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Couple Photography Poses & Tips: Essential Guide For Romantic Couple Photography

All couple photographs hide beautiful memories, a whole lot of nostalgia, and a unique love story. They also provide a gateway for the duo to relive moments that they dearly cherish. In addition to that, it allows them to share their stories with the ones they love. 

Couples view getting photographed as a way of celebrating their love and keeping it fresh till eternity. Professional couple photography has been in demand since time immemorial and is becoming increasingly popular by the day. Most duos prefer preserving their special moments in photographs to cherish them later. Engagements, weddings, anniversary celebrations are some common occasions that couples like getting recorded. In addition to these, the pre-wedding photography business is also booming. So, this has made learning the best couple photography poses and tips a requisite. 

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Settling upon a theme and picking a backdrop and costumes for a photo shoot is easy. However, the intricate part of couple portrait photoshoots is finding the best poses. Remember Chandler and Monica’s engagement photoshoot blowout? Well, we can all relate to it. 

Some couples have straight-out-of-a-romcom chemistry and thus find striking natural poses easy. For others, things get a little awkward. Gone are the days when the classic standing next to each other poses would work fine. Modern couples are always looking for unique poses that would set their photographs apart from others. This is precisely where you need to put your skills to practice. You must communicate with the duo, make them comfortable, and help them strike the best poses. The poses should speak of the duo’s bond. So, you must encourage them to be their natural selves and relax. 

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Are you finding it tough to come up with unique couple poses? Don’t fret, and hop onboard. We have curated the best couple photography poses and tips on this list. These suggestions will help you take idyllic shots each time. 

Couple Photography Poses & Tips That Will Help You Take Dream-Like Photographs! 

1. Facing Each Other 

This one’s a classic that never fails to impress. It is intimate and looks very candid. Ask the couple to face each other. They can be laughing, talking, or simply looking at each other. Another advantage is that they won’t be facing the camera, which would take away the awkwardness. The beauty of this pose lies in its sheer simplicity and depth. 

Couple Photography

2. Holding Hands & Walking 

This pose works best for couples who have never had a professional shoot before. It’s quite candid and wouldn’t make the duo uncomfortable or too conscious. Ask them to talk candidly or to give a light laugh. They can also hold each other while walking for a more intimate shot. Take this shot in only burst mode. 

Couple Photography

3. Hugging From Behind 

This pose will involve the taller of the duo hugging the other from behind. This is an incredibly endearing pose that portrays warmth and closeness. The couple can be talking to each other, whispering in each others’ ears, or facing the camera. The good part? Both the subjects will be visible in this pose. You can take both close-ups and distant shots with this one. 

Couple Photography

4. Kissing Hands

Kissing hands is synonymous with affection and respect for someone. Also, it makes for one of the best couple photography poses and tips to try out. As such, direct the couple to kiss each other’s hands while facing each other. Or, you can ask one of the subjects to kiss the other’s hand as the latter smiles. 

Couple Photography

5. Kissing Forehead 

Here’s another classic pose that every couple must try out. A forehead kiss looks both intimate and endearing. One of the partners can be kissing the other’s forehead. The two will be facing each other, which makes it a brilliant pose for the camera-shy ones. 

Couple Photography

6. Talking To Each Other 

Check out the most natural and timeless pose. It will require the duo to indulge in a conversation without worrying about the frame. It is candid and will be quite comfortable for the couple. The two can be sitting on a bench/floor or walking while chit-chatting, or laughing heartily. 

Couple Photography
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7. Lying Down 

Shooting overhead usually produces the best shots. As such, direct the couple to lie down. They can be looking up and facing the camera or be facing each other. You can also ask them to keep talking as you click some nice candids of them. These pictures can be taken outdoors or even indoors. They can also be lying in opposite directions. 

Couple Photography

8. Swirling Together 

If the couple is fond of dancing, you can ask them to showcase their dance moves. The couple will thoroughly enjoy this pose, and you’ll be able to capture some fantastic shots. They don’t have to perform- even a quick spin would give you an excellent click. 

