Easy Doodle Mandala art ideas

Easy Doodle Mandala Art Ideas (With Photos) – 2022

Are you feeling tired looking at the same repetitive mandalas? 

Do you feel like you’re drawing the same patterns over and over again? 

Do you think that you are in a creative slump?

Then, it’s time for you to move from the standard mandala designs and try something unconventional. Let us help you with a bunch of easy doodle mandala art ideas.

Mandala is more than just an art form. It’s a form of creative expression that you can learn to soothe yourself. The word “Mandala’ has its roots in the Sanskrit word “mandala,” symbolic of the universe. In ancient cultures and religions, mandalas consisted of spiritual symbols and represented the connection between the “Self” and the “Universe.”

Recently, however, mandala painting has gained more popularity worldwide because of its therapeutic benefits. It has proven to be one of the easy-to-learn methods to practice meditation. The beauty of mandala is that there are no perfect results. Since it connects you with your thoughts and inner self, the results will likely vary from your expectation. However, with symmetry at the center of this art form, the results are always beautiful and aesthetically pleasing.

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Easy Doodle Mandala Art Ideas & Tips

Nonetheless, when you’re starting, you are likely to repeat drawing the same patterns again and again. Over time, you cannot come up with new ideas, and the process becomes dull. Ultimately, you stop enjoying the process and end up abandoning it altogether.

To keep things interesting and exciting, you need to mix them up and find new ideas.

So, let’s start with it.

But before that, if you accidentally came to this page and somehow, now you want to learn how to draw a mandala, you can check out our previous blog here.

Now, let’s begin.

Fill Pictures With Mandala

You do not have to start from the center every time.

An exciting and easy doodle mandala art idea is to draw images — it could be anything from a girl’s hair to a complete human figure to animals and insects. Whatever you like to draw, and fill the image with mandala patterns.

Use the Negative Space

This is the opposite of the filling pictures technique and one of the best, easy doodle mandala art ideas. Here, instead of filling the picture with patterns, you paint the backgrounds with different mandala designs. This is a straightforward doodle mandala art idea to try.


Half-way Mandala

Rather than creating full circles and flowers, start from the edge of a page and create half patterns like a semi-circle mandala. You can also create half flowers or half intricate designs.

Mix Up Two Design Forms

To take the halfway technique a little further, you can divide an image into two parts by painting two different art forms on each half. 

For example, you can color half side with watercolors and the other half with mandala.

Or, you can fill half image with texts and the other half with mandala.

Draw a Theme-based Mandala

Theme-based mandalas are most suitable if you are looking for some easy doodle mandala art ideas. Have a theme and choose your mandala pattern accordingly. It could be floral, nature, or some occasion-based like Christmas or Diwali. 

The key here is to select your mandala elements like petals and leaves that resonate with the theme.

Additional tip: Build an inventory of patterns to make it easier to find the patterns you want.

Mandala Tattoo

If you ever wanted to have a tattoo or are looking forward to having one, try to create a mandala tattoo for that part of your body.

Mandala tattoos actually exist. From a finger tattoo to a full arm tattoo, you can draw different designs and lengths according to the body part. 

For example, a finger tattoo would be small and straightforward, whereas an arm tattoo can be more complex. It can also have intimate designs that are closer to you.

Choose Your Own Centre

You don’t always have to start from the middle of the paper. You can consider the corner as the center and draw around it to bring some variation.

The point is that it should be the center from where everything emerges. 

You can also try using two centers emerging from opposite sides.

Switch Between Mediums

You can use more than one medium while creating your mandala art. 

For example: paint the sheet with watercolor and then draw the mandala using a black marker on top of it. The results are more aesthetical.

Another is to mix watercolors, markers, pencil colors, and crayons altogether.

Digital Tools

If you’ve been drawing on paper all time, then maybe try to explore the digital tools. 

Some of the software are Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Procreate, and Clip Art Studio. 

The silver line using digital tools is that you can focus on creating designs and increasing the complexity since they have automated symmetry. So, you’ll be drawing just one segment of the whole mandala. 

Dot Mandala

As the name suggests, the dot mandala has no lines or symbols. Instead, the entire pattern is created with different weights and sizes of dots.

First, create a rough mandala pattern with a pencil. Then, paint it with dots. Play with size and colors to bring more contrast and add visual interest.

Floral Mandala

Even though mandala is associated with nature and spirit, you can create mandalas based on flowers. Every element is a part of flower-like leaves, petals, etc.


Zentangle art comes from Zen school Buddhism and is a more structured art. This form is based entirely on lines and simple curves. There are no organic figures. 

Download templates and Paint

Coloring is a great way to slow down your thought process and connect with your inner self.

If you don’t like to draw, and these easy doodle mandala art ideas seem no fun to you, then you can simply download the templates and enjoy coloring them. 

You can use color palette generator tools to stick to a particular color theme and paint it.

Move On From Paper

You don’t have to limit yourself to paper to draw mandalas. You can paint stones, paper plates, old CDS, vases, etc. Try different mediums as your drawing base. 

Get Into Mandala Crafts

Mandala crafts have become popular recently. From mandala pattern bags to wall decors, you can try out several crafts. 

With your mandala pattern, create a suncatcher. Then, all you have to do is cut circular cardboard and paint it with ancient symbols associated with mandalas. 

Create your mandala posters. Go unruly and fill them with things you find inspiring.

Another trick is to buy mandala stencils. You can create wall art and floor art, too, using these stencils. 

Nature Mandala

A nature mandala is an expression of gratitude to earth and equinoxes made using organic materials from nature. It represents the non-permanent circle of life.

Pick a place in nature, gather your natural materials like flowers, twigs, rocks, grasses, leaves, etc. Place a thing that is significant to you in the center. Now, work your way around it.

You can keep it colorful or within earthly tones by experimenting with your material. Keep it simple or make it intricate. It’s all about how you place your materials.

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Grapat Mandala Art

Grapat pieces are wooden blocks that you can arrange to create countless patterns and images. They can be fun for both adults and young. But, of course, if you have kids in your home, they would love it.

With that, we’ll be ending our list of easy doodle mandala art ideas. Remember that mandala is more about the journey and the process. 

Put no bars on your imagination. The possibilities are endless.

Bookmark this list to use it whenever you need inspiration.

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