Content Moderator

Content Moderator: What exactly is this job role about?

We are living in the digital era. Today, the internet has become a pool of information for people. Do you ever wonder how much of this information is authentic and safe? Has this thought ever come to your mind that users upload content as per their comfort but who is responsible for a quality check? Who ensures that the content is not inappropriate to consume?

Well, that’s exactly what content moderators are meant for. 

Content moderators screen the online content to uphold the safety and reliability of online communities and digital platforms. 

They in a way act as censor boards who make sure that reliable and appropriate content reaches the audience. The moderators do this to ensure the protection of the users and the reputation of digital brands. 

But how do the content moderators ensure that quality content goes to the users?

What type of content does a moderator review?

What are the requirements and skills required to become a content moderator?

We are going to find the answers to all these questions and many more in this article.

First, let’s begin by understanding what is the exact role of a content moderator.

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What is a Content Moderator – Responsibilities, Requirements, skills, and more

Let’s first understand what are content moderators meant for.

What does a content moderator do?

Content Moderator

Content moderators are skilled professionals who screen and verify user-generated content on an online platform. 

Their main task is to verify that the content creators and managers are curating plagiarism-free and authentic content. They ensure that the final content is spam free, legal, and does not include copyrighted parts. 

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Content moderators devote plenty of time screening every piece of the content making sure that the content doesn’t harm the online presence of the digital brand. They have a huge responsibility on their shoulders for making the internet a safer place to explore. 

Let’s explore some of the major responsibilities of a content moderator in detail.

What are the responsibilities of a content moderator?

Understanding and meeting the client’s expectations

Content Moderator

Content moderators carefully understand the expectations of their clients. Each client has separate and unique guidelines of what type of content they want to put online for their audience. Clients may lay down certain rules and regulations so that quality content goes from their side which eventually creates their brand value. Moderators carefully analyze these guidelines and make sure that their screening aligns with their client’s expectations. 

Measuring growth and identifying areas of improvement

Content moderators study past reports and carefully analyze the content and marketing strategies. They meet with the team and talk with the stakeholders to understand what areas can be improved to attract the audience better. They leave no stoned unturned to boost engagement within the target audience.

Competitive analysis and brand-building 

Content moderators constantly compare their competitors for their market and branding strategies. They analyze their competitor’s content for performance and use the inferences to boost their client’s own performance. The moderators implement brand-building strategies to build a positive and authentic reputation of the client’s brand. Moderators also play a crucial role in writing media and PR reports. 

Screening Online Content

Content Moderator

One of the most important responsibilities of a content moderator is screening online content. They protect users from harmful and unprotected experiences. They may ban certain users from generating content against the company’s content guidelines. Content moderators check the content for quality and accuracy. They make sure that the content meets the company’s guidelines. Content moderators screen text, images, audio, and video for harmful and illegal content. They have the right to decide whether an individual’s profile needs to be taken down because they violate the platform’s rule or generate spam or trolling. 

What type of user-generated content does a content moderator review?

Content posted by users online is evolving very fast. Mostly the content that moderators review includes text, videos, audio, and GIFs. But the combination of these types of content is evolving at a rapid pace.

For instance, look at the stories and live streaming features of insta, Facebook, and Twitter. 

Apart from this, content moderators also review posts and comments on a public forum. Reviews on the eCommerce platforms also seldom go after the scrutiny check of the moderators since reviews matter a lot for brand building. Comments and external links on social media posts also are the subject matter for review by the content moderators. 

What does it take to become a content moderator?

Well, it doesn’t take much for a beginner to start as a content moderator. If you are good at English and have good analytical skills then you can start. If you come from a literature background it will just give you an edge. Definitely, there are some skills that you should have to become a content moderator. 

Let’s have a look at some of the skills that a content moderator should have.

Skills that a content moderator must have

Analytical Skills

Content Moderator

If you want to become a content moderator, you must have excellent analytical skills. Analytical skills allow you to analyze the different types of content and associated risks. With analytical skills, you can also develop deep insights into human behaviors in various online platforms and communities. Analytical skills are important to compare what content is permissible and what is not as per the pre-decided standards. The analytical skills will also play a huge role in the competitive analysis and risk management strategy that you build to deliver authentic and safe content. 

Screening abilities

Content screening includes text, video, audio, and other media files. If you have adequate knowledge of various platforms that brands use then content screening can be an effortless task. Much of this knowledge will come eventually with years of experience but continue learning and devote time on a variety of platforms to learn their guidelines. This will eventually help you to create a master guideline that is applicable to most of the platforms and the internet as a whole.

Linguistic edge

If you have a command of multiple languages then that might give you an edge over a content moderator. As a content moderator, you will have to moderate content in various languages for the platforms. Large brands often look for multi-lingual content moderators. 

Communication skills

A part of the job role of content moderators includes constant communication with the team members and with the clients. Moderators also communicate with the end target audience and respond to customer queries. You should definitely work on polishing your communications skills if you want to become a content moderator. 

Flexibility and Adaptability

The job role of a content moderator is dynamic and evolving. You must have an adaptive attitude and should be flexible with the ever-evolving nature of the job. 

Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)

What are some types and examples of content moderation?

The following are the major types of content moderation:

  • Pre-moderation – Moderators double-check the content before making it public to the audience.
  • Post-moderation – Moderators check the content after publishing. This helps in getting real-time insights.
  • Distributed moderation – Members of a community collectively decide whether or not to remove a piece of content.
  • Reactive moderation – This allows the users to report and remove inappropriate content from the websites. 
  • Automated moderation – This includes technological tools and artificial intelligence to remove inappropriate content

Is the job of a content moderator easy?

Well, the job of a content moderator definitely involves effort and time. You will be involved in research, analysis, meetings, documentation, and a lot more. But if the content is what you like and you are responsible enough to take charge of your work then becoming a moderator will be one of the jobs that you will really love to do. 

What are some of the factors that affect content moderation?

The content moderation process can be specific to an individual’s goals and needs. The moderation technique and principles will largely depend on the platform or the online community that is being monitored. The brand guideline which mentioned the tone, voice, do’s, and don’ts will largely affect the moderation technique. The number of posts, as well as the segment and number of your target audience, will also be a crucial factor. 

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How should I begin as a content moderator?

Start reading more stuff around the niche. Analyze some of the brand guidelines and standards for content approval and posting. You will get great articles on the internet and good youtube videos to polish your skills. As soon as you feel little confident schedule interviews and crack your first job as a content moderator!

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Becoming a content moderator is fun!

You will get to learn a lot. And believe me, this is a very responsible job because with each endeavour of yours you are contributing to making the internal world a safe and happy space for billions of users. 

Don’t think much. If you have a passion for reading, curating, and creating content and you are ready to be held accountable for your analysis and judgemental skills. This job is meant for you. 

Go and explore the content moderator career option!

Keep working hard! Keep smiling 🙂