How to download Instagram story with music

How to download Instagram story with music: Step by Step Guide

Instagram stories are the craze of the millennials. Many influencers have created their own brand value with the help of Instagram stories. Even though you are not an influencer you will still want to share your pics and videos on Instagram stories for your close and loved ones to watch. 

Sometimes while creating Instagram stories, you may also want to download them. Maybe you want to share them on other platforms or just keep them in your gallery. Very few people know there are various ways and tools available for downloading your Instagram stories.

In this article, we will see how we can download an Instagram story with music with a step-by-step procedure. We will also look at some of the top tools that you can use to download your Instagram story with music and other Instagram content. 

Before we dig down into the download part, let’s first check how we can add music to our Instagram story.

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How to add music to your Instagram story?

Adding music to your instagram story is pretty easy. Follow the steps below to add music to your Instagram story.

  • Download the Instagram app, if you haven’t yet
  • Once done, at the top of the screen choose the stickers button and choose the music sticker.
How to download Instagram story with music
  • You will see an Instagram music library with thousands of songs to choose from. Select the song that you want to add to your Instagram story.
  • You can choose the part of the soundtrack that you like the most by fast-forwarding or rewinding your story.
  • You can also choose the sound limit – the max is 15 seconds
  • If the lyrics are available for your song then you will see them in your story. You can change the font style and size of the lyrics. When someone taps on the sticker they will be able to see the details of the music.
  • Now you are ready to post your story on instagram. Feel free to experiment with GIFs, polls, or even hashtags
  • Tap the “Your Story” button and this will post your story on Instagram.

Hurray! Now you know how to post a story with music. Let’s proceed with the different ways in which you can download your Instagram story with music. 

How to download Instagram story with music?

Well, to begin with, there are two prime methods to download Instagram stories.

  1. Using a website
  2. Using an app

Let’s explore both.

Download Instagram story with music using a website

There are a bunch of websites that you can use to download Instagram stories. A few of them are:

  • SaveFromNet
  • InstaSaveOnline
  • StorySaver

Let’s discuss the steps by which you can download your story with music using a story saver.

  • Open the Instagram app
  • Besides the story, you will find a three-dot icon, tap it. Copy the story link
  • Open on any browser – Chrome, Firefox, etc
  • Paste the Instagram story link and click the download button
  • Solve an interesting captcha
  • Sit and relax until your story downloads.

How to download an Instagram story with music using an app?

There are dozens of applications on the Google Play store that will help you to download Instagram applications. One such application is story saver.

Follow the below steps to download your story from the story saver app.

  • Open Google play store and download story saver for the Instagram app
  • Open the story saver app
  • Login to your Instagram account. You will see a number of stories.
  • Click on the story with the music that you want to download. 
  • Tap on the download icon.

That’s it! Your story will be downloaded in a few minutes. 

How to download Instagram story with music

How to download your instagram story with music on your iPhone?

  1. Open Safari and go to StorySaver to download your Instagram story
  2. Go to Instagram and tap on the “three dots” in the top right corner to copy the video URL
  3. Go back to Safari to and enter the Instagram story URL in the search box and hit Download
  4. Scroll down to see the story and hit “Save as video”
  5. Safari will ask if you want to download the video and will prompt you to press “Download”
  6. On your iPhone go to “Files > Downloads” and click on the story
  7. Tap on the bottom left corner icon and choose “Save Video,” and the video will appear in your “Photos” app

How to download Instagram story on Android Phone?

  1. Open Google Chrome and go to StorySaver
  2. Go to Instagram and tap on the “three dots” in the top right corner to copy the story URL
  3. Go back to Chrome to and enter the Instagram story URL in the search box and hit Download
  4. Scroll down to see the story and hit “Save as video”
  5. The Instagram story with music will get saved in your “Gallery app > Downloads”

There are some amazing Instagram downloaders that you can use other than Want to explore some? Let’s check them out.

Top Instagram videos downloader 


Inflact is a service that saves any Instagram picture. It is compatible with different devices, With this online app, you can download photos and videos to PC, Mac, Android, or iPhone. 

You just need to copy and paste the link, and you will automatically get photos or videos on the device that you are interested in. 

4K Stogram

4K Stogram is an app that enables you to download all your Instagram data. You can download photos by hashtag, username, or location. There are some more great features of 4K like it allows you to store Instagram highlights and stories. It allows you to see the Instagram feed of other people with ease. It enables you to backup your Instagram account. With 4K you can save Instagram posts by date.

Hashtags for Likes

Hashtags is a web-based Instagram Downloader. It is a simple and feature-rich tool that  helps you in downloading your Instagram story with music in an easy way. Again, you just need to copy and paste the story URL to download it. The simple and enchanting user interface of this tool makes it highly popular amongst the masses. 


If you are looking for a mass story downloader then Qoob software can be very helpful to you. Qoob allows you to add new posts and Instagram stories which are saved to your computer automatically. It helps you to transfer the Instagram posts you were tagged in directly to your computer. You can also move the posts that you have bookmarked on Instagram to your computer. Qoob also helps you get Instagram regular posts downloaded in high-quality and popular formats. If you want to download selective Instagram content then qoob will make a great choice. 

Free Instagram Download

Free Instagram Download is easy to use Windows app for downloading Instagram videos and snapshots. If you are looking to have a collection of your Instagram stories on your Windows PC then you must give the Free Instagram Download tool a chance. 

There are some great advantages of the Free Instagram Download tool like you can easily download single videos. This Instagram post downloader app allows you to save photos. You can also download entire users’ channels. If you want to name the downloaded file you can easily customize the name. The Free Instagram download tool also allows you to work via proxy servers and VPNs.

FastSave for Instagram

FastSave is an Android app to save photos and videos from Instagram. This app has more than 10 Million downloads. It is one of the best Instagram downloader apps that helps you to save Instagram photos and videos to your Android base mobile or tablet devices. The reason behind its popularity is some of the amazing features that this app has for its audience. 

These include a quick view of the collected stories in a bar at the top of the main screen. Easy access to full details of users by using a long press on saved photos and videos. Super-fast download speed for quick downloaded videos. Its amazing dashboard helps you to manage saved photos and videos quickly and easily. You can repost, share, and delete photos and videos. Additionally, if you want to hide your saved photos and videos that is possible too!


Instaoffline is a web app for downloading Instagram photos, videos, IGTV online, and saving them for offline use. This tool also has some great features that can come in handy. These include downloading photos and videos from Instagram without any limitations. This Instagram saver is easy to use website with no installation needs. It is one of the best apps to download Instagram stories which helps encrypt and secure your connection and protect your privacy while browsing. This IG video downloader app works on any device like a tablet, PC,  smartphone, etc.

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So, as you see we have different available tools that you can use to download your Instagram story with music. You can choose whatever you want as per your basic needs. Mostly majority of the tools will have the same steps to follow as we saw above with story saver. That is, copying the story URL, paste it into the tool, and tapping the Download button. You might also be interested in another article on the same grounds – How to save instagram story with music in the gallery?

Hope this article helped. Keep posting on Instagram and entertaining your audience! Don’t forget to read other grabbing blogs on GoSocial to expand your creativity.