Couple Photography

9. Pressing Foreheads

This pose will require the couple to press their foreheads against each others’ and live in the moment. This pose will bring the couple close to each other and will not look made-up. The couple can also be gazing and smiling at each other. 

Couple Photography

10. Touching Noses 

Another incredibly intimate pose that all couples should try out is touching the nose. This pose is endearing and just as intimate. Ask the love-birds le to be themselves and live in the moment. Also, we suggest taking a close-up shot of this pose. 

11. Holding & Looking Out 

Next, on this list, compiling the best couple photography poses and tips is the ‘hold and lookout’ pose. The taller of the two will be behind the other one, holding the latter closely as the two gaze at the beautiful view. This pose has a romantic vibe to it. Make sure you take it from a distance to capture the individual eye of both the subjects. 

12. The Piggyback Pose

If the pair you’re clicking is fun-loving, ask them to let it show on the camera. The piggyback pose is perfect for all goofy couples. It will give a fun time to the pair and will have them all smiles!

13. The Sunset Pose

Nothing quite rivals the beauty of snaps taken during the golden hour. As such, choose a sunset setting, and ask the couple to pose in front of it. The golden hue will give a dramatic look to the photograph. You can experiment widely with this setting and pose.

14. Whispering In Ears

Couples have their little secrets that they can’t mention in front of you. So, ask them to share them with one other by whispering into the ears. You, on the other hand, keep your camera ready as you’ll be in for some unexpected reactions and splendid shots!

15. In The Rain

Most couples have dreamt of recreating the classic ‘Kiss in the rain’ scene from The Notebook (2004). Allow them to experience just that by making them try out this pose. Ask the heavier one to pick the other one up and indulge in a passionate kiss. If the weather’s not in your favor, you can also create a fake-rain setting. The pouring rain and the romantic moment will give the duo their rom-com moment.

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16. Walking Away From The Camera

This pose will be similar to the ‘walking holding hands’ pose. Thus, you may want to capture it using the same approach. However, the couple will move away from the camera with their backs facing the frame. This shot will have a deep, mysterious touch to it and will be distinct from the rest. Capture it outdoors in a valley of flowers, beach, or during the sunset.

17. Looking At The Sky 

Another exciting couple photography pose and the tip is the ‘gazing into the sky’ pose. In this pose, the couple will lie on the ground and look at the sky. They can also be standing in an outdoor setting, hugging each other and looking up. It will not only bring the couple close but will give them a calm backdrop to contemplate their love for one another. You can take a close-up and a distant shot of this pose. 

18. Snuggling In A Blanket 

For a cozy winter/autumn shot, ask the couple to take a cutesy blanket and wrap themselves in it. They can sit or lie with their arms wrapped around each other, giving a little peck on the cheek, forehead, or lips. The couples will find this pose very comforting, which will allow them to be themselves. The blanket should not have loud colors or designs, focusing only on the two snuggle bears. 

19. Peck On The Cheek 

Cute, classic, and comforting, this pose will be perfect for all couples. Ask them to give each other a quick peck on the cheek, and click! It’s intimate, yet not too much. Also, most couples won’t feel shy or awkward striking this pose. This is undoubtedly one of the best couple photography poses and tips that all couples must try out! 

20. Goofing Around 

It is normal for photographers to confront goofy couples. And so, if the pair your subjects are super-goofy, let them be their natural selves and come up with fun poses. Fun-loving couples strike the best poses. You can ask them to make funny faces at each other, laugh, or do something silly.

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These 20 couple photography poses and tips will allow you to capture fantastic pictures. However, do not be afraid to experiment. Be creative and come up with your own. Also, you need to build a rapport with your subjects, so make sure you constantly converse with the couple. 

Also, here’s a reminder for you to check out GoSocial’s photography communities, which will give you a chance to explore this skill, have discussions, and refine yourself in it.