Learn how to host your workshop on GoSocial

How can I host my workshop on GoSocial?

Why should I host my workshop on GoSocial?

After introducing a high-tech online workshop hosting platform, GoSocial has made online workshop facilitation smooth and exciting. With our ever-growing userbase, you get immense opportunities to showcase your expertise and monetize your passion through online Workshops, online courses and vertical communities.

GoSocial will provide the following benefits to creators:

Community Building Platform

We are working with hundreds of creators and users to foster vertical communities in GoSocial. Vertical communities are niche-focused, promoting healthy and directional conversations that help every community member grow. In the community, creators can encourage interaction through discussions forums, group chat, newsletters, one-on-one mentorship and a lot more.

You can easily moderate your communities on GoSocial for maintaining a highly focused and healthy environment.

Live & Interactive Workshop Hosting Platform

Creators can host online workshops and make them highly interactive using our suite of tools built to facilitate workshop hosting. You can make complete use of the platform with AMA, QnA, and other interactive activities.

Content Creation Training & Assistance

We believe that every user should consume top-notch content when it comes to live interactive workshops. For the same reason, we have taken up the initiative to train content creators so that they can deliver exceptional content helpful for the users.

We help you with the recording setup, content creation, workshop delivery, post-workshop feedbacks, and a lot more.

Workshop Distribution & Marketing Support

GoSocial helps every creator get more traction and maximize the reach of their live workshops. Our team takes care of the distribution and serves as a full-fledged platform to help you earn to your complete potential.

Outreach activities like ads, SEO, social sharing, event bookmarking are performed by our dedicated team for creators.

How can I host my workshop on GoSocial?

GoSocial is adding new features based on your experience and feedback every day.

GoSocial gives creators an option to host workshops and monetize their passion. To host a workshop on GoSocial, you can get in touch with our community team at collab@hapramp.com

You can share ideas or the topic that you want to host your workshop on. Someone from our community team will get in touch with you regarding the details required and will guide you through the process of hosting your workshop.

These workshops will currently be hosted on GoSocial’s web app at gosocial.io, and will not be visible to the users of the app. Currently, the provision of hosting workshops has been extended out to a selected number of creators. We are working towards making this option available to everyone.