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How To Learn Photography Online?

This is a shorter version. We’ll publish a comprehensive guide later with our learnings from working along with many experts while designing the photography challenges.

Photography is the art form of modern-day. It not only captures the moments but also expresses the emotion, feeling, or thoughts of the photographer. However, cameras are complicated, taking pictures has never been that much easier which it looks like. If proper photography guidelines are not followed, you won’t be able to capture what you have seen through your viewfinder and might end up getting frustrated. So, before worrying about becoming a pro, it is better that you learn the fundamentals, like exposure, aperture, composition, lighting, etc.

Many budding creators wonder how to learn photography online. Irrespective of what kind of photos you want to shoot, Landscapes, Nature, Weddings, Travel, or any other, you need to learn the basics of photography. Along with that, whatever you learn you need to put that into practice. GoSocial keeps on bringing the photography contests and challenges created by the experts. Participating in these challenges and contests not only keeps you in practice but also level up your skills.

So, if you have the passion and will to learn, you can learn the craft online. Here, we will be discussing how. Let’s begin!

Passion and Patience

Once you have developed a passion for something, you can learn it without the formality of going to the classroom. Also, you need to keep patience while learning. No one can become a pro snapper in a single day. Things take time. If any plan or something other is not working for you, you need to change the plan not your goal. So, remember the 2 Ps – Passion and Patience while learning photography.

Learn The Fundamentals

Before holding your gear, first, you need to learn some fundamentals of photography. Learn about your camera, its advantages, and its limitations. You need to understand how the camera works and other terminologies, like aperture, focus, shutter speed, ISO, exposure triangle, histogram, rule of thirds, shooting modes, and most importantly, types of photography. Once you have gone through the fundamentals, you are ready to move forward. Now, you can start capturing shots. Although you can keep shooting whatever you like, still it will be better if you choose your niche for specialization.


Till now, you know about 2 Ps – Passion and Patience. But, once you reach this point the 2 Ps actually become the 3 Ps – Passion, Patience, and Practice. If you want to be a professional or accomplished photographer, there is no alternative to practice. Keep in mind that nothing could help you more than your experience and experience comes with only practice. Irrespective of which photography tutorials you study, which school you go, or how many books or blogs you read, you will have to practice to unlock your snapping skills and style. So, carry your camera everywhere you go and keep shooting whatever you like.

Join Photography Community

You can join the community or forum of photographers. Doing this will help you in many ways like you will be able to see how others shoot, you can raise questions and get answers in the forum and you will always get the honest feedback for your shots. At the GoSocial app, you will find thousands of photographers. here, you can showcase your work and get appreciated in the form of rewards as well.

Draw Inspiration From Others

Once you have joined the photographer’s community and followed your favorite ones, then it’s time to draw inspiration from their work. Finding inspiration is very important as this guides you in your work and also clarifies your aesthetic. However, keep in mind that copying someone else’s work and getting inspired by their work are two different things. Follow your photography idols, check out their best shots as much as you can and immerse yourself in the photos you find interesting. In this way, you will be gradually developing your photographer’s eye.

Take Part In Photography Contest

While learning something, it becomes very difficult to know where we stand. Competitions are a great way with which we can get the best feedback for our work. So, in order to know your setbacks and keep learning, the best way is to keep participating in the contests. Join the GoSocial to participate in photography contests and challenges. Here, you will find the challenges on a regular basis and you can also win the prizes.

Expand Your Horizon

Once you have got the good command over the fundamentals of photography and you have started capturing the snaps, it’s time to expand your horizon instead of resting on your laurels and be content. Expanding your horizon means you need to continue your pursuit of learning photography skills by trying different things like if you mostly take the shots in one mode, try another one. If you spend more time on street photography, try your hand in nature photography. You don’t need to change your niche, it is just a way to develop different skills for example – trying low-light photography or nighttime photography will help you to understand the light better. Along with that, participate in different theme-based challenges and don’t be afraid of trying different genres of photography, it will definitely help you.

Go Through Your Old Photos

The best kind of evaluation is self-evaluation. Looking through your old photos is a great way to sharpen your skills. So, revisit your old photoshoots and recreate them with an expanded set of skills. This will also help you in doing your performance analysis and boosting your confidence to proceed further in the direction of becoming a professional photographer.

So, that’s a brief guide on how to learn photography online. Now, whenever you go out to shoot, continue to practice and refine your craft. As a result, you will see every time, it gets a little easier and you will succeed at taking some beautiful pictures in the time to come!