Easy art painting ideas

Easy art painting ideas – Watercolor tips and tricks

Watercolor painting is an expressive art form that uses a delicate blend of colors, textures, effects, and techniques to its advantage. It is one of the most exciting mediums to develop creativity. Although most of us are familiar with the art of watercolor, few are familiar with its technical aspects and artistic possibilities.

Watercolor techniques can be applied to a variety of media and subject matter. Let’s explore some easy painting tips and tricks that professionals use to develop their watercolor skills.

Top 10 watercolor tips and tricks that can save you:

In this blog, you will learn about some easy art painting ideas, including how to create interesting strokes and textures. This blog will help you get your hands on some important tips and tricks.  

Before we get started, remember that practice and consistency are the only two things that will help you become the finest artist. Let’s dive in.

1.  Sketch your outlines with a colored pencil instead of a charcoal pencil: 

This is a good way to experiment with color and contrast. When painting using watercolors, you need to understand that not all colors will work equally on your paper. Some colors will dry out and others will mix and turn to mush on your paper.

Watercolor paper is a bit thicker than regular paper, so not all colors will work on watercolor paper. Sketch your outlines with a colored pencil so you can find out what works best for you.

2. Use Watercolor tubes instead of watercolor cakes: 

This tip will save you a lot of time, energy, and money. Watercolor cakes are generally paints that are dried up and are insoluble in water. Cakes are not reliable if you want to paint something that looks realistic. These give out a faded color when they get on the paper. 

Whereas tubes come with wet paints that are soluble in water. You can mix the paint and water in a ratio of 1:2. Remember, the solution should neither be too diluted or too concentrated. Besides this, watercolor tubes last longer than cakes which can save you a lot of money. 

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3. Use Round brushes instead of flat brushes: 

When it comes to watercolor paints, the solution of the paint and water is too loose to be held by a flat brush. Round brushes are specifically designed to hold loose paints (i.e., watercolor paint solution). Going for a round brush over a flat one will help you get a grip on the paint as well as a grip on the kind of strokes you want.

4. Clean your brushes regularly: 

This will ensure that the brushes stay clear and smooth. Regular cleaning will also ensure the brushes do not dry out and crumble. The regular cleaning of the brush head will also prevent the oil from getting into the paints and clogging the brush. If you clean the brush regularly, then the paint will be more vibrant.

5. Choose the right palette:

There are two types of palettes – dry palettes and wet palettes. Dry palettes are used for paints like oil paints, acrylic paints, also, they require less water and more paint. Whereas wet palettes are best suitable for watercolor and gouache paints. 

The palette may be made from wood, brass, or any of the metals like pewter, copper, steel, etc. But make sure you choose a palette that has a cool tone as this will enable you to see the color of your paints clearly. No matter what kind of paint you use, a white palette is the best suitable one.

6. Clean your palette regularly:

The best way to prevent the palette from getting messy is to clean it regularly. It will also prevent the paint from smearing on the palette. Cleaning your palette will ensure that your paints don’t mix with each other.

7. Use the correct sized brush: 

The brush size should depend on the shape of the strokes, for instance, for the delicate strokes it should be smaller and for the bold strokes, it should be larger. Also, it is important to use the right size brushes for the paint. In fact, small brushes are used for thick paints and larger ones are used for thin paints.

8. Keep the paint in the palette neat and organized:

For this, it is important to use palettes with neat and clean designs, so the paints stay in good order. Also, it is important to keep the palette tidy and free of spills. Clean the palette often and make sure that the brush holders are kept well so that the brush doesn’t become too dried up.

9. Store the paints correctly:

It is very important to store the paints in the correct manner. For instance, if you are keeping the paint in a large container, it is very important to seal it well, so that the color doesn’t mix. Make sure that the paint you store is clean and does not smell.

In addition, it is important to store the paints at room temperature, and never store them when the temperature is too high, or the paints may be damaged. 

10. Be original:

You should think of the paint in a creative way so that you can come up with the most interesting paintings. It is also important to experiment with different types of paints so that you get to know them.

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Wrapping up

Painting is an expressive art form and it is important to keep these tips in mind to make sure you produce the best paintings in the fastest and most efficient way possible. You are unique in your artistic expression and you should never feel pressured. As long as you follow these steps, you will come up with stunning paintings and have a great time doing so.

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