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Dot Mandala Art: Learn Painting with Dots using Mandala

Dot mandala art is one of the finest techniques in beautiful mandala art. Dot Mandala art is getting more and more popular with each passing day. Pinterest and Instagram are full of majestic dot mandala paintings.

If you are here today, undoubtedly, you want to learn about this fantastic artwork, right?


Today in this article we will learn about the Dot Mandala art. But before we begin, let me introduce you to the fantastic Go Social Community where you can learn and inspire. It is one of the most amazing online platforms to meet alike minds and grow together. Also, GoSocial hosts many interesting workshops. These are events that you can participate in and create your own influence in the art of your choice. Seems great, right?

Let’s come back to our original topic now – Dot Mandala art.

Before we begin, let’s first understand a brief history of Dot Mandal art.

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History of Dot Mandala Art

The word Mandala originates from the Sanskrit word Mandal which means circle. A mandala is a Buddhist devotional image. The image consists of regular repetition of patterns to give an illusion of motion. Dot Mandala art depicts the universe and is a symbolism of peace and serenity. 

Mandala art also aids in meditation. It gives peace and a medium to the meditator to find oneself. The construction of the mandala begins with a ceremony in which the monks create a sacred site. The monks call forth forces of goodness through chants, meditation, and music.  For the next 10 days, the monks pour millions of grains of colored sand from traditional metal funnels (Chak-purs), purifying and healing the space and its inhabitants in the process. In the end, the monks dismantle the mandala to symbolize that all that exists will be eventually destroyed. The collected sand is dispersed to share its blessing.

Dot mandala art is bound to render peace to whoever practices it. It is one of the most ancient forms of art that encompasses the essence of the entire universe.

Step by Step Guide to Create a Dot Mandala Art Painting

Get the tools

So, what tools do you need for your dot mandala art?

Well, all you need is anything that can help in making dots. You can easily find such objects in your home. You can start with a toothpick for instance. Or you can try the end of makeup brushes. Depending on the size of the dot that you need to create you can either use a small makeup brush or a large makeup brush. Sewing the pin’s head is another choice. You can also take the fluff off a cotton swab. 

Once you collect all these tools, you can dip each in a color and make a dot. Write a short description of each tool beside each dot so that you remember which dot is made from which tool. 


Look anywhere and you will get your subject. The possibilities of finding a good canvas are endless and you can get it from anywhere around you. You can try glasses, wood, mug, rocks, coasters, pendants, and many more. Look around in your surroundings, you will have something to start with your mandala makeover. 


Designing is the most complicated yet the most interesting part. You can start with randomly putting dots on your canvas or drawing a visual that you have in mind. 

Begin your design by finding the center.

Once you have your center it becomes easy moving around it. If you are using a rectangular canvas then it will become easy to find the center as you can measure horizontally and vertically. Other objects of canvas – rocks, bowls, etc – can be a little difficult to find a center on. But with practice and experience, you will get this. You definitely will make mistakes in the beginning and that’s alright. Mistakes will make you better and will open you up to make your best designs. 

After you have found your center, the next step is to make rings around your center. These rings will guide you to make the dots easily. You can use a compass to make these rings. If you are using a big canvas then you can find any object (or create one) that helps you make these rings. You will need multiple objects of various diameters to make multiple rings around the center. 


Ensure choosing a consistent paint. The consistency of the paint is of key importance. Paint a base coat on your canvas and let it dry. You can choose the color based on your color scheme but consider a dark color – black or navy blue. 

Top techniques for dot mandala art 

  • If you are using a flat edge tool (example: dowel), make sure that you don’t dip it fully into the paint. Gently touch it so that the edges don’t get the paint because in this case, you will not get a proper dot. Also, make sure that the tool doesn’t touch the canvas. The lighter the touch, the better.
  • Follow the ring and use the dip and dot, dip and dot technique to make your dots. Wipe your tool regularly for a net and clean dot mandala art. 
  • Descending dots – if you want to create descending dots then dip once and dot dot dot until you run out of paint. 

If you have has your hand on flower mandala art then dot mandala art will seem easier. 

Some Useful Tips 

  • Tips for paint 
    • Testing the paint’s consistency – tip the paint container, if it easily pours out within 1 second then the paint is consistent. 
    • The paint shouldn’t be too thick otherwise it will not be applied evenly and will have a “peak” on it. If the paint is coming in the tube then it is too thick. You can add little water to such paint to make it thin.
    • Avoid alcohol-based paints. Chalk-based paints are usable. 
  • Types of canvas
    • If you are using stones as your canvas then make sure that it doesn’t have holes or rough surfaces
    • Gently polished stones are better than rough stones. But avoid stones that are too polished as they will make the paint chip off easily. 
  • Keep cleaning the tool that you are using. If you don’t clean the tool the old paint can mess up with the creation of dots. 
  • If you are adding a layer of the dot above an existing layer then make sure that you wait till the paint gets dry completely. 
  • Avoid lifting the tool quickly over the surface this can lead to the paint splashing off the circle. 
  • Tips to create the perfect dot
  • Make sure that there is enough paint on the tool. 
  • Do a max of two dots before applying the paint.
  • Clean any built-up paint on the sides of the tool.
  • Keep checking for deformities in the tool as this can mess up the dots. 
  • Always begin in the middle and then work your way out.
  • Avoid trying to be perfect always. You may make a mistake while creating a predefined pattern but that’s okay. Make this design your own and enjoy your dot mandala art.
  • If you make a mistake, then wipe the area before it hardens. If you made a big mistake them color the area with black and restart. 

If you are a beginner, I suggest you go through the doodle mandala art ideas for beginners. This will help you a lot. 

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Dot mandala art is great fun. It is damn easy once you have some practice. You can play with your own schemes of colors and try some creative patterns once you get your hand on them. It is always good to practice some patterns on paper and then create them or the material of your choice. I personally love to paint on rocks. 

I swear once you become used to the dot mandala art you will always be in search of objects to do the mandala makeover. 

Dot mandala art is not just a form of art but it has its therapeutic benefits too. If you are looking to deviate your mind from the ongoings and get some mental space, this form of artwork is the best for you.

At GoSocial, we have many more such art forms that you can engage in. You can meet people like you by becoming a part of the GoSocial Community. Also, you can learn and polish your skills in the artwork of your choice by joining GoSocial’s workshops. 

I hope this article on dot mandala art helps you and encourages you to craft some of the great masterpieces.

Don’t forget to share your work with us!!

Have Fun 🙂