7 Creative Gift Ideas That You Can Give Your Significant Other This V-Day

7 Creative Gift Ideas That You Can Give Your Significant Other This V-Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you might be wondering what to gift your loved ones to make them feel special. Well, look no further as we have gathered a list of some of the best Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your special someone. These ideas are super creative, interesting and obviously, romantic!

It is pretty obvious that a flower bouquet, chocolate box or a wish card has always been a classic gifting option for Valentine’s Day. But have you ever wondered of trying something new to make your romantic partner feel even more special? If you are bored of the over-the-counter Valentine’s Day gift options and looking for something unique, then look no further.

Nothing spells uniqueness and personalisation better than a gift that was made with love and effort. What’s better is that you can go completely overboard with them. We have compiled a list of easy-to-make and cost friendly DIY gift ideas that will make for an amazing present for your significant other. Read on.

Tie Dye Artwork

The stunning tie dye print is super trendy these days for an obvious reason. It’s extremely easy to make. You can use this idea to create a personalised Valentine’s Day gift like a tie-dye print t-shirt, hoodie, scarf, tote bag or a diary cover.

If this is something that you want to try, you’ll need cloth (in the size of whatever you are planning to gift), bleach, spritzer, ties and fabric colours. Mix the paint and water in the spray bottle and twist the t-shirt tightly by tying it with a string or a rubber band at the two ends so that it doesn’t open. Then spray the paint all over the t-shirt. Let it dry and then open the cloth piece and voila, your tie-dye present is ready!

For those who are planning to propose, you can use your “something old” as the canvas for your DIY. We suggest you to include pink and red to keep up with the mood of Valentine’s.

Gift a DIY tie-dye t-shirt or diary cover to your significant other this Valentine's Day

Paint Your Favourite Memory

If you and your partner share a love for art or are painting enthusiasts, this is the best Valentine’s Day gift that you can give them. Take a small canvas and get ready to paint or sketch your favourite memory of you with your loved one.

Don’t think about how it will turn out and don’t worry if you make mistakes. Just focus on whatever comes naturally. Let your heart guide the brush. You can paint a special memory of yours. You can also sketch something that is unique to your relationship, like the first flower.

You can also paint your partner’s dreams and fantasy and make your artwork even more creative and special.

Calligraphy Love book/Card

Do you remember the first slam book that you made for your best friend back in school? Well, this Valentine’s Day gift your special someone a beautiful Calligraphy Love Book or Card. Now you might be wondering what’s a calligraphy love book? Well, if you are looking for a great DIY Valentine’s Day gift idea then this is it. Try the art of calligraphy and make a slam book or a card by writing some love quotes, memories etc in calligraphy effect.

Make a calligraphy love book for your loved ones and remind them how special they are for you.

If you are making a slam book then you can add your loved ones’ favourite love quotes, your favourite romantic song lyrics, or the dialogues of movies that the both of you like.

To personalise it further you can add some pictures of you and your partner and decorate the pages.

Rose Art

This is another interesting and creative Valentine’s Day gift that you can easily make by yourself. This Valentine’s Day ditch the classic rose bouquet and gift a rose painting instead. A rose painting made by you will be much more special for your loved one and it will show the effort that you put in. What more? It’s everlasting.

Gift a rose that is as immortal your love.

You don’t need to be impeccably good at art to try this idea. Just draw a beautiful rose sketch or paint a rose bouquet on a canvas, paper or any object. You can use water colours, acrylics or oil paints to create your rose art. Once done, get the painting framed before gifting it. You can also use this idea to create rose art craft. For instance, you can buy a bunch of real or artificial roses and use the petals to create some 3D artwork.

If you are drawing a blank on the colours, shading or background, you can take inspiration from the work of other artists from Rose – Art Challenge on GoSocial.

Memory Jar

Surprise your Valentine by gifting them a beautiful memory jar. It is a very creative DIY Valentine’s Day gift idea and is also super easy to do. You can also try this idea for birthdays or other special moments.

To make a memory jar, you will need – a little glass jar, some coloured sheets/chart paper, fairy lights, sketch pens, a thin rope string, and a pair of scissors.

Start by cutting the coloured sheets into medium sized chits. You can make as many as you want. Divide the chits colour wise and choose a theme for each colour. For instance, if you have 10 chits each in yellow, red, and pink, then you can choose yellow chits for writing memories, red for your favourite love quotes and pink for song lyrics. Now, fold these chits and put them in the glass jar along with the fairy lights.

Take the aesthetics a notch higher by adding glitters and confetti in the glass jar. Tie a small rope string or a ribbon on the lid of the jar to add a vintage touch to it. Put a tag on the lid and write a message. This super cute DIY Valentine’s Day gift idea will make your loved one feel special, every day.

Make Food Hearts

This is a very unique and creative Valentine’s Day gift idea that is going to help you even if you are looking for some last-minute gift ideas for your Valentine. For this you can order or prepare your loved one’s favourite dishes. Then arrange the dishes on the platter in heart shapes. Turn your food into art by adding different food items and ingredients on the platter to create hearts, or your favourite romantic character, favourite movie name etc. You can write ‘I Love You’ using a ketchup or a chocolate syrup. To make it even more special you can bake heart shaped cookies, cake, muffins and decorate them on the platter. If your bae is a foodie, we highly recommend you try this gift idea.


If your lover is a bibliophile, then you already know their love for bookmarks. This Valentine’s Day, gift them a bookmark they will not only use but also show off. Bookmarks are quite easy to make. Take an A3 sized acrylic sheet and fold it in the size of 2.5”X8.5”. You can also use foam sheets instead of acrylic paper. Mark out the borders using a masking tape, and fill the left out area with a design that will remind your SO of you. You can also put your calligraphy skills to use and write a quote.

If your bae is a bibliophile, gift them a DIY bookmark.

Drawing a blank on bookmark designs? Find your inspiration on Bring Back The Bookmarks

Try these gift ideas if your significant other has an insatiable appetite for creativity and all things artsy. Use these ideas and experiment with your creativity to make some amazing DIY gifts for your valentine. They’d love these, and cherish your gift forever. Happy Valentine’s Day!