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All You Need To Know For Hosting Your Challenge Room on GoSocial

GoSocial is for creators to improve their craft by participating in art, writing, and photography challenges. Also, creators host these challenges to build their community and monetise their expertise. In a broader sense, GoSocial is a platform for creators to learn, create, and earn. We imagine GoSocial app as a complete suit where creators from all stages of their journey can come and benefit in different ways.

On GoSocial, challenges like One Minute Writing ChallengeSketch Dailies, and Mobile photography have 50k+ posts in them by 15k+ community members. That too within six months of launching the Public Beta in June 2020.

So far, we used to manually onboard creators to host their challenge rooms on GoSocial. It was available with invite-only and other restrictions for more than 6 months. We are now rolling out the challenge creation feature for everyone to start building their community of GoSocial.

The growth from June to Nov 2020

On GoSocial we have 163 challenge creators (whom we manually approved and onboarded), 100k+ participants in their challenge rooms (community) and 500k+ users.

GoSocial challenge rooms are the fastest way to build and grow your own online community. You can relate Challenge Rooms with YouTube Channels. The difference on GoSocial is that you can host multiple challenge rooms with its own purpose and they’ll all belong to your profile on the app. And the challenge room is used by the community members that you facilitate instead of posting only your own content in it.

Each challenge room is a separate community in itself

Within each challenge room, you get a set of features to manage/run your community and benefit out of it.

Challenge Description:

The description explains the challenge in detail, has rules, and guidelines for the participants.

Discussion Forum:

Discussion forum is where you can interact with the community and the members can interact among themselves. This space is for asking questions, helping out others, and interacting with new people.

Participants and posts:

You can see a list of the participants in your challenge room and the posts submitted by them in the challenge room. Users on GoSocial commit to their choice of streak for creating and posting daily in a particular challenge. This keeps them disciplined and helps in creating something daily. They also use this space to host their work-in-progress.


You can also see stats on the most active members in your community. And know in an instant who’s benefiting and making progress.

Tools to list your course, store, or workshop:

Challenge creators will also get a feature to list their online courses (from any other platform), list their products, or host paid/free online workshops within GoSocial. These features are designed to help creators monetize their expertise.


The participants in your challenge are your community. You may send your newsletter to all the participants easily from the app.

How to Host Your GoSocial Challenge Room

Ideate Challenge Title and Write Description

First, think about a topic/title for your challenge room. For ideas, explore what kind of challenge are already on GoSocial and think of something relevant but unique.

Host your own challenge room on GoSocial

Upload Challenge Cover and Samples

Design a self-explanatory cover using Canva or any other tool. The ratio of cover should be 16:9. Keep it clean and fonts easy to read.

Covers are the face of your challenge rooms. Design them to tell the story of your ideas.

Submit In The Relevant Domain

Description is the first conversation between you and challenge takers, who will go on to become your audience. Use descriptions to highlight the idea of the challenge, put guidelines, and briefly explain what the participants are expected to create and post in your challenge.

Write a small brief explaining the concept of your challenge while creating your challenge on GoSocial

Try keeping the description as simple as possible, and make it easy for first time creators to follow.

Wait For It To Go LIVE

Once you have submitted your challenge room idea, the GoSocial team will approve it. Every challenge idea is reviewed by a team to ensure that it is unique and suits the platform.

In most cases, the review is completed within 48 hours of submission. Approved challenges are then visible under the respective domains and it will also be visible on your profile. Before that, you’ll see the “Unlisted” tag on your challenge in your own profile.

If you want to interact with the GoSocial team at this stage, you may write to us with your GoSocial username and challenge title at collab@hapramp.com

Engage & Create A Community

Engaging with the people who are taking your challenges is a very important step towards creating a well-knit community. On GoSocial, you can interact with the participants of your challenge in the discussion forums section. The discussion forum allows you to take feedback and build relations. You can also clarify the doubts of the participants and help them with the information that they need.

Build your own community using challenge rooms on GoSocial

Note: We’ll keep in touch with all our challenge creators and would be happy to build new features as per your needs. Reach out to us at gosocial@hapramp.com or DM on our Instagram for any help or suggestions.