How to create social media Calendar

How to Create Social Media Calendar with ease? Tips & Tricks

Being a content creator, the development of content and that too consistently requires you to follow a plan. The planning process starts when you create social media calendar that helps you stay on track all the time. This also makes creating/publishing content online easier for the creators.

What is a Social Media Content Calendar?

A social media calendar could be a tool, an excel sheet or even a piece of paper that allows you to write down tasks and organize them so that you can post content and analyze your performance systematically.

Content creators can visually plan their content with a social media calendar. Essentially, it is a tool for realizing when and how content is shared.

Benefits of Creating a Social Media Calendar

If you want to remain consistent and follow your process without fail, you should invest in Social Media Calendars. It comes with several benefits, some of which are listed below.

  • Aligns every post/tweet with your brand narrative
  • Content marketing campaigns are effectively mapped.
  • Collaboration becomes easier
  • You can analyse and experiment effectively.

More than anything else, a calendar will put you in a better frame of mind to implement your plans as everything would be visually available.

How to Create Social Media calendar?

Define your goals

To determine the right channel and format, you must be aware of your goals. It is important to know if you are creating content to generate leads, get referrals, gain visibility or increase the number of followers?

How to Create a Social Media calendar

Publishing goals impact what, when, and where you publish content. You must understand the goals before the content planning phase. Aimlessly publishing content does not help your personal brand, it only wastes resources. 

Analyze your already Published content Online

If you are new to content creation, social media may not offer a lot to analyze. If you are continuously creating content, it would be best to evaluate and decide which content is most effective.

While creating a social media calendar, you should only include the content producing results rather than overburdening it with anything and everything. The same will help you in creating a calendar quickly and effectively.

While analysing, you should also include your tone of voice, USP, and other factors to know if you are following the set parameters or not.

Make an Event Calendar

Content creators should be following trends and creating content that aligns with the modern world. In case you don’t do that, you will lose out on getting traction and your audience will start consuming other creators’ content. 

It becomes crucial to list down the events in line with your ultimate goal. This will help you not to miss out on any of the important events.

Regardless of your campaigns, you should remember to consider events that are happening around the globe that are of interest to your audience. Plan your content for the event day and schedule it accordingly.

Create Content Buckets

If you are a creator, you will have a certain niche or area of content creation. Still, there will be some content types you wish to experiment with. 

You can categorize those content types in content buckets and post them according to your plan. Later you can analyse the response and play with the content accordingly.

Regardless of your niche, your content buckets will help you keep things interesting by varying your content.

Make sure your content is balanced and don’t rely too heavily on just one subject. To succeed in content creation, regular analysis and experimentation are key.

Prioritise Tasks

You may plan several posts but end up posting nothing due to lack of time, resources, motivation or any other reason. To minimize the effect of these situations on your goals, you should always prioritize tasks for that particular day, week, month etc. according to your plan.

Let’s say you are planning to post about an event like Photography day and also wish to post a photograph you recently edited. You can assign priority to these tasks in your social media calendar and work on the high priority task first.

The same should be mentioned explicitly in your social media calendar to implement this. It will also help you keep track of the posts you missed so that you can work on them in the coming days.

Use Social Media Calendar Tools

For optimizing your content creation and publishing tasks, you can rely on Calendar tools. Most of the time, you don’t have to go out and buy a fancy subscription. There are several free tools you can use to accomplish your goals.

There are many Social Media Calendar tools available in the market but I would recommend you to choose between the following 3 or a combination of them.

1. Google Drive 

Google Drive is a lot more than a cloud storage service by Google. It comes with endless collaboration tools that can help you manage your tasks efficiently. Google Sheets also allows marketers to schedule tweets and posts on social media, track posts on various platforms, and assign tasks directly from their calendars.

2. Notion

Creators use Notion for several different purposes and the same could be utilized as a Social Media Calendar as well. You can assign tasks to team members and the same goes for push notifications on the Mobile App. You can easily categorize tasks and analyze your content buckets using Notion. It also allows you to store content at a single location.

3. Trello

Trello is similar to Notion but allows you to make Trello boards that help in visualizing the content and approach of social media. There are several lists to a Trello board, along with a lot of cards attached. Trello also boasts a lot of powerful features and automation. Trello is great for organizing tasks and content if you want a visual user interface.

Use Social media Publishing Tools

If you’re using social media publishing tools, you can upload content in bulk. Also, you can repurpose the content by publishing it on multiple platforms at once. Therefore, you could write a post in a specific format and the tool will read and schedule it all at once instead of having to do it one at a time. Typically, these documents are formatted as .CSV files.

Ideally, you should develop a social media calendar that is exportable in CSV format so that you can bulk upload it.

One CSV file simplifies your processes and saves you time. You can use tools such as Buffer and Hootsuite for web publishing.

Use Social Media Calendar Templates

A calendar can make your life easier but if you get a template with all the required attributes pre-filled, wouldn’t it be great? You can Google for calendar templates and you will find tons of templates for free. Below is the screenshot of one of the Social Media Calendar Templates.

How to Create a Social Media calendar

You can use this Calendar template by Small Business Trends to easily optimize your content publishing goals and create social media calendar.


You can easily create social media calendar if you follow these steps. The objective is to streamline your social media posts and follow an organized approach to content creation. 

Social media calendars help you achieve the required consistency and also assist you in analyzing the performance of your activities online.

I hope, I answered your question, how to create social media calendar, well. If you are into personal branding on Social Media, you can read our detailed blog on the same as well.