flower mandala art

Flower Mandala Art Drawing: Tips & Tricks

If you have ever heard about flower mandala art, you know its essence.

For all those hearing this for the first time, Mandala is a Sanskrit word meaning circle. As the name suggests, a mandala is usually circular. For example, a flower mandala design begins with the center, and then an array of forms, patterns, shapes, and symbols eventually emerges.

Mandala is not just a form of art, but it can heal you and elevate you spiritually. The mandala symbol is believed to represent the cosmos and the universe. 

The symmetry of the design gives you as well as your audience peace. You become calmer, and your heartbeat slows down in the process. Mandala art is famous mainly in the Buddhist and Hindu art of India.

Are you a passionate artist who loves drawing or wants to become one?

Do you love the healing process while crafting your art?

Yes? Then mandala art is definitely for you.

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This article will look at some fantastic tips and tricks to help you make stunning flower mandala art designs. 

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So, now let’s start!

Flower Mandala Design: Tips & Tricks

Understand the essence of Mandala art

Flower Mandala Art

If you want to draw a beautiful final flower mandala art, you must understand the essence of a mandala. Mandala is a spiritual journey to enlightenment. 

For some, it is a laborious mechanical process. However, you would be surprised to know that destroying the mandala art, in the end, is an integral part of the process. This ceremony is symbolic of the fact that nothing is permanent. 

As this art is more about spiritual awakening, it becomes very personal. 


You can use symbols and forms that mean something special to you. This gives birth to some of the most exquisite flower mandala art masterpieces. 

Mandala is also a great way to experience a sense of oneness with the universe. In the process, you will feel like you are meditating and achieving inner peace. This artwork enhances your focus. There are many ways how painting can affect your mental health.

Once you start engaging in mandala art, you will feel a connection with the universe. You will be able to see beyond physical existence. 

So if you are ready to experience this phenomenal feeling, jot the materials and create your flower mandala art now!!

Gather the right materials

The starting point is to gather all the materials that you would need for your drawing. 

So, what materials should you have?

Below is the list:

  • Dot Grid Notebook/Sheet of paper
  • Compass
  • Protractor
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Fine point pens
  • Fineline/thin marker/Pigment ink pen (whatever color you like!)
  • Thick marker (optional)

Sketch first using pencil

No matter whether you are a beginner or an expert, always start sketching with a pencil. Mandala has a lot of lines, patterns, and angles. If you directly start inking them, there’s a chance that it can go wrong, and it would not be possible for you to revert. Better to start with a pencil and then move forward with inking.

Use Helix 360 degree angle and circle maker

At the heart of any flower mandala art is the circle. Helix 360-degree angle and circle maker is the best tool for making circles and bifurcating them into sections. You can make circles of various degrees through it neatly. 

Avoid using any random material for making circles. Instead, try to use a professional tool and create consistent circles.

Create your designs first

Practice your designs!

If you already know some designs, take your paper or dot grid notebook and start drawing them. 

Draw patterns, shapes, and geometric lines to decide how your flower mandala art would look. 

Keeping the designs ready will help you for a quick start in your mandala art. 

Start with basic shapes

Flower Mandala Art

Avoid jumping into more detailed drawings. Instead, start with the basic shapes. Flower mandala artworks can be very pleasing yet very complex. Avoid mastering the complexity; this will just make it difficult.

Begin with the basic flower petals that most of the mandala flowers art uses. Keep all the petals in the same shape. Repeat them so that you can eventually get better at it. Keep the shapes small and the same so that you can practice filling in those shapes.

Begin in the center

Flower Mandala Art

Simply start at the center. Then, work around the middle to make shapes and patterns outside the center. It is one of the most peaceful sights to see your flower mandala art growing before your eyes slowly. Experiment with different shapes, patterns, and colors.

Geometry is the key

Flower mandala art is not just about shapes, symbols, and patterns. It’s also about geometry – one of the prime ingredients of the universe.

You will need geometry to uphold symmetry.


For instance, if you decide to make 12 equal sections in your mandala art design, divide 360 degrees with 12. This makes each section 30 degrees.

With the help of a protractor and pencil, mark your circle in 30-degree increments, i.e., 30 degrees, 60 degrees, 90 degrees, 120 degrees, etc.

Make use of negative spaces

Flower Mandala Art

Make use of negative spaces, but be careful to use them right. Darkening areas help in providing depth and characters to your design. Avoid doing this in the initial phases. Keep it in the end. Always be mindful of where you should add negative spaces. 

Get the measures right

After you make the center, the next step is to take a ruler and draw lines. Use these lines to connect the marks with the center point. 

Make very light lines as you will need to erase them later.

Now with the help of a compass, draw more circles. Keep the sizes of these circles different. You can have either a geometric design or an organic design in your art. Whatever you choose, try to keep each section very similar. You can repeat every 2 circles and keep 2 designs in one circle. 

Don’t try to overcomplicate since you will need to repeat the patterns. Repetition is vital for work. 

Repeat the patterns

Flower Mandala Art

Repetition is the key in mandala art. You will find repeated patterns, symbols, and shapes in any flower mandala art that you see. 

Repeat the design around the entire circle. 

Switch between rows, draw other shapes and then repeat them. For example, you can repeat the petal shapes, triangles, leaf shapes of just the emerging lines. Try experimenting by mixing the shapes that you use. 

Alter patterns

The placement of flower petals should be different in each row. Keep altering the patterns ensuring that they are following a similar fashion. You can make use of geometric shapes for your designs. Or rather, to add a more natural flavor, try hand-drawn designs with a careful measure grid. 

Avoid planning with perfection for each design. As you get to hold on to this art, you will create your designs and patterns. So don’t worry too much about imperfections. A slight imperfection always adds charm and character to the designs. 

Create colorful mandalas

Colorful mandalas have their beauty. It is fantastic to experiment with different color schemes in your flower mandala art. You can also stick with the rainbow if you want. 

Try digital drawing

Not a big fan of paper?

Do you feel that a slight mistake in your mandala art on paper will make you lose the entire thing?

No worries, why not try digital drawing?

It is not that you can create a beautiful mandala design only with sand or ink. Tablets are a great way to give expression to your unique mandala masterpieces. You can repeat the same patterns multiple times, and if you don’t like anything, just erase it.

Also, you are no more required to carry the materials with you everywhere. Instead, just add a mandala on your tablet whenever the mood strikes. 

Save time with symmetry

Adobe Photoshop gives you symmetry options that you can use for making beautiful mandala designs. 

In the options bar, click the butterfly icon to open the paint symmetry menu. This will help you to achieve great symmetry. 

Choose either Radial or Mandala to divide your circle into segments. Next, you can select the brush, pencil, and eraser tool on a new layer. Try experimentation with different brushstrokes and watercolor techniques. 

Once you have a command of flower mandala art drawing, you can create your online courses, sell them and convert your passion into a profession. Also, you can explore the top ways to build your engaging community.

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Flower Mandala art is one of the rarest and most exciting pieces of art. Remember the 3 Ps – Practice, Patience, Perseverance. 

Don’t worry about the final piece that you end with. It’s always going to be destroyed as per the Tibetan Buddhism tradition. This is to remind the fact that the end is the same for all, and nothing remains. It is the process that matters, not the end. It is the journey that matters, not the destination.

Keeping this in mind, try to craft the designs in mind without striving for perfection. If you want to get easy mandala ideas, check this out. 

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So what are you waiting for? Let’s start your mandala masterpiece now 🙂

Have fun!