Hosting A Workshop? Here’s How to Promote and Increase Sign-ups

Once you decide to host a workshop and are ready with a subject, you need to promote it and get maximum signups. These registrations will not only make you earn more money, but you will also reach a bigger audience. Increased signups also contribute to the community-building exercise of the content creators.

Though there is no specific timeline for promotion, I would suggest you start it before a month of your workshop. Let’s understand how to promote workshops online.

How to increase user sign-ups/enrollment for online Workshops through Promotions?

Design Poster/Banner

This is the first thing to do if you are looking to promote your workshop. As it is said, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” You need to go out and express yourself through this banner. If you are not a designer, take the help of free platforms like Canva to design the poster.

Now, you can use the same design for promoting workshops on Social media at places like event banners, stories, status, and a lot more. It becomes easier to share the designed poster on Whatsapp with the people you know.

Dedicate a Page to this Event on your Website

I am assuming you have a website that you use as a portfolio or to get leads. If not, you should get one and leverage the full potential of the internet. Every new workshop should have a dedicated webpage that includes all the relevant information like the number of seats, duration, ticket price, and description. This page will serve as a one-stop destination for your workshop.

You can also try GoSocial, we will help you with a dedicated webpage on our website where you can add all the information and host the workshop with a single click. The live workshop tool handles your booking, end-to-end payment, and every other requirement of hosting a workshop. Above all, you get access to the ever-growing audience of GoSocial, happy to join your workshop.

Launch a Trailer

I know, you are not directing a movie, but you can still share a glimpse of the actual content with the people. More than building a buzz around the workshop, this activity will help you establish the trust of offering valuable information.

As you go live during the workshop, you can do the same for the trailer and record a middle part for building the curiosity to know more. You can share some unique techniques or show a fun part of the workshop. If you cannot do that, share a small video talking about the workshop and how it will help the people.

On platforms like Instagram and Facebook, the reach of video content is higher than every other media format. With the trailer, you can leverage the potential of Social Media and organically increase your reach.

How to increase usign ups for online Workshops?

Use Social Media

Social media has the potential to make you viral and surprise you with the outcomes. There won’t be a situation of getting viral every time you post something. It becomes crucial to understand the productive usage of the channel so that your workshop can get more participants. 

Every social media works differently; you have to make your strategy based on platform capabilities and the type of audience on that channel. 


Linkedin lets you utilize the feature of Newsletters, and you can reach the inboxes of the subscribers with ease. Your connections receive the newsletter in their emails, and you don’t have to go for any manual process. 

Create a newsletter from the Publisher tool. By default, your connections and followers will get an invitation to subscribe to your newsletter. You can uncheck this option if you do not want to invite your connections and followers to subscribe to your newsletter.

You can also use other features like Linkedin groups, stories, and posts to engage with your audience. The algorithm supports more descriptive posts than the shorter ones. If you regularly engage with the community, your reach will increase with time and help get more registrations.


Instagram is one such platform that has gained immense popularity in the past few years. The photo and short video-driven application get most of the eyeballs if you make your content visually appealing.

To make an impact, make Instagram reels and communicate the workshop information within a few seconds. You can list down the aspects you will cover during the workshop or the exciting parts to attract more people.


The reach of Facebook is decreasing, but still, a substantial amount of audience is available on Facebook. The best way of promoting your workshop on Facebook is to create groups. Facebook groups work as a community of like-minded people who get notified whenever you post something. 

Add members to your online workshop group and keep posting about the workshop with insights that could attract more people to join in. You can share the workshop outline, overview, videos, banners in the group.

Facebook also allows you to create events, and users are notified if they accept invitations. This prompt works as a reminder, and you should use it to convert more people.

Launch a Newsletter

Every individual creator should prepare an email list of people interested in joining the workshop. Mostly, this list comes from previous workshops and social media channels where you interact with the community. 

Once you have an email list, launch a monthly newsletter to talk about the industry insights even if you are not hosting any workshops. These emails keep people hooked and remind them of your expertise. Whenever you decide on hosting a workshop, share the details over email and ask them to register. 

Email marketing doesn’t cost you anything more than an email subscription, and you can always stay connected with people of similar interests.

Increase Community Building Exercise

Community building is the biggest asset for individual creators willing to showcase their expertise to the public. Community building requires you to find industry professionals and connect with them to know about the audience. Once you are aware of the norms, you can start sharing your industry knowledge and bring more people on board. To know more, you can also refer to our blog on ‘everything about online communities.’

Social Media platforms help in community building online, but more innovative platforms now offer transparency and control. GoSocial is a community platform providing people with the tools for efficient communication that are not available on social media platforms. You can create online courses, conduct workshops, go for live sessions, do private/group chat, implement discussion forums, and a lot more using a single platform. If you build a community on social media, most of these activities require hopping on multiple platforms to connect with your people.

Once you build a community, you will always have some loyal fans, the first ones to attend the workshop.

Collaborate with Influencers

You should start by finding a set of influencers who talk about your industry and have a loyal following of people. The biggest task is to find a suitable influencer for your workshop promotion.

The number of followers is not the only parameter to decide on any influencer. You should go to the comments section and check the quality of the comments. Genuine followers appreciate and criticize the work of the creator and look to know more about them. Many influencers have their profile filled with spam comments that are not constructive. Before reaching out, assess the quality of their following and then decide to move forward.

Once you collaborate, ask the influencer to come live with you where he/she may take your interview and ask questions related to the workshop. Influencer marketing allows you to reach larger audiences in a short period and also educates people about your offerings. You can also ask the influencers to make content while explaining the workshop with reels, IGTV, stories, and posts.

How to increase usign ups for online Workshops?

Start a Podcast

Podcasts have a separate fanbase, and it is increasing exponentially. I am not suggesting you make this podcast about the workshop but to start one, and communicate with your community. With the evolving world, something new is always happening, and people look for genuine knowledge online. A podcast will serve as a medium of information, and you can also pitch your workshop in between.

I advise you to pitch only the related workshop during the podcast so that your audience understands the importance of it. Rather than selling the workshop, you should only communicate that you have planned something new for the subscribers.

Run giveaway Programs and Campaigns

To promote the workshop, you can go ahead with the giveaway program by providing discounts once you reach a certain number of attendees. You can also offer referral benefits to the participants if they invite others to participate in the workshop.

These programs help sustain the buzz around the event so that everyone is aware of the ongoing promotions. Creators can also launch special offers for the first 20 subscribers by providing them workshop notes or a confirmed seat in all future workshops.

Send Registration Kits

To offer a personalized experience, you can send the registration kits to the participants at their addresses. It could contain a mug, notebook, carry bag with your branding on it. Tons of online platforms let you customize your offerings with ease.

This registration kit will help you build a brand and also remind the participants about your expertise. You can also send them the study material required for studying before joining the workshop. A welcome gift with your remainder will help you gain the attention and curiosity to know more about the offerings. 

Run Ads on Social Media

Several platforms including, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter allow advertisements in exchange for some money. Before going for paid promotions, always keep a budget in mind to restrict spending too much on this exercise.

Advertisements on social media are highly targeted and let you reach the audience of your industry. You need to write an attractive ad copy that sums up the whole offering and motivates people to click. Advertisements offer quick responses and could help you gain an audience within a short period. Extensive advertisements could also end up burning cash if you don’t monitor the return on investment. Keeping a tap on this activity is of the highest importance for any individual creator.