Host Your Own Photography Challenges/Projects on GoSocial

On GoSocial, photography challenges are a unique way to get people into photography and keep them going. The idea is to give creators an unlimited stream of inspiration, that they can utilize to learn by doing.

By creating photography challenges on GoSocial, you can help photographers in learning, establish a new method to engage with your followers, and also host giveaways. These personal challenges not only helps people in improving but also keeps them going with their hobby.

Creating challenges

We are onboarding photographers who actively help others to learn and get into the domain by sharing their knowledge. The goal is to create streak based photography challenges/projects.

There could be two types of streaks based challenges:

A. Same task on all days such as 5 Days Nature Photography Challenge with same task description for each day.

B. Different tasks on all days for example 5 Days Street Photography Challenge with unique task description for each day:

For example, a street photography challenge created by photographer Eric Kim in one of his articles has the following challenges for 5 Days:

Day 1: The 1-arm-length challenge

Day 2: The 5 “yes”, 5 “no” challenge

Day 3: The “telephone pole” challenge

Day 4: The “no overlap” challenge

Day 5: Edges in perspective challenge

GoSocial is designed in a way that users can take streak based challenges, post their photos on each day and maintain the streak. Users earn points on successfully completing a streak through which they have a chance to get camera accessories, goodies, and Amazon gift vouchers.

Requirements from experts

Our requirement from you is to design a streak based photography challenge on any topic based on your preference, expertise and create a video (preferred) about it which can be added in the challenge description section.

Challenges on GoSocial

The challenges that experts will create on the GoSocial will showcase the name of challenge creators on it. The photographers who want to learn and practice can then take the challenges created by you.

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As the expert creator of a challenge, you can also engage with the people who are taking your challenges by giving feedback on their posts.

How to proceed

You can send us any preferred challenge that you want to create. We would mutually approve them and decide on a timeline to complete them. Once complete we will host it on GoSocial and start promoting it.

Fill up this form for submit your own photography challenges:

Learn more about the challenges here: Introducing Challenges.