Click Stock Photos that Sell

How to Click Stock Photos that Sell? (Stock Photography Tips)

If you are a photographer or looking to be one, monetizing your photography skill is crucial. Yes, there are ways to earn money through photoshoots and similar arrangements, but that demands networking and reaching out to people. So you need to go online for selling photos and make money. 

Now, the question comes, How to click stock photos that sell? You have to meet the quality standards of stock-photography websites and capture unique photographs to get paid for your photography skills online. Also, you should click photos related to in-demand niches for a better chance of selling your photographs online.

Let’s learn about some ways to click stock photos that sell:

How to Click stock Photos that sell?

Selling online requires outstanding photography according to the buyer’s requirements irrespective of the website. Your image buyers use photos to convert visitors and generate income. Your task is to help them do this.

Your photos should always speak “more than a thousand words”. Despite high-quality photos, your stock photography won’t appeal to buyers unless you understand this.

Research and Choose a Specific niche of Photography

It is best to master a single niche first and then jump on to other genres. Juggling between several areas to earn more money won’t let you take sell worthy photographs at the initial stages.

Keyword research related to Cryptocurrency

To get started:

  • Find a niche that interests you. 
  • Find the most searched phrases by conducting keyword research
  • Take a look at the categories where marketers will struggle to find unique stock images. 
  • Look for subcategories that have both high demand and revenue potential within these niches. 

If you choose a niche or genre, make sure it is not too broad or too narrow. It is important to strike a balance based on demand to avoid falling prey to high competition or no buyers.

I will not suggest you not stick to a single niche all the time. Once you start generating a stream of income and master your primary niche, you can explore more opportunities.

While having a niche can give you a direction and a target audience, it can also lead to a creative block due to the similarity in the pictures.

Having a separate portfolio of stock images for each niche will help you scale your photography endeavour.

Follow the Trends

Emerging trends like cryptocurrency, creator economy, AR/VR, Artificial Learning, don’t have much stock photography online as compared to other evergreen subjects. This gives you a chance to tap into this market and make a fruitful living by selling photos online. 

With time, many niche subjects will start becoming mainstream, and the demand will skyrocket. You have to keep a track of these trends and click photos around these subjects.

Analysing Google Trends

If you’re thinking about analyzing the trends, Google Trends is always a good source for finding out what’s trending. 

You can also do social media listening to know what people are talking about and comprehend what may become a profitable niche in the coming time.

Go for real Applications, not the Aesthetics

As a photographer looking to click stock photos that sell, you should not treat the online space as a photo gallery. It’s a store where people wish to buy photographs that complement their products and services. 

The photo should appeal to the marketers as well as to the eye. You should understand, your buyer will not be the end customer of this photograph. Stock photographs are always used to sell products/services or generate leads.

Click Stock Photos that Sell

Every day, thousands of people purchase photos online. It is crucial to understand that designers, marketers, and bloggers buy these photos to generate revenue and not use them as wallpapers.

Usually, photos go on the landing page of the website, an online ad, emails or anywhere else where marketing takes place.

Knowing this application well will help you click stock photos that sell with ease.

Work on your Pre-shoot

Even a photo of a dusty object shot perfectly will still be a photo of a messy subject. Get your items ready for photography before you even look at the camera. Try wiping them down with a soft cloth. Use a wet towel or screen wipe to clean fingerprints or grease stains. 

Click Stock Photos that Sell

It’s the setting you use before taking the photograph that determines the outcome. If you believe that you can make the corrections during the editing process, you are mistaken.

Make sure that no distractions or untidy stuff are lying that doesn’t compliment your photo storytelling. Your final photos will be better if you put more effort into them before the shoot.

Decide the type of Setting for your Photography

You should familiarize yourself with lighting before taking stock photographs outdoors or in a studio. Photographers are all about finding the perfect light for every occasion.

Click Stock Photos that Sell

Let’s briefly discuss two major photograph settings:

Hard Lighting 

Shadows and light are more contrasted in hard lighting. Shadows appear more distinct and strong in hard light. In certain situations, you can use this method to take active product photos and add drama to your picture.

Soft Lighting 

Using soft lighting, an object is lit from all directions, creating a delicate, halo-like effect. As a result, all the details of the product will be highlighted, and any harsh shadows will be eliminated. When you take three-dimensional photographs, this is especially important.

In product photography, soft lighting is most commonly used, but in some instances, photographers also rely on hard photography. You have to experiment with your photographs to find your perfect setting.

If you are looking to capture photos in low light or dark, you can read our detailed guide on Low light photography tips.

Go for a Single Subject rather than Group Photographs

You should look at single shots when selling your photos online, as group shots do not get much traction from marketers. This is because group shots distract from the main subject and makes focusing difficult.

You can always think of group shots if you are targeting a niche such as friendship or communities. In other cases where niche doesn’t demand group shots, you should rely on single shots for selling.

Single shots are intended to capture the personality and mood of an individual. You can choose full-body shots or close-ups of candid or posed subjects. No matter what, the subject should be in focus. 

When shooting a single subject, tone and emotion are conveyed more effectively by lighting and backgrounds.

Click maximum Candid Photographs

Photographs are purchased online so that companies can sell their products/services. People are not going to buy something that has a forced or staged photo. 

Also, consumers are hesitant of sharing photos that look completely polished. The only thing that will convince them is authenticity.

Click Stock Photos that Sell

Images of someone being themselves are better than those taken (appearing) in a studio. The purpose of candid photos is to capture authentic moments rather than staged ones. Sometimes, it’s not about taking the most attractive photos, but rather about capturing the essence of the moment. 

Make your Photos narrate a Story

There is a story behind every photograph. This cannot be achieved by only looking at the product/primary subject and ignoring everything else around you. 

Consider not just the object, but the entire area around it to build a story. Selling your photos online is easier if you can appeal to the marketers with an experience they can transfer to their customers.

Let’s say you are clicking a picture related to happy feelings. Marketers will be targeting joy in their products and looking for some photographs that entice delight. As a photographer, you should capture the surroundings that bring happiness and use props to make the sentiments visible.

Click Stock Photos that Sell

If you can deliver the marketer’s message through your photography, your online photos will start selling exponentially.

Don’t rely on Editing Photos

In other words, don’t overedit your photos. Having said that, a little cropping or fixing brightness is harmless. It’s important to show buyers the real subject, not fake elements and made-up features.

Also, editing a lot degrades the quality of photos, and you end up selling something artificial that won’t appeal to the end customers.

Sometimes, editing becomes important to highlight the factors of the photographs, make sure your photos should not look edited even to a small extent.


The best photo is the one determined by the end customer. Even if it doesn’t cover many elements but conveys a feeling or a message, you win as a photographer.

In the beginning, photographers think of capturing the most aesthetically pleasing photos but fail to understand the buyer’s proposition and applications. You should also look at what’s in demand and what type of photos make the consumer buy the product. The constant analysis will make you a great stock photographer who earns a fortune by selling photos online.