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Best Jobs For Writers That Can Help You Pay Your Bills

Writing is a creative skill and every writer dreams of having a successful career in their field. If you are a budding writer or even an experienced writer then we have got you some of the top careers for writers that can help you select the best job in your field.

In this fast paced generation and with the advancement in digitisation, professional writing is emerging as a successful career option. You can find different writing jobs in various fields like advertising, technology, public relations, media, marketing, and entertainment industry etc. However, turning your passion into your career can be a little challenging.

Many aspiring writers might not be familiar with a lot of career options available for writers. It is understandable that the process of selecting one option can be quite overbearing. Specially when you are not well acquainted with the requirements of each of these career options. But don’t worry! Here we have compiled a list of top careers for writers that will help you make a living off it.


If you have interest in writing feature stories, magazine articles or news reports then this will be a great career option for you. You can start by doing some internships in this field to get a better insight of the work done by journalists. As competition in this profession is pretty high, getting some experience through internships and research will help you.

Journalism has one of the best scopes for writers says GoSocial

Journalism is a broad career and there are many jobs available for writers in this field. If you are a beginner in this profession then you can get base-level writing jobs like report writing, article writing. As you become a seasoned professional, you can aspire for higher positions like editor, sub-editor, strategist, magazine and feature writer etc. You could work your way into a specific domain like politics, sports, entertainment, business and other sectors. Journalists have a tight and hectic schedule so you might need to prepare yourself for it.

Public Relations Writer

This is another great career option for writers. Public relation writers are responsible for writing press releases and speeches for events, clients, celebrities, product companies etc. PR writers monitor the publication of articles, press releases on media channels and promotion on social media and different networks. The job of PR writers also involves cultivating relationships and encouraging good media publicity. Avoiding negative publicity and encouraging other feature writers, bloggers, journalists to write positive reviews/feedback and content about their client, company or product, is also a part of PR writers’ job. If you are an aspiring media writer then this can be a good career option for you.


This is one of the first career options that comes to the mind when people think about pursuing writing as a career. This is a creative writing career which requires you to have certain skills. If you are creative and innovative in developing stories, characters, and situations then you can opt for this career. The more imaginative and unique you are with your stories, the more are the chances for you to become a successful novelist.

Many writers choose novel writing as their full-time career.

Sometimes writers might experience a creative block (writer’s block) wherein you are unable to come up with unique ideas to develop your story. To overcome this creative block you can participate in writing contests and challenges which can help you become more creative. If you want to improve your skills as a novelist, you can try taking different writing challenges on leading artist-friendly platforms like GoSocial. On GoSocial you can find different challenges related to writing like Clothing Your Character and Minisaga.

Another fun writing challenge is NanoWriMo. It takes place in the month of November where you have to write a novel in 30 days. NanoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) challenge attracts participants from all over the world and is one of the most famous writing contests. In this challenge you can write a novel in any genre that you like. The idea behind this challenge is to push the limits of your creativity and help you become a great story writer/novelist. Like in every other profession, persistence is the key to become a successful novelist. You can only master the skills with full commitment, hardwork and patience.

This is a professional career in writing and it can definitely help you pay your bills!


This is a creative writing career that allows you to earn a good pay. There are a bunch of interesting blog categories that you can choose to write about like self-help blogs, food blogs, entertainment blogs, fitness blogs, DIY blogs and a lot more. The most important step towards becoming a successful blogger is to build the right target audience. Your blog will only get attraction if it is appealing to the right audience. Your target audience will be a group of like minded people who are most likely to share the same interests and characteristics as you do. To build the right target audience for your blog you will need to decide upon certain demographic pointers like what age-group, gender, profession and location you want to attract. Focusing on a specific group of people who can relate with your blog will benefit you in gaining more readers than appealing to a large number of people at once.

Blogging is a great career option for writers.There are a bunch of interesting blog categories that you can choose to write about like self-help blogs, food blogs, entertainment blogs, fitness blogs, DIY blogs and a lot more.

Blogging has become a fruitful career over the years. Blogging has become a popular career these days as with advancement in digitisation, people tend to read different blogs online on social media to solve their queries or learn about new topics etc. Writing blogs may seem easier on the surface but it is not. As the competition in this field is tough, you need to specialise in certain skills like search engine optimisation, creative writing structure, reaching an appropriate target audience etc. Selecting your niche and writing about topics that are being mostly searched is important. For example fashion blogging is highly popular these days. So many blogs are available online on fashion and style. As this is a highly searched topic so these blogs attract a lot of readers. You can write blogs on skincare, home décor, lifestyle etc. The more creative and engaging your blog is with the audience, the more readers it will attract.


If you love creating stories and can write dramatic, unique and engaging scripts then this is a great career option for you. Screenwriters write scripts for movies and television shows. If you want to take up this profession you will need to build certain skills like developing creative plots, character formation, catchy dialogues and interesting climax etc. To improve these skills you can take up some interesting and fun writing challenges on artist-friendly platforms like GoSocial. One minute writing challenge, Love beyond boundaries, Micro Story writing challenge are some of the many writing challenges that you can participate in on GoSocial.

With different advancements in the entertainment sector you can even write screenplays for short films, feature films, web series, stand ups, documentaries, and many more. Screenwriter has one of the most important and hard jobs as without the script, a movie/tv show cannot be made. Screenwriters can either write original scripts or they can adapt any novel or story into a film or tv show. This is an interesting career option if you want to live your dream as a movie writer and be able to make a living off it.

Travel Writer

This is again an interesting career for writers and artists who are adventurous. You can write about a variety of travel content and get them featured in magazines, blogs, websites, travel agencies etc. When it comes to travelling there are so many topics that people search for like what are the best travelling places in the world? How to travel to your dream destination? How to travel abroad in budget? Being a travel writer you can answer such questions and provide people with interesting blogs or articles on travelling.

Travel writing is an interesting career option for writers. You can write from anywhere around the world and get your work featured in different magazines or leading websites.

Travel writers can work with travelling agencies, magazines etc or they can even work as freelancers. To improve your travel writing skills and become more creative you can participate in travel writing challenges hosted online on leading platforms like GoSocial. Favourite Travel Memory is one such fun and interesting writing challenge hosted on GoSocial. In this challenge you can share your best travel memory and write about all the fun and adventure you experienced while travelling. Your adventurous travel story might become an inspiration for many!

As social media is extremely popular these days, you can also start your own travel writing page on apps like Instagram, GoSocial, Facebook or Pinterest etc and share your travel diaries.


This is one of the highest paid jobs in writing. If you are fluent in more than one or two languages then this is a great career option. Translators are employed in different sectors like healthcare, education, business etc. Some translators even work as freelancers. You can opt for translator jobs in different sectors like multi-media corporations, advertising sector, entertainment industry, art sector etc. There are certain perks in this career like you might get a chance to travel globally, meet new people, and explore different cultures. Some other benefits that you might get in this job are work from home, flexible working hours etc.

These were some top careers for aspiring writers. These are some of the best jobs for writers that can help you sustain a living and turn your passion into your career. You can choose the best writing career that suits your field from these creative writing careers. We understand that as a novice in this field, zeroing down on one of these can be daunting. Hence we suggest you take time exploring each of these options before settling down on the one that sings to you.