Brand communities

Brand Communities and their Significance in the Industry

Have you noticed that big brands have passionate and loyal fans who are willing to do anything to promote them? A community of people who are ready to buy the new product as soon as it is launched in the market. 

I am sure you must have! Let me name a few of them for you. Apple, Playstation, Starbucks are some examples of brands that have a large and loyal customer base that have an emotional connection with the brand.

You might think that this loyal community of people is a result of the brand’s success and fame but that’s not the case. The reason for a brand’s success is the community of fans that form around it.

Whether you are a small business or an established brand, building your online presence is important to create brand awareness and is also a great content marketing strategy. 

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It allows you to expand your reach proactively instead of waiting for customers to come to you. Additionally, it enables you to build your brand and diversify your content using videos, podcasts, and blogs.

One of the top trending and most effective mediums of content marketing is brand community.

This article will explain what a brand community is and how it can help your brand succeed.

So let’s get started.

What is a Brand Community?

A brand community is the group of engaged customers that are strongly connected to a brand. These customers purchase brand’s products or services engage with the brand’s social media content and do the required word of mouth marketing for the brand within their inner circle. These are not only interested in the brand but also invested in it as per their own wish. 

Now if you as a business owner are confused about how to build a brand community for your business then let me help you out. 

Social content communities play a major role in shaping up a brand community for your brand. Social content communities are the communities where several people can share, react, and comment on various forms of content which encourages discussion. 

Brands can tap into these communities and build emotional connections with people and also show their services or products information. By doing this businesses get an opportunity to showcase their brand as different than being just another common business enticing more people to purchase their services or products and become loyal customers. 

When there is a strong following for a brand in an online social community, a content community can turn into a dedicated brand community.

Why is it important to build a brand community?

To help you understand better how brand communities work let me give you some examples.


Airbnb was founded by two schoolmates in 2007. They started out by renting mattresses. Since then it has grown into a multimillionaire accommodation company. The Airbnb community is an excellent place that provides valuable and actionable tips to hosts of every size. It is a social platform, that is insightful, and a place for support all in one!

Airbnb lets people create a platform where they can talk about things they are passionate about mainly travel and accommodation in this case. It helps people build relationships, learn about each other’s cultures and traditions, and also become better hosts.

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Apple is the biggest consumer electronics company in the world. Apple’s success is not only due to selling a lot of electronic items. It has also created an elaborate community that goes behind the purchase of products.

Apple’s support community goes beyond selling products. It gives a platform for its users where they perform customer-generated activities like feedbacks, customer service support and sharing of knowledge takes place. It also increases engagement by rewarding participants.

Digital Deepak 

Digital Deepak has now become a well-known brand. Digital Deepak is an entrepreneur and a digital marketing trainer. The main reason behind his success is the community he has built by providing top-value content.  

His digital marketing course Digital Deepak Internship Program (DDIP) is a huge success. With this course, he has built a community of interns who help them in promoting his other courses and products as well. His community of interns does the word of mouth marketing for him which results in wonders for his brand. 

Benefits of building a Brand Community

The examples above prove that with research and a better understanding of your target market, any business can build its own brand community. For small businesses and content creators, in particular, incorporating online communities into your marketing scheme can lead to rewarding results in the long run. 

Some benefits that come from building a brand community are:

Brand Loyalty

Once the sense of trust is established and people become brand community members from regular customers then it becomes very difficult for them to leave the community. They become emotionally attached to the brand and other community members. Because of this emotional attachment and trust, they not only become loyal customers but also brand ambassadors as they continue to share and engage with your brand and the brand’s products, services, and platform. 

Competitive Advantage

Having a brand community gives an additional competitive advantage over your competitors who are yet to build a dedicated user community.  Brand community allows you to take advantage of the market and establish yourself as the go-to brand for customers in your specific industry.  

Large customer base

When people become a fan of a brand then they naturally do the word of mouth marketing for the brand. They refer the brand’s products and services to the people. They also invite potential people to join the community of the brand they love which widens your customer reach and also brings in new opportunities for the brand. 

Improved customer relationships

As the brand communities are usually online, it enables you to easily communicate with your customers and respond to them in real-time. This constant and timely communication also results in good seller and customer relationships which result in customer retention. 

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Final Thoughts

Building a brand community is required to create brand awareness and connect small businesses to the right target audience as today most of the people are online and marketing is no longer consolidated to channels like radio, television, and newspaper.

In fact, 70% of marketers have used brand communities to advertise their products. These communities are considered an important part of digital marketing campaigns. 

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What’s great about a brand community is that it opens up an avenue for storytelling. By allowing customers to share their experiences about the brand and interact with like-minded people, you allow customers to take charge of your brand’s narrative; while indirectly receiving feedback on how to improve your products or services. 

Brand communities also allow businesses to engage directly with their target audience by answering their inquiries online and appealing to their interests via new content. This makes brand communities a more personal form of content marketing and shows customers that the brand cares about customers’ emotions and their problems. 

If you’re a small business owner or a content creator then tapping into brand communities can be a cost-effective way to introduce your brand to potential new customers while continuing to engage with your existing followers. By committing to build a good brand community, you can make the most of your online presence.