An Ultimate Guide to Community Management

An Ultimate Guide To Community Management

Community managers are the glue that binds your community together. They help you reach more users and create more content. They also help you make the entire experience for your members – an awesome one, not a frustrating one.

Today, more and more people are making a career out of moderating their online communities. If you always wanted to get involved in the community, this is your chance. As a community manager, you will take part in the growth, development, and growth of a community. So, if you’re the type of person who has an appetite for change and growth, has a passion for helping users, providing the best community experience for them, this might be the career for you.

A couple of years ago, a job position called “Community Manager” was nonexistent. Nowadays, there is an abundance of community management jobs. This is mainly due to the ever-increasing amount of people online. As a consequence, a job such as “Community Manager” is in high demand.

This guide is for those individuals who have a burning desire to work as community managers.

Before we dive into it, let’s know a little about community management as a profession.

Community Managemen as a Profession

How community management is defined: 

Community management is a growing career. Community managers are responsible for the growth and development of a community. They work with various departments such as:

  • Technology
  • Community Engagement
  • Marketing
  • Content

Community managers are the backbone of the community. They are the ones who manage the relationship between members, clients, and other stakeholders. They interact with the community members and keep them informed about the development of the community. They also let the clients know what is happening within the community.

It is the community manager who maintains the relationship between all these entities. He/she is basically the liaison between all the community members and the clients.

How to become a community manager?

There is no standard certification for this position. The community manager job position is open to anyone. The community manager should be comfortable working in a challenging environment.

A community manager also needs to understand the needs of customers and community members. Furthermore, they should be willing to share knowledge with others. Managing a community does not require a lot of qualifications; all you need is a lot of heart and dedication.

What are the job responsibilities of a community manager?

As a community manager, your main responsibility is to : 

  • build and manage a community. Make sure the community runs smoothly. 
  • You should be able to interact with everyone in the community. 
  • It is very important for you to have the ability to converse in the community’s native language. 
  • The community members and clients should be happy with the services that you provide.

You must also be willing to give the community members valuable feedback. If the community provides you with feedback, you have the responsibility of providing solutions to their problems.

How can you learn to be a community manager?

There are several community management programs that you can enroll in. These programs help you learn how to become a community manager. Make sure that the community management program that you enroll in is accredited. Accredited courses and schools have high standards. This gives you a good learning experience.

Community management programs that are not accredited are usually not reliable. You can enroll in community management programs through universities and colleges. It is important to look at the education requirements before you enroll in a community management program. You must be able to prove that you have obtained a high school degree. Some community management programs require you to have an undergraduate degree.

What next? How do you manage a community after these courses?

There are many different methods that you can use to manage a community. Taking up a bunch of courses will definitely have you on the theoretical aspect of it but the practical knowledge. This blog will make sure you know the basics of where to start.


The communities that you manage should follow your set of guidelines. When you have a community management manual, you should make sure that everyone in the community follows your manual. This can help you avoid problems.

A good community manager will not only make guidelines for other community members but will follow them too. 

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Community engagement:

Community managers should engage with the community. You should know the community better. This is the only way that you can manage the community better. Community engagement gives you an opportunity to find out what the community needs. You can do this by attending community forums. You should also get in touch with people in the community.

One way you can promote community engagement is through surveys. You can use surveys to find out the problems that people in the community have, the things they like about the community. This will give you a better understanding of what the forum wants/needs.


You should support the people who use your product/services. Having a customer support team is a great way of making sure that the community is running smoothly. The best part about a customer support team is that it allows the people in the community to contact someone directly if they have a problem. This helps a lot because it keeps the communication clear. 

Make sure that the users don’t have any issues with the support team. Another tip that will help you run your community smoothly and swiftly is by making sure the support teams or any other team for that matter doesn’t have any dispute among themselves.

Speak less, listen more:

Make sure that you are always listening to the needs of the community. You should provide solutions to the problems that the community is having. This will also allow the community to grow. 

Remember that you can solve more problems by just listening patiently than speaking.


Community building is a very delicate thing. It’s hard to maintain your community and keep the community members happy all the time. Make sure that you use all the tools available to make sure that you keep the community building successful and active.

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