How to Become a Travel Blogger and Make Money Online

How to Become a Travel Blogger and Make Money Online?

Looking to Earn Money Through Travel Blogging? Here’s How

If travel allows you to broaden your horizons, a travel blog will enable you to share your experiences with the whole world. The icing on the cake is that a travel blog allows you to earn money as well. However, not every travel blog is created equal, and not every blog can draw in the capital. So what does it take to become a travel blogger who can spin a money-making tale? Here’s all that you need to know:

1. Pick a Niche

Are you aware that there are about 1.7 billion websites globally, and they account for more than 500 million blogs? Every day, nearly 2 million blog posts are published on the internet. Of course, all this data isn’t about travel-related blogs alone. But travel blogs do contribute a lot to these overall figures.

In other words, the world of travel blogging is a vast space. If you want to stand out in this space, you need to narrow it down and pick your niche. This means you need to cater to a specific segment of travel blogging. So focus on your interests and strengths to find your place.

Some examples of travel niches are as follows:

  • Solo travel
  • Travel with a pet
  • Luxury adventure travel
  • Van life travel
  • Budget family travel
  • Travel in a specific country
  • Offbeat travel adventures

Once you pick your niche, you can then work towards becoming an authority in that segment. In essence, this is what you need to work on when blogging on anything.

2. Build Your Blog

To be a travel blogger, you need to create a blog. For this, you will need a blog name, a domain name, and a web host. First, select a unique blog name, easy to remember and fits your personality and niche. Then register your domain name, which is the permanent address of your blog on the internet. Next, choose the right host and set up your hosting. Hosting refers to the online service using which you can publish your website on the internet.

How to Become a Travel Blogger and Make Money Online

After this, you will have to install WordPress and set up your website. WordPress is free software that serves as a website creation platform. Setting up your website means designing the final look of your travel blog. At this stage, your blog will be ready for publishing your travel adventures.

3. Create Smart Content

With so many travel blogs out there, why should people come and read your blog? This is the question that you need to answer. The best way to beat the competition is to come up with intelligent content. If you provide your readers with helpful content, they will come back to your blog for more.

How to Become a Travel Blogger and Make Money Online

You can start with budget travel tips, photography accessories, local food recommendations, etc. It can be anything related to your niche but about which your readers must be eager to know. As they say, content is king!

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4. Document Your Travel

To be able to create great content, you need to convey the essence of your experiences. When you travel, you may have many unforgettable experiences. While you may remember the main points, the details may fade from your memory. The random people you meet, the sights and sounds of a place, the feeling of euphoria, the slices of everyday life: all such things can make your content stand out and convey your experience to your readers.

Here are a few tips to capture the details of your travel experiences:  

  • Use the notes section of your smartphone to note down details, such as the name of a quirky coffee shop or a street food item about which you may want to tell your readers.
  • Make use of a paper journal to document everything daily.
  • Do a photo series capturing the mood of a place.
  • Create a video montage of a destination using your smartphone, a GoPro camera, or any other camera.

5. Grow an Audience

It’s not enough to create great content. You also need to increase your blog’s visibility on the internet. This is where SEO comes into the picture. Have you ever wondered how some blogs appear on the first page of your Google search and some lag behind? SEO has a significant role to play in that.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the digital marketing strategy to improve your blog’s presence on search engines and grow an audience. The higher your blog ranks on the search engines, the higher your chances of getting targeted visitors.

6. Promote Your Posts

When it comes to blogging, social media platforms can help to spread the word and make people aware of your blog posts. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube are a few of the popular social media platforms that you can use to reach out to your targeted audience.

However, it is essential to remember that each of these platforms caters to a different audience. Therefore, the same blog may not get the same response on all the media. Consequently, you will have to do some research to develop specific strategies for posting your blogs on each platform.   

7. Opt For Advertising

There are quite a few ways of monetizing your blog through advertising. Contextual advertising is one of them. It is the type of advertising that gets Google Ads on your site. Direct advertising or selling ad space is another way to earn through your blog. This form of advertising is more suitable when you have a high traffic volume on your site, maybe about 1000 or more daily visitors.

Note that in contextual advertising, you get just a part of the advertising income as your commission. In direct advertising, you can keep the total amount to yourself. So, once you grow your audience, direct advertising can be a more profitable option.      

8. Consider Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a way of earning passive income through your blog. In affiliate marketing, you need to place affiliate links in your blog posts. Then, when your visitors click on that link, you earn a small commission. This income method works well when you have a large number of people visiting your blog every day. The plus point is that it requires no effort once you post the blog and set up the link.  

You can combine this form of income with contextual or direct advertisements. In addition, plenty of affiliate programs exist these days that can enable you to earn money through your blog.

9. Other Income Sources

When it comes to monetizing your blog, you can consider several other options to grow your audience and your income. Some of them are as follows:

  • Write guest posts on other blogs that are high in popularity and have enormous audiences. You can build credibility and draw traffic through such posts.
  • Build an email list of your subscribers. Emails to your subscribers can help draw in quality traffic every time you post something new.
  • Expand your professional network by collaborating with other travel bloggers. The idea is to create partnerships that can be beneficial to both parties.
How to Become a Travel Blogger and Make Money Online

  • Sell digital products, such as ebooks or travel guides. This can be a profitable option if you travel a lot and have been to various countries.
  • Run a sponsored competition. It is a smart way to generate buzz on social media and draw in new followers for your blog.

To Wrap Up:

Successful travel blogging requires time and hard work, but it is worth the effort. If you want to quicken the process and sharpen your skills, you can learn the tips and tricks of the trade at the live interactive workshops on GoSocial. You also get to learn from your favorite creators on the platform and in the company of like-minded bloggers. So, if travel blogging is on your mind, head off to GoSocial workshops now!