How to do personal branding on social media

How to do Personal Branding on Social Media?

Social media is no longer just a platform to share and connect with people. It has become a personal branding platform for most of us. Several individuals, creators and professionals are using social media for building a personal brand to earn recognition and trust.

What is Personal Branding on Social Media?

When you share your experiences and expertise on social media platforms to build a reputation, it is personal branding on social media. During the process, you get to build authority by being more visible as people start recognizing your persona. 

Personal branding on social media is a whole process that demands making connections with industry people and being on top of your content all the time.

Why are Social Media Platforms suitable for Personal Branding?

It is a no-brainer that social media has a huge base of an audience ready to consume content and distribute it organically. Other than this, social media platforms give you a chance to share content in several different forms, and you have a variety of platforms to choose from.

Every brand, every community, and most individuals are now using social media platforms either to share or consume content. This creates an opportunity for you to create a personal brand that will stay with you forever.

How to do Personal Branding on Social Media?

Personal branding on social media requires you to be consistent with your content creation and engage regularly with the people in your network. 

There are no real hacks! You need to put in efforts to make your social media grow. Individuals dedicate a substantial amount of time to this activity and get immeasurable returns through this exercise.

Let’s go through some ways of personal branding on social media so that your account can grow quickly.

Pick your Niche

This decision is the most important and hence comes at the first position in our list. A relevant niche is necessary to develop a brand image that could go a long way. People connect with a person for a specific reason, and that reason must be visible effortlessly.

When you pick a niche, you build your personal brand as an expert in that arena, and people expect you to share valuable information they could use in their careers.

Deviating from the niche or talking about anything/everything doesn’t make you a “no it all” person but certainly hinders brand building.

It is always advisable to talk about only two or three subjects related to your niche. Even if you want to go for any moment marketing or talk about a trend, it is best to associate it with the selected niche.

Choose a Social Media Platform

There are a handful of social media platforms available to build a personal brand. You can choose amongst the popular platforms or go with a new platform. The thing that matters is your audience. You need to answer this question, is your audience present on that social media platform? If the answer is yes, go for that platform.

You must give 100% of your attention to the social media platform you choose. The best way to grow your social media platforms is to focus on one at a time. 

Every platform demands different types of content, which could be difficult to create at the same time. Additionally, you also require to engage with people and doing that for multiple platforms would demand a tremendous amount of time.

Do some Research

Every brand does some market research before hitting the market, and they keep doing it without fail forever. In the same way, personal brands also require research to understand the audience, demand, the type of content that works, strengths and weaknesses.

This research will help you save a lot of effort as your strategy would be directed towards a decided target market that would respond to your messaging efficiently.

You don’t necessarily need to learn from your mistakes to grow. By doing some research, you will avoid several common mistakes and grow faster than others.

Come up with a Goal

The research phase lets you come up with certain goals of the personal branding exercise. This setting up of goals is crucial to direct your efforts towards the result you are expecting. 

The goals are different for everywhere, you could have one of the multiple goals like the mentioned below:

  1. Building authority
  2. Informing others
  3. Getting funds for startups
  4. Finding freelance Gigs
  5. New job opportunity
  6. Being just visible

If you have the goals in mind while creating content and engaging with the users, you will get better results. Just posting random content without a goal could confuse your audience about your approach and personality.

Update your Account Regularly

Once you are ready with your planning and research for social media, you can go ahead and start executing the plans. This starts with updating your social media account and making it complete according to the general standards.

A few aspects that should be updated are:

  • About section/Bio
  • Profile picture/Display Picture
  • Header/Cover Photo
  • Job title/College

These aspects depend a lot on a platform. You should make sure your profile is complete without any blank sections in your profile. Complete profiles have a positive characteristic that prevents you from looking like a beginner.

Position yourself as an Expert

Once you update your profile, you can start focusing on your content and the type of profile you want to build. For building a personal brand on social media, you have to keep on positioning yourself as the person with expertise.

You do not have to say it out loud but create content as the experts do. Experts create content that could help beginners in that field. Mostly, they focus on basics and guide people to get better in the industry they wish to grow.

People look up to the experts and seek guidance at several stages. This will give you a chance to come out as someone who knows how to get the work done. More practical content is necessary to make an impact in someone’s life.

Be Consistent

Consistency takes you to heights that nothing else can. If you are determined to turn up every day, create content and engage with the people in your network, you are bound to get some exciting results.

Being consistent does not mean being available all the time on the platform but staying visible and anticipated so that people remember you.

Consistency leads to better connections with your network. No one wants to engage with a person visible once in a while and is not approachable due to the same reason.

Collaborate with other Accounts

It is not always possible to grow on your own. After a point, the growth starts to slow down as the content becomes redundant or obvious. Once you reach this stage, collaborate with some other account of a similar industry to create content and make an impact.

How to do personal branding on social media

Collaboration fuels interactions, and it creates a human connection required for conversations to happen. You can go for a live session and do AMA(Ask me anything) to help others. During collaborations, you can also discuss the future of the industry and current problems. 

After the collaboration, you will get access to many new followers and users who were not aware of your content and expertise.

Help others Grow

A personal brand is built when you make an impact in the lives of people. It’s when someone benefits from what you offer and that’s reflected in his/her career.

Mostly, you help others by sharing informational content that is specific to your industry. Many creators even help people in DM to clear their doubts or suggest something fruitful.

You should have a personality of a helping and kind person, otherwise creating a human connection would become an uphill task. If you are a helpful person, people in your network will promote your products and services with conviction.

Start some Paid Offerings

Once you get some traction on your account and people start to recognize your work, you should look to monetize that traffic. It will not only earn you good money but will also help in building your authority.

When you come up with paid offerings and people pay to connect with you, they focus more on content and have positive takeaways. A paid offering always attracts more attention since people want to get value for their money. This makes people connect with the creator.

If you have the expertise, you can host workshops, create Ebooks etc. on several platforms. This activity also contributes to the community building exercise that is crucial to building a personal brand. 

GoSocial is one such community platform providing creators with the tools for efficient communication. You can create online courses, conduct workshops, go for live sessions, do private/group chat, implement discussion forums and a lot more using a single platform.

Share your Personal Side

I have talked a lot about sharing expertise and coming up with informational content. Yes, it is required to build an audience, but you have to connect with people by showing your human side as well.

Humans respond to humans, and no one is interested in consuming the robotic content. It is advised to have a mix of personalised and informative content so that people resonate with an expert human.

You can share your opinion about certain topics and share what’s happening in your life. Usually, personalised sharing revolves around your likes, dislikes, beliefs, and breaking stereotypes that mean something to you.

Engage with People

Personal branding requires you to do a lot more than posting regularly on social media accounts. As a personal brand, you should engage with the other accounts active on social media similar to your niche/industry.

Every social media algorithm encourages people to engage more with the people by commenting, liking and even talking to people in DM. You are rewarded if you start doing this regularly. More people start to see your profile and updates on their feeds increasing the engagement on your posts.

Engagement is the only organic way to regularly increase reach in this online world. If you comment on someone’s post, they comment on yours, and every algorithm is based on this concept.