How to become an Instagram influencer

How to become an Instagram Influencer through Personal Branding?

If you are active on social media and looking to gain a following, you must have come across this question, how to become an Instagram influencer

The road to becoming an Instagram influencer goes through personal branding. Instagram influencers work on their personal branding to build trust and reputation of being an expert in their fields. Personal branding on Instagram not only helps you earn a living but also opens channels to collaborate, influence or start something of your own.

What is an Influencer on Instagram?

Influencers on Instagram are individuals with a loyal following who can affect consumer decisions with their proven expertise in a niche. There is no guarantee that someone will take action because of the influencer, but it adds to the trust and value of the product/service.

What is Instagram Influencer Marketing?

Instagram influencer marketing is the use of Instagram influencers by brands/individuals to promote their products. The same is done using the genuine following and influencing capabilities of these Instagram influencers.

As influencers started to grow on Instagram, several brands found a new opportunity/space to market their products and services. Marketers bank on Instagram influencers to promote their offerings either directly or indirectly. 

How to become an Instagram influencer through Personal Branding?

If you take a route of personal branding to become an influencer on Instagram, you will be rewarded with long term benefits and opportunities. While building a personal brand, you convince the individuals and brands of your expertise and build the trust factor that goes a long way.

Remain Consistent with your Voice & Frequency

Maintaining consistency in voice doesn’t only mean following similar aesthetics throughout your profile, but also crafting the content in a consistent manner. You should send out a similar message in every content piece that you create. Having a consistent voice involves displaying your values and beliefs so that people can understand your inclination and connect with your personality.

Consistency is also required in terms of posting frequency. Post a variety of content and don’t post a lot of one type over the other. Posting the same type of content over and over again may make your audience bored, and that’s not what we want.

I advise you to post on Instagram every day. Whenever you post, you have a chance to reach new people. Consistently posting each day maximizes your organic reach.

After you’ve established a balance between posting different kinds of content, share that content consistently. Maintaining a posting schedule will allow you to share without fail. Plan your Instagram posts for each day and make sure you stick to them.

Find and follow a Specific Niche

Niche talks about the industry of your expertise or interest. It also specifies the type of content you will create to target the audience of your expertise.

Generally, they are categorized into one or more industries that define the content created about a particular topic.

Your growth on Instagram lies in identifying your niche and creating content around it. After sticking to a niche, you can start sharing informational content and delivering value to your followers. People on Social media are looking for kind individuals, helping and have some knowledge that could positively impact their careers.

Your niche is responsible for building your personal brand and making you an Instagram Influencer. Nobody can be known for everything, so stick to your expertise and deliver quality content consistently.

Encourage Interaction

Your social media engagement is determined by how people interact with your accounts and content. Across all social media platforms, the term covers a broad range of actions. Generally, when a user takes action on your posts, it becomes a part of the engagement.

People are now engaging in meaningful conversations online to build their personal brands, replacing what started as simply an online place to socialize with friends.

How to become an instagram influencer

Social networking isn’t a one-way street. If you just post content, you won’t get very far, you also have to invite people to engage with it. Personal branding and connecting with people will make a real difference. If you are looking to become an influencer, you have to build human connections that are more than just content.

People should recognize you as a reachable person with a personality that helps people grow. You achieve the same after fruitful relationships with the community of like-minded individuals.

Put Relatable & Share-worthy Content

Your personal brand will get established if you create relatable and transparent content. Although we use Instagram to establish ourselves as influencers and do personal branding, it is still a social media platform.

People recognize and connect with aspects of their lives they can relate to. By adding some elements that resonate with people, you can make informational content relatable.

Relatable content could be something you experience every day at work or even rants that your industry professionals could relate to. You may also use any trending meme and associate it with your industry to get more engagement.

Make Reels and use Trending Music

Not just people on Instagram, but the algorithm also loves reels with trending music. Whenever something becomes a trend, Instagram pushes it and lets you grow along with it.

Reels now take up over half of the Explore page, encouraging users to create Reels to grow their following. As Instagram said that they are no more just a photo-sharing app, the same is reflected in the UI of the app. Videos now occupy the most space on feeds, which was previously occupied by Images.

Throughout the platform, Instagram continually adds new music. In Reels, users can use original music or music from Instagram’s library. You can also engage your existing audience with educational, or how-to content if your content doesn’t relate to music, dance, or something along those lines.

If you want to shoot some exciting reels, go through our detailed blog for some interesting tips and tricks related to reels creation on Instagram.

Analyse Data and Strategise

With Instagram analytics, you can see what kind of content drives engagement, when users interact with your content, and much more!

Using Instagram Analytics will allow you to find the best time to post for your audience by experimenting with your posts. Try posting at different times and on different days. After this experiment, you should analyze your results. You can check if there is more engagement on a specific day as compared to the other days.

How to become an instagram influencer

You can do the same for specific times. By doing so, you can pinpoint what days and times are the best for you to push content. The analysis should go on consistently to make an informed decision related to the posting schedule.

Conduct Polls, AMA Sessions, QnA on Instagram Stories

Instagram has made stories exciting by allowing you to create varied content using stickers and interactive toolkit features. With these features, individuals can engage their target audience quickly, effortlessly, and effectively. 

Using a question sticker, individuals can pose open-ended questions or ask their audience for suggestions. Using this feature, you get many interesting answers and suggestions to start a conversation. It’s also great for getting new ideas and user-generated content.

A quiz sticker creates a multiple-choice poll for you. This breaks the mundane content you may publish and also makes people curious to answer correctly.

A poll sticker allows viewers to choose between two concepts. Perfect for asking yes or no questions. As the user does not have to put in much effort, the engagement is also higher.

As soon as you start posting stories on Instagram, you can take advantage of the highlight feature. Your highlights should be presented in a way that allows your potential new fans to understand your content and offerings. You can also discuss some aspects that matter to you and plan accordingly.

Go Live

If you want more engagement on Instagram, you need Instagram Live Videos. They generate enormous amounts of leads. In addition to the engagement during the session, you will also receive additional comments after you share the session with your followers.

As you cannot edit a live video, you need to plan this carefully. Think well about what topics you will cover during the session if you want to succeed. Your audience will lose interest if you don’t grab their attention from the beginning.

It is always suggested to use CTAs in the live video. You should also answer questions at the end of the session. If you want to build trust among your audience, this is probably one of the best ways to demonstrate your expertise.

Repurpose your old Posts

If you use all of these ways to grow your personal brand on Instagram and make adjustments according to your audience from time to time, your account will grow exponentially. At this point, you get an opportunity to repurpose your already existing content of your Instagram and share it as a repost.

With less engagement and followers in the initial stages, even some of the best posts do not get the ideal attention. If you repost it, then your new followers will engage, and your dead content will come to life.

This strategy also helps you if you run out of content or there is no trend to follow in your niche. Repurposed content saves a tremendous amount of energy and adds to your consistency on Instagram.


There is no hack to become an Instagram influencer or build a personal brand without providing valuable content. People spend their time on social media, either to enjoy or learn something without being subjected to a lot of pressure. If you can deliver that, your personal brand will grow on social media with ease.

It becomes important to be visible on Instagram and remain vocal about almost everything happening around the world. Now that you know how to become an Instagram Influencer, you may use personal branding to get the most out of it.