Creative Photography

Creative Photography: Creative Photography Tips and Tricks

What is Creative Photography?

The term Creative Photography is difficult to define in one way. The reason is that “creative” has different meanings for different people.

You may hear someone say that an out-of-focus photo is creative. Others may say that an unintentional abstract image is creative. You may also hear a person claiming a stock photo that looks good as creative. 

This makes the term creative photography very subjective. 

Then how should we define creative photography?

Well, putting simple, creative photographs are the ones that convey a unique meaning. So when you shoot a picture that is different from the normal, it’s a creative photograph.

Imagine taking a photo of a sunset. This photo is a straight picture without any deep meaning, a different perspective, or something hidden from a layman’s first observation. 

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Creative Photography

Now imagine taking a photo of this sunset with its reflection underwater. Two sunsets! Now, this photograph has turned into a creative picture. 

What is not creative photography?

You should also know when a photograph is not suitably a creative photograph. 

The use of the extra elements has to be intentional. For example, if a photographer takes a photo that lacks basic photography skills, that is not creative. 

Similarly, if a photograph is too perfect, like perfect exposure and focus, that photo is also not creative. Instead, underexposing the image intentionally to get a dark picture would make it creative. 

If you want to learn the basics of photography, give a read to this ultimate guide to getting started with photography.

How to take Creative Photographs?

Creative photographs are a result of conscious attempts at manipulation of photos. Only imagination is the limit to such photographs. 

Creative photographs include “extra elements”. These extra elements refer to anything and everything that are outside normal photography. Different people can have different interpretations of these extra elements. As a photographer, you can have your unique workflow by clicking a photo. Another way can be applying post-processing techniques to bring out textures, moods, and creativity in photos. 

What is essential here is to understand that you need one extra element outside the rules and norms of stock photography for creative photographs.

Do you like to discover colors, formations, distortions, or a dynamic range while clicking photos?

Do you incline to shoot photographs capturing scenes that an ordinary person may neglect?

Do you continuously look for giving twists to your photographs so that they can serve different meanings?

Do you like to carefully observe your surroundings and think out of the box while taking photographs?

If your answer to the above question is yes, then you can become a great creative photographer. Not only this, you can sell photos online and earn a commission.

Also, there can be nothing better than a robust community of photographers to help you grow. Join the engaging creative communities on GoSocial to learn from and with the experts.

Importance of creativity in photography

Creative Photography

Creativity gives a new definition to photography. It provides an extra pinch of salt and often a twist in the tale. 

Seeing a creative photo can sometimes make you smile or be awed, while it can put you in a reflective mood at other times.

Creative photography is simply about capturing scenes and moments that our normal eyes do not see. 

For example,

Consider glass breaking on the floor. Normal eyes won’t capture this sight since an involuntary action happens, and we close our eyes to protect them. You can catch this incredible sight by using slow shutter speeds. Such a sight is bound to awestruck your audience since you are showing them a creative view slowly and deeply, which they haven’t seen so beautifully yet.

Still Creative Photography

Many times still life photography gives birth to many creative photographs.

You need not always look for natural sights for a creative photograph, but you can also use editing or photoshop to creatively turn a typical picture into something different.

Without creativity, the photographs will only achieve a mediocre reaction. But with creativity in it, your pictures are bound to earn applause!

Creative Photography: Tips & Tricks

Just look Up

Creative Photography

Just put your camera on the ground and take images from your boots. This thoroughly introduces a new perspective to your target audience. In addition, taking photographs from a low angle helps you take creative photographs that our eyes are not used to. 

Aerial Photography

Creative Photography

Aerial photography is another type of creative photography. For taking aerial photographs, use a monopod, kite, or drone. Aerial photography works the best with a wide lens – you would love the fish-eye lens. 

The best way to take aerial photographs is to use very long shutters or timers. Drones are expensive and can cost a lot of money, so aerial photography can be slightly downside. However, you will love taking your camera to the skies if you can afford the extended equipment.

Adjust the focal length, try different positions

Creative Photography

Photographers like using different lenses for different types of photographs. There are different standards that other photographers follow. For example, you may say that a picture will look better if taken by X type of lens.

But if you are a creative photographer, you are all set to break the rules. You can try experimenting with different focal lengths for an unrealistic image that can turn creative. 

For instance, try taking portraits with a wide-angle lens. Yes, distortion is for sure, but since your intention is not to take a standard realistic image, it will add a pinch of creativity.

You can also try changing the orientation. This will help you in changing the visual composition of the image. There are two main types of orientation. Landscape orientation when the picture is wider than taller. And portrait orientation when the image is taller than wider. You can also use mobile camera lenses to capture your best creative photographs.

Let’s kneel down

Want to see the world from your pets’ point of view? Great, then kneel and take creative photos from a low angle. Remember, creative photography is all about switching from the normal. 

Blur the motion

Creative Photography

Do you want to add life to your photographs? Yes, then motion blur is the proper technique for you. Shoot moving objects with more prolonged exposure or move the camera with a moving object. You will get creative photographs to cherish!

Find the macro

Creative Photography

Do you like deeply observing objects at macro levels? Like the bubble on the leaves with the leaves’ shining veins? Yes, then this type of creative photography is undoubtedly for you. 

Getting a macro lens and taking macro photos opens a whole new world. You can get many creative images by capturing elements in your surroundings that are otherwise hidden from the naked eye. 


Panning is another excellent form of creative photography technique. You might have seen some photographs that capture a moving object, keep the subject still, and blur the background. This brings the subject in focus, with the background blurred due to the movement of the camera.

Twist and Turn

Why always keep the camera straight? Let’s try out giving some twists and turns to the cameras. Who knows that you may collect some creative, out-of-the-box images!

Slow shutter speeds

Creative Photography

Slow shutter speeds capture blur. For capturing creative photography with this technique, sit with a tripod and use a shutter speed for a few seconds. Then, point it to a subject of our choice but remember that there must be a moment. 

The static objects will usually come, but the part that was undergoing a moment will get blurred.

Let’s use some false colors

Creative Photography

False color is experiencing degrees of exposure, which tend to look like added artificial color. This happens typically during film shoots but can also be used in creative photography. False colors turn a photo into a whole different kind of photograph, which you can use for conveying different perspectives and meanings.


Creative Photography

Bokeh is small orbs that glow. These are usually created when you do not focus on the lights. As a result, the output is typically unintentional and unwanted. By experimenting with different points of view, you can creatively create Bokeh.

Experiment with perspective – Set trends

Creative Photography

Experimenting with perspective in creative photography takes photos that are typically shorter or smaller than life. This relies on illusions. You may have seen pictures alongside the statue of liberty, the Eiffel tower, etc.

Play with exposure

Creative Photography

Overexposure is not something that everyone likes, but it can lead to some incredible creative images if carefully done. Play around with aperture, shutter speeds, and ISO.

Another great creative photography technique is by projecting images onto textured surfaces and reshooting. This technique is called double exposure. You can use this technique to serve a deep meaning to an otherwise ordinary picture. Film photographers tend to use this technique the most, and some DSLRs are trying to accommodate this feature. 

If you are shooting indoor, avoid overhead lights, this may lead to bland photos. You can also look at the 10 best indoor photographic ideas to add some great images to your list. 

Target holiday seasons

The holiday seasons are a great time to take your camera and shoot. Festivals in India like the Holi and Diwali are sure to give you some fantastic on-time photographs that you otherwise would not get. So which one is the next festival on your calendar? Get ready to do some creative photography. It’s time to plan!

Light and Shadow

Creative Photography

Another technique in creative photography is using light and shadow in a visual image by using shark contrast. This technique is called chiaroscuro. 

Chiaroscuro works the best when there’s a clear contrast between an element that is lighted and another shadowed element. If the combination of light and dark is one of your favorites while shooting, read these 10 low-light photography tricks to shoot in the dark.

Golden hour

Creative Photography

Golden hour is the last hour before sunset, which is one of the best times to click some amazing photographs. Try using a wide aperture and underexposure to capture the warmth of the sun.

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Creative photography is the most unique form of photography. Not everyone can capture creative photographs. One requires a unique outlook and imaginary perspective to capture the most creative photos. 

Creative photos are many times situation-specific. Thus you need to keep your eyes open and develop a keen insight into anything and everything you look around. Don’t forget that you have excellent career options as a photographer!!

Next time you go to capture creative photographs, just ask yourself – “What can I do differently with this shoot?”

You may come up with some interesting answers! 

If you want to strengthen your photography skills, join GoSocial’s community of photographers today!

Have fun photographing!