how to become a content creator

How To Become A Content Creator: A Beginners Guide

Content creators are the celebrities of today. But, as dreamy as it may sound, becoming a content creator needs a lot of hard work and a whole new level of planning and strategizing. But, thanks to the new age of blogging, we have it simplified into easily understandable steps made for content creators who are just beginning.

So, are you wondering how to become a content creator? Read ahead. Learn with the content creation and distribution tips from scratch and become the icon of tomorrow.

New To Content Creation? Try This Beginner’s Guide

STEP 1: Choose Your Genre

Before you browse “how to become a content creator,” think about why you are becoming a content creator. Analyze your strength. Choose your field and pick the genre that best suits you. For example, if you are good at cooking, try defining your potential with “5-minute recipes” and create your identity in this direction.

A quick tip: Read a lot about the current trends and choose a genre that best responds to today’s netizens.

STEP 2: Define Your Target Audience

Content is not more than words without the right audience. Growth is guaranteed when you understand your audience and target the groups that could best use your content.

Most people who know how to become content creators may also miss out on this vital step. Progress along the right path and analyze the audience for whom you make the content: their likes and dislikes, time spent online, frequently used online portals, most browsed ideas or tips, etc.

A quick tip: If your genre matches with that of an already successful content creator, pick your target groups from there and customize them according to your content.

STEP 3: Find Your Platform

We live in an era that has come a long way from the age of YouTubers to the age of Instagrammers, tik-tokers, bloggers, etc. Now is when content is distinguished yet co-existing in the digital zone. But remember, you’ll never figure out how to become a content creator if you aren’t focused.

Choose the platform that best works for your type of content and smartly showcase your creativity. For example, choose blogging if you write well, go for tweets if you are great with shorter snippets, try Spotify if you are into podcasts, or do cross-platform content with Youtube and Instagram for cooking, etc.

how to become a content creator

A quick tip: Start with a single platform and try cross-platform content only after you’ve passed the beginner stage. This helps you grow organically.

STEP 4: Plan Your Schedule

Today’s apps and other digital platforms play with algorithms that have a thing for activity, so it is crucial to post content regularly. Plan your content schedule before and stick to the plan. The more you post, the more people get to see your content pop up on their feed.

A quick tip: Hit the right dates. Target the holidays and festivals as they create more buzz. You can also plan separate content for weekdays and weekends, keeping in mind the increased activity.

STEP 5: Look for Engagement to GROW!

We all know that a ‘good’ content creator is the one who listens to the audience, but a ‘great’ content creator is the one who interacts with them! Make your fans feel welcome by answering their queries in comments.

Have a friendly social image, and you’ll already be able to guide others along with your content creation journey. Sharing and inspiring is yet another underrated growth tip in this subject.

A quick tip: You can also take suggestions from your audience by interacting with them. Try “ask me a question” on Instagram, “polls” on Facebook, or a simple “share your suggestions for my next video” clip on Youtube. 

Content Creation and Distribution Tips:

Once you have followed the steps to significant growth as a content creator, you’ll realize that you will always need more. Remember that the game hasn’t started yet.

It is not about becoming a content creator anymore; it is about how you can sustain yourself as one. This sustenance needs a little hard work and a lot of smart work. Follow these top content creation and distribution tips to become a content creator who is ready to hustle.

TIP 1: Keep Yourself Updated

Before you break your head on becoming a content creator, see what is happening around you. Keep an eye out for current trends and update your content periodically. Read the news, compare with your competitors and follow all the trending hashtags. Then, you’ll be good to go.

TIP 2: Pick A Content Guru

No one will tell you how to become a content creator. They’ll show it. That’s how we find our content guru.  A content guru is someone who inspires us and directs us along our field of choice.

They may be already experienced in your genre, someone who has reached great heights in the world of content. You can follow them closely across media handles and set milestones from their journey!

TIP 3: Find Trending Apps

Your content will reach your audience only when sent through proper channels. From blogs to apps, we have everything made for the content creators of every field.

You also require personal branding to grow as a creator, if you want some tips related to personal branding on Social Media, read our blog on the same.

Make a list of the trending mobile applications and find your way around them. Try your hands on both Android and iOS apps and keep updating them to get the newest features. Knowing the right apps is crucial in helping you become a content creator.

TIP 4: Recognize Your Unique Voice

A good content creator has their voice heard. They also have a voice of a community of creators from behind them. Being in the right network helps you get into the depth of the field, the unique trends, tips, and even opportunities. You can also get to learn and grow with exclusive workshops, collaborations, and more. 

Content creation is still an under-researched field even though it has achieved widespread popularity in India. You need to have grit, determination, and a spirit of learning to make it in this atypical domain. Are you ready to create your own content? Begin now.

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