Host Your Own Photography Contest/Giveaway on GoSocial

Photography contests and giveaways are fun, but the entire process of hosting it, collecting entries, and distributing prizes involve a dozen variables. At GoSocial, we’ve trimmed it down to two steps for you: Create a contest and announce the winning entries. And we manage everything that’s in between. Learn more about it here —

GoSocial can mean many things for many people. But at the core, it enables action and engagement for creators. GoSocial is an app for the photographers to create on the Go!

We figured out that for the extra-curricular clubs in the colleges, people who want to host giveaway contests, and brands that are trying to engage people around causes can make use of the contest feature. We are bringing it to select colleges and individuals to host contests and giveaways in their community and have their own space to engage creators.

Who is it for?

Cultural heads or active members of the photography club in colleges, individuals, and brands who want to host photo contests and giveaways. All the cultural clubs in different colleges, influencers and brands create their own ways of keeping the audience engaged. GoSocial can be used as a tool to enable this engagement in a seamless and meaningful manner.

Photography Contest Themes:

You are free to pick themes for your own photo contest. In case you need ideas for the photo contest theme, here are some examples. Feel free to pick one from our suggestions.

– Inspiring Landscapes

  • Best of “City Name”
  • Celebrating Nature
  • Best Winter Shots
  • Monochrome Reflections
  • Chaos on the streets


The contest hosts can arrange their own prizes or GoSocial can sponsor the prizes as well in certain cases. We’ll coordinate with the contest organizer to distribute the prizes at the end of the contest.

Duration of the contest

Feel free to pick a duration that is comfortable to drive participation. Our suggestion is that you keep it 1-3 weeks depending on how frequently you want to host contests/giveaways.

Getting participation

GoSocial team will create and share some handy announcement material that you can use to share via Email or your social media accounts.


We recommend that you engage someone on your own level to decide the final winners. It could be a senior member (mentor) of the club, a professional in your contact, or you can form an independent committee on your own. This will give you more flexibility over the duration of the contest and in deciding the winners quickly.

What’s next?

This is one of the many things we are building to enable creative collaboration and engagement in smaller communities. If you are interested, please fill up this form. Have any queries? Contact us on the phone number/email mentioned below.

In Short:

  1. To share the details of your contest, fill up this form and we’ll get in touch with shortly.
  2. Once we mutually finalize the contest theme, dates, duration, and prizes, we’ll host the contest on the GoSocial App.
  3. That’s all. Now you can bring your college club members, followers, and friends to participate in your contest.


For more information, reach out to us on this email address