How to make money online without any investment?

How to make money online without any investment?

Who doesn’t like to earn money? Earning money online without any investment is like gold dust. This is even more true in the current trying times when everyone has to remain at home due to successive lockdowns and a pandemic.   

With just a laptop/desktop and an internet connection, you can earn money online. However, you must be alert and aware of fraudsters who set up fake companies online and ask for money as an investment.  

Here are ten secure and safe ways of making money online without having to make any investment.  

How to make money online without any investment?

1. Start Blogging 

If you are passionate about writing and are good with words, you can start writing your own blogs. Your blogs can be anything. It can be a story that you would like to share or some information on any topic. As long as they are your words, there is no limitation at all.  

Many websites allow you to earn money with your blogs. Take Medium as an example. When you share your blogs on Medium, you earn money based on the time spent by viewers reading your blogs.  

To push your boundaries and sharpen your writing skills, you can challenge yourself with numerous writing challenges on our platform.   

2. Become a Freelancer  

The best part about becoming a freelancer is that you are your own boss. Freelancing allows you to work from any location and at any time according to your preferences.  

Freelancing isn’t limited to a single type of skill. You may either be skilled in web development, graphic designing, or digital marketing –  it does not matter. To get started, all you need are necessary and relevant skills.  

However, the downside to freelancing is that you have to find and get in touch with clients yourself. You can also set up a profile on freelancer platforms, like Fiverr and Upwork, but ensure that your profile is strong to connect with more clients. 

3. Start a Workshop 

Starting an online workshop is another way to earn money off your passion using your knowledge and skills. Again, you can choose any topic that you are skilled in and are comfortable talking about.  

Since people can attend the workshop from any location, it makes online learning more accessible. Also, with pandemics and social-distancing regulations, online workshops today have a clear advantage over physical ones.  

Platforms like GoSocial make it easy for you to create and host workshops on any topic of your interest. You can take a look at our blog that will help you plan an online seminar. You can also attend seminars on our platform to learn and develop new skills.  

4. Earn Through Affiliate Marketing  

Affiliate marketing is a zero-investment method of earning money online wherein you work with brands, businesses, and eCommerce platforms, like Amazon and Flipkart, to promote their products. If the sales of these products increase with your promotion, then you receive a commission on those sales.  

There are no restrictions to the method through which you promote the products. For example, you may post images and videos on social media or write up blogs and link the products. Of course, the better the promotion and marketing, the more money you earn.  

5. Become a Content Writer 

If you have an interest in writing but don’t want to start your own blogs, then there is another option for you. You can become a content writer! 

Many businesses and companies require the services of content writers to write blogs for their websites or describe the features of their products. Each article has a pre-set word limit, and you earn money according to that count.  

6. Conduct Online Courses 

Like workshops, conducting online courses and classes can be lucrative in the current times as e-learning has taken over the driver’s seat. In addition, creating online courses helps you share your knowledge with the world on a topic that you are passionate about.  

You can easily publish your content on platforms like Udemy and SkillShare that require zero investment.  

Need more help with getting started? Don’t worry! We have it all covered. Here are detailed guides that will help you createstructure, and price your online courses.  

7. Make Money on Social Media 

You can also make money through social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. For example, you can be an affiliate marketer on such platforms or earn money by publishing sponsored posts.  

Selling your products on these platforms is another method that you can follow. You can create shoppable posts and can also promote your product, including art and photographs. Participating in art and photography challenges and workshops can help you develop your skills and products.  

8. Earn Through Online Surveys 

Participating in online surveys is an easy and quick way of earning money. All you have to do is honestly answer the questions and provide feedback in a survey. These surveys are generally conducted by companies who need data for research or feedback for their products and services.  

Many websites provide survey forms. However, in the online industry, “more the merrier” isn’t always the case. You must ensure that you thoroughly screen the website along with its terms and conditions. For example, avoid working with websites that ask for an initial deposit.  

9. Start a Consultancy Services 

Becoming an online consultant is only possible if you have a lot of knowledge on a topic or field. You can then create your website and offer consultancy services to other people. If you don’t have the time to conduct workshops and online courses, becoming a consultant is another good way to use your knowledge to earn money.  

10. Make Money Through YouTube 

Did you know that the platform you use to stream hours of video content can help you earn money as well? Anybody with a YouTube account can make money by creating videos.  

When you sign up with YouTube, you can join the YouTube partner program and monetize your videos. You can also set up an AdSense account to earn money through ads.  


If you take a closer look at the different ways of earning money, you will find that each technique does require some investment. While you don’t have to invest any money in these methods, you have to invest your time and effort.  

Spending time and effort will help you understand your field and deliver quality and value to your clients and customers. Only then will you be able to earn money online.