GoSocial: The Go-To App For Photographers

GoSocial: The Go-To App For Photographers

GoSocial is a social media app for creators. The app aids the creative journey from idea to implementation and provides a friendly environment for sharing and growing. Here are the five ways in which GoSocial can spark your imagination and inspire you to be a better photographer!

GoSocial is one of the most powerful social media tools that both budding and established photographers can use to promote their work. The app hosts fun and exciting challenges and contests. These challenges help you hone your skills and learn how to click spectacular photos. The visual social media app offers medium to raise interest in your work, and gain insightful feedback to improve your practice. With GoSocial, you can connect with other photographers, improve your skills, and find potential clients.

If you’re wondering how can you reap these benefits using the app, read on.

1. Learn and grow by taking challenges

GoSocial has a long list of challenges for photographers to choose from. The best part about challenges is that they set constraints for you. The process lifts the burden of decision making and saves time. This way, all you have to do is channel your creativity and innovation to get some amazing photos.

Participating in challenges is also quite simple. Once you find a challenge that interests you, you can choose the number of days you would like to take it for. It can be anywhere from 7 days, to several months and even a whole year. In fact, you can choose to try it once and explore GoSocial photography at your own pace.

After setting the duration, you can begin a fun “streak” for that duration. You can maintain the streak as you post every day throughout your challenge. These challenges will help you establish a disciplined routine.

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2. Join the league of creators by hosting challenges

With this, GoSocial has introduced an entirely new way of building communities. If you have an interesting idea for a streak-based challenge, you can host it on the app. Through this channel, you can connect with people who share similar interests.

They will also help you gain a fresh perspective and look at a subject through different lenses. Set the rules and techniques, and create constraints. Once submitted, the team reviews it and finalizes the proposed challenge. The challenge is then hosted on GoSocial with credits to you as a creator.

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3. Earn rewards via contests

While challenges allow you to work on your skills, contests reward you for them. These contests give photographers a stage to flaunt their skills and earn rewards. For each contest, there are a set of guidelines provided, along with the prizes available.

You can refer to the sample photographs and submit your entries before the deadline. Experts evaluate these submissions against set parameters and announce winners shortly afterward. The contests offer a chance to win cash prizes, Amazon gift cards, and other exciting rewards like camera accessories and tools. These contests will give you fantastic ideas to try in your own style and interpretation.

4. Build a tight-knit community

GoSocial has the fastest growing community of photographers. When you join the app, you get the chance to connect with like-minded creators. The mutual support becomes a part of their legacy as well as yours.

Be it taking a challenge or a contest, you get to see the profiles of various photographers. Their work motivates you to create better and inspires you to upgrade your skills. Also, when you host a challenge, you interact with the participants in the form of feedback. This sets precedence for a conversation based on mutual respect. In this way, you end up building strong connections and engage with a community that knows you for your art.

5. Find inspiration

The app has independent feeds for different domains. This filters out all the unwanted noise from the app. Also, the curated feed of the best content created by the creators is invigorating. They stimulate creativity and help combat artistic blocks.

The challenges act as prompts. If you are falling short of ideas, you can browse through the different photography ideas. You can also find inspiration in the work of co-creators who have taken these challenges. Their submissions will always give you a fresher perspective to work with.

These features can aid you to go social with your photography. This is where you can find your daily dose of motivation and creative thinking. Download the app and get started now!