go out and become a knowledge source and then add a workshop for more content on similar lines.

Trend a Hashtag

A great hashtag can increase your chances of becoming a trending topic at your event. Be relevant, short, easy to remember and fun while choosing your hashtag. 

To make sure this hashtag is memorable, people who attend your virtual session will use it before, during, and after the workshop.

Instagram for the Younger Target Audience

Marketers target Instagram due to its demographics. If your audience is in the younger age group, promoting virtual workshops on Instagram becomes crucial. Hootsuite reports that the 25-34 age group has the majority of Instagram users. The 18-24 age group is next.


Instagram started as a photo-sharing platform and has ventured into other segments as well. Still, people love photos on Instagram if they are attractive, relatable and informative. Your task is to list down the aspects of your workshop and turn it into an infographic. If you are not into design, you can take the help of a platform like Canva to execute with ease.


Instagram allows users to record and edit short videos for up to 15 or 30 seconds. They are a combination of video clips with music and filters. You can share the reels with followers through stories and the explore feed. If you share your workshop content or an introductory clip, getting eyeballs would become easier.

If you have a public account, your reels reach more people. Once it appears in the Explore tab, IG puts you in front of users who don’t even follow you. Instagram targets users according to their content consumption patterns in Explore tab. If you are lucky, this could also make your workshop promotion content viral.

Collaborate with other Creators

Instagram has witnessed a high amount of collaborations due to the demographics and visibility of content on the platform. Mostly, creators go on a live session to talk about their content. You can ask other creators of your domain to promote the workshop by making reels, and you can help them in the future.

Ways To Market/Promote Your Online Workshop

Build your Website

This goes without saying that you need to have at least a website to establish your authority online. A website not only gets you leads but also becomes a one-stop destination for finding information about you. 

When you land in the feed of a user who is not aware of you, he/she looks online to get more information and decide on spending money. If you have created an attractive website with well-curated content, chances of conversion become higher. Here’s how you can optimize your website:

Landing Page

Virtual workshop marketing relies heavily on landing pages. While promotion, a landing page serves as a part of the website that aims to attract sales or lead generation.

Ways to Promote Your Online Workshop

When you optimize a landing page, you increase your chances of converting visitors. We optimize landing pages differently for every channel.

Sales Page

You can designate a webpage for listing down all the offerings. It should include your upcoming virtual workshops, online courses, ebooks and every other content. This page is different from landing pages as we mention every offering here, unlike landing pages where we perform specific targeting.


Blogs allow you to express yourself without any constraint. There is no limit to how much you can write and explore. I only suggest you follow your niche and stick to your domain for the best results.

Blogs do not always promote a virtual event like a workshop but help in content marketing. Say, you are hosting a workshop related to fitness and well-being. Now, you can write a long blog to talk about the ways people can work on their fitness and add a link to your workshop stating, ‘Join my workshop to get learn more about my fitness regime and diet.’ Blogs also help you rank higher on search engines when people search for the offerings like yours.


If you have spent time and effort on building a website, you should look to optimize it as well. Search engine optimization helps you become more visible when the users search for something related to your work. If someone is looking for a workshop and you have optimized the content accordingly, there’s a chance he/she will click and convert.

Start a Podcast

I do not suggest you start a podcast to promote an online workshop but do so build expertise. If you are creating podcasts, you get to talk about the online session with the listeners. It should never look forced, and the workshop must resemble the podcast topic.

Podcasts are a great way to keep in touch with the target audience and pitch the offering.

Offer Discounts and Giveaways

Discounts work as an incentive to register for the event and increase registrations to a large extent. Now, you have to decide on the channels and the modes of offering for encouraging people to share your workshop and also register. You can take a look at the following ways:

  • Give discounts to the first 50 users.
  • Provide personalized notes to a few who are the first ones to register.
  • Offer discounts on the upcoming workshops.
  • Keep the discounted price and use statement like ‘limited period offer.’

Go for Email Marketing

Emails are an efficient way to reach the target audience through their mailboxes. To start, you require access to an email list! Content creators need to work on this list to reap results in the longer run. Whenever you interact with someone on social media interested in the content, always ask for their email address. 

You can start a newsletter and share updates related to your upcoming virtual workshops, online course, ebooks etc. You should also provide readers with industry insights so that they acknowledge your subject matter expertise.

Once you create an email list, you can use it to reach people in your industry.

Leverage and Build an online community

The community-building process works as a catalyst for content creators because they develop a relationship outside of any marketing or promotional activity. Community members make word-of-mouth marketing possible for new offering like online workshops.

For community-building, you should share informative content on social media. You can also explore our community platform, GoSocial. It is one such community platform providing individual creators with the tools for efficient communication. You can create online courses, conduct workshops, go for live sessions, do private/group chat, implement discussion forums and a lot more using a single platform.

The community is always the first one to embrace the product. If you have an active community of like-minded people, then the promotion of an online workshop would become efficient